APRIL 2022
PHOTO Wicked Local
When a person does something for 30 years you know it’s something they must be passionate about. Kristine Beebe has been rescuing and rehabilitating baby rabbits since 1992, and to meet her is to know someone that loves what she does. It was thirty years ago when Kristine brought a few orphaned baby opossums to Wildlife Trust in Brewster and signed up on the spot to volunteer. Wildlife Trust would eventually become Wild Care. Kristine’s first volunteer experience was not exactly cute, and cuddly, she was given the task of picking meal worms, but after about a year of watching and learning she realized there was a need for someone to work with the orphaned baby rabbits that were brought to the rescue. Baby bunnies are very sensitive and need a quiet place to feel safe. Kristine started to read everything she could to better understand how to take care of them, became a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and now cares for them in her home. Last year she cared for and released 184 babies, and once had 29 at one time! Rabbits begin breeding in March and can have three to five nests every year. Just like mother rabbit, Kristine feeds each baby twice a day and can tell when they are ready to be on their own, usually somewhere between two and four weeks old. When looking for a safe place to set them free, she looks for a place away from predators with cover for them to hide, and a good food source.

Congratulations Kristine, Wild Care’s very own “Rabbit Whisperer”, on
thirty years of love, dedication and compassion. That's a lot of rabbits!

WARNING these images will make you smile!

If you’d like to help Kristine, she can always use the following things to line the rabbit enclosures, and gift cards to purchase fresh greens. Drop donations at Wild Care. Please note on donations
that they are for "Kristine"
or "Baby Rabbits".

• Newspaper
• Pillow cases
• CapeAbilities Gift cards
• Whole Foods Gift cards
• Shaw's Gift cards
Learn how you can keep baby rabbits safe from pets in your backyard.
It’s that time of year when you and your pets will be spending more time together outdoors. Did you know that rabbits like to make their nests close to human homes? It’s thought that the reason they do this is because our scent (and your pets) keep predators away. Their nests are just a shallow depression and can be found in grass, under bushes, in garden beds and even flower pots, making them very easy for pets to get into. Baby rabbits usually leave the nest and are independent within just a few short weeks. Until then, we’ve put together a helpful guide with tips on what you can do if there are nests in your yard and you have pets.

If you find a sick or injured baby rabbit please contact our Helpline:
If you love baby animals, you'll want to join
Wild Care for our new four-part virtual talk series
"Growing Up Wild", Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.
Join Executive Director Stephanie Ellis for Wild Care's new virtual four-part talk series "Growing Up Wild" Wednesdays at 6:30pm starting on April 13th. This series includes talks about baby rabbits, birds, squirrels and mice, and Virginia Opossums. Hear all about what makes each of these baby animals so unique, learn all about their different nesting habits, how you can help keep them wild, and more. Each talk will be full of fun, useful, and interesting information you'll be sure to enjoy. So bring the kids and your questions and join us for Growing Up Wild. Donations encouraged, even $1.00 helps!

New Eversource Osprey Management plan works
to keep Osprey safe, avoid nest fires, and utility service interruption.

One of Cape Cod’s most noticeable signs of Spring is the return of the Osprey to their nesting sites. Many of these beautiful birds fly over 3,000 miles each year to return here to raise their young. Osprey nests are enormous, and can weigh up to several hundred pounds. These tremendous nests perched high above with a commanding view, need a strong support to hold their weight. Osprey will often build them on top of active utility poles. This can be a very dangerous place for the Osprey and can also cause service issues for utility customers. Unfortunately nesting on top of utility poles can prove deadly for the birds due to electrocutions and fires, and difficult for utility customers with Osprey-induced power outages. In an effort to take action before an emergency situation arrises, Eversource has been working for the past several years with Wild Care, Cape Wildlife Center, Mass Audubon Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary, Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife and Barnstable Town Natural Resources. The result is a plan that opens up communication between Eversource, wildlife groups and the public, to bring awareness of nests that may be a danger, provide deterrents if necessary, and in some cases, place new nesting platforms to encourage Osprey to build their nests in a safer location.

Learn more about this exciting new program, and let’s work together so we can enjoy watching these amazing families of birds return to Cape Cod for many years to come.

To report a nest: osprey@eversource.com

To report injured or deceased Osprey:
Wild Care Cape Cod: 508-240-2255
Cape Wildlife Center: 508-362-0111

PHOTO (nest) Susan Wellington
PHOTO (Osprey, top) Carl Jacobs
Wild Care's Volunteer Coordinator Amy Sanders
Wild Care's Wildlife Rehabilitator Gionet Hasson
Congratulations to Wild Care’s Amy Sanders
and Gionet Hasson for receiving their
Massachusetts Wildlife Rehabilitator Licenses.

We would like to congratulate Wild Care Volunteer Coordinator Amy Sanders, and now Wildlife Rehabilitator Gionet Hasson, for recently receiving their Massachusetts Wildlife Rehabilitator Licenses! Amy started as a volunteer at Wild Care in 2016 after retiring from teaching special needs children for 33 years. In addition to coordinating volunteers, Amy also assists with our Outreach and Education Programs, and is a Rescue Volunteer. Gionet started at Wild Care as an intern in 2018, and then as a Rehab Assistant. She loves learning new things and especially enjoys caring for baby birds. We are so proud of their hard work, and are incredibly fortunate to have them both on our team.
A letter of thanks to our incredible Volunteers,
from Wild Care's Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Sanders.
I am about 5 months into this job and tackling my first spring. I’ve realized a lot of things since coming aboard. We take in about 2,000 animals per year (wow!), and yet, without our Corps of (FABULOUS) Volunteers, we’d utterly collapse. Seriously, with a staff of 8 (and only 2 of those full time), we wouldn’t have a chance of accomplishing this without you. We’d be lucky if we could rehab maybe 100 animals. Maybe. YOU make the survival of these animals possible. Since I’m not able to do so in person, pat yourselves on the back, and congratulate yourselves on your incredible devotion and hard work! You are all amazing and WE LOVE YOU! Thank you SO MUCH!...

READ Amy's entire letter, here.
The Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra Concert features "Meet and Greet" with Up Up, Wild Care's Educational Eastern Screech Owl.
We had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful sounds of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra performance of "The Lark Ascending" at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Harwich on April 10th. Thank you to orchestra founder and conductor Matt Scinto for inviting Wild Care to be part of the event, and to all that attended for their generous outpouring of support.

Wild Care's Executive Director Stephanie Ellis spoke about the importance of wildlife rescue here on Cape Cod, and Animal Care Coordinator Jennifer Taylor spoke with a small group of pre-registered concert-goers who took photos with Up Up, our educational Eastern Screech Owl at an early bird meet and greet.

Thank you to Stage Stop Chocolates for donating a beautiful Spring basket filled with delicious homemade chocolates and gift card for our give-a-way, and congratulations to Kathyrn Green the lucky winner!

Great Blue Heron makes
an incredible recovery at
Wild Care and is released
We received a beautiful, immature Great Blue Heron that was found struggling in brush around in Seymour Pond near the Punkhorn in Brewster. Wild Care Volunteer, Jayne Fowler rescued the bird and brought it to us. The heron was emaciated and barely alive. The bird was starving to death, and also had tons of intestinal parasites and leeches. The bird received supportive care, nutrition, and was treated for parasites, and eventually grew strong enough to be placed into our large elliptical aviary. After a month of care with Wild Care staff, this beautiful bird was released back at the Punkhorn.

Thank you to John Wheedle
for calling us about the heron.

Antarctica talk with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris and Wild Care, will give you all the details about this amazing travel opportunity and fundraising event coming in February 2023

Do you ever wonder what the wildlife in Antarctica is REALLY like? Wildlife experts from Cheesemans’ and Wild Care Cape Cod will give you the 411 on the bottom of the globe! Ted Cheeseman and Stephanie Ellis talk all things Antarctica - from the vast fields of ice to the unique wildlife and how you can experience all this yourself!

Join Wild Care and Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris on an exciting travel adventure to Antarctica. This memorable voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula will take place in February 2023. There will be a diverse and wonderfully experienced expedition team to show you the best of Antarctica. This is a significant fundraiser that supports the important work at Wild Care. This trip is limited to 100 guests and is already halfway to capacity. Book now to get your best choice of available cabins!

For all inquiries contact: Gina Barton, Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris
Zoom talk and photo journey to the Galapagos Islands
May 11th at 6:30 PM

Take a photo journey with Stephanie on May 11th at 6:30pm as she shares her photos and wildlife adventures in the Galapagos and answers your questions about this incredible travel opportunity. This trip is a fundraising event and supports the important work of Wild Care.
Wild Care plans a National Geographic Lindlad Voyage
to the Galápagos Islands
in October 2022.

Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis has been fortunate to have visited the Galápagos Islands twice on a National Geographic Lindlad Voyage. Join Stephanie as she gets ready to do it all again! Wild Care and Lindblad are planning an upcoming Galápagos cruise tour aboard the 96-guest National Geographic Endeavour II taking place October 30th through November 9th, 2022. We will be snorkeling, hiking, paddleboarding, and cruising by Zodiac. You'll encounter animals unafraid of you in these magical mysterious islands. You won't want to miss this one!

PHOTO On The Water Store, Plymouth
On The Water Stores place Wild Care Donation Boxes in their Falmouth and Plymouth stores.

Thank you to On The Water stores for placing Wild Care’s donation boxes in their stores. On The Water stores have a great selection of clothing and accessories for the Cape Cod lifestyle. Stop by and say hello at one of their two locations on Main Street, Falmouth, and Water Street in Plymouth.

Check out our Amazon and Chewy WISH LISTS and donate much
needed supplies to help the animals being cared for at Wild Care.
Help Wildlife While You Shop on Amazon

Go to amazonsmile.com and choose Wild Care Cape Cod as your charity. Get the same great items at the same prices, and with each purchase Wild Care receives a donation at no additional cost to you.
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