Happy Holidays!

Wishing you Happy Holidays

from our Wild Care family to yours.

Pictured from left: Eva Carbonaro, Stephanie Ellis, Kerry Reid, Amy Sanders with Garv,

Rachel Wojciak, Leah Myrbeck, Gionet Hasson, and front Jennifer Taylor

Giving Tuesday Donations are a Wild Success!

We are so humbled and grateful for the outpouring of generous donations we received for Giving Tuesday. We set a goal of $9,471 to purchase items needed for the care of our animal patients, and not only did we meet that goal, we CRUSHED it! We can’t tell you how much it means to us, and how each dollar will make a difference. In addition to the many generous individual donations, we were fortunate to have received a matching gift from a fundraising effort hosted by Emily Flax. Thank you to all who contributed. With this donation our total Giving Tuesday donations raised was $30,337!!! WOW, just WOW!!! THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this happen!

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There’s Still Time to get Your Holiday Chocolate and Support Wild Care’s Eat Chocolate, Save Wildlife Fundraiser!

If you are looking for a reason to eat more chocolate, this is it! Stage Stop Candy has put together a special collection of milk and dark chocolate made by hand and beautifully wrapped exclusively for Wild Care. Boxes will be available online and in-store until December 31st. (Over 200 boxes sold so far!) Give a gift that gives back. For each box sold, Stage Stop Candy will donate $5 to Wild Care.


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411 Main Street, Dennis Port, MA

Snowy Owls are Here - Here's How to View Them Safely

Winter on Cape Cod brings with it the return of Snowy Owls. These magnificent birds are such a spectacular sight along the many coastal areas that they can create quite a frenzy of people trying to get a close up look or perfect photo. While viewing Snowy Owls it’s important to be respectful of them, give them some distance, and if you post photos, please don’t disclose the location to avoid a rush of owl paparazzi.

Visit Wild Care’s Snowy Owl web page to get some great facts about Snowy Owls, tips on how to view them safely, learn more about studies being done to protect them, and watch Lower Cape TV’s video of Athena, the Snowy Owl rescued, rehabbed, and released by Wild Care in February 2022.

Wild Care's Snowy Owl Page

Welcome our new Animal Ambassador Terry the Turtle!

For more information on how to sponsor Terry or any of our Animal Ambassadors for the new year, please visit our website sponsorship page:

Animal Ambassador Sponsorships

Learn more about turtle species

native to Massachusetts

Terry came to Wild Care in November of 2022. He is a male Eastern Painted Turtle with vibrant coloring that was surrendered by a family that could no longer care for him. He cannot be released into the wild because he is habituated to people. He is doing very well, and currently getting used to a new diet of live food and fresh greens. He will become one of our Animal Ambassadors, and part of our education outreach program teaching people about the importance of turtles in our environment.

Turtles are solitary animals, so Terry has his own space and is kept separately from our handsome, and inquisitive Eastern Box Turtle Ambassador Garv.

Is that a Penguin in Your Driveway? Winter Storms Bring Dovekies to Unusual Places Around Cape Cod

Recent winter storms have blown dozens of tiny Dovekies into parking lots, driveways and other locations that are unusual for a bird that spends most of its time in the open ocean feeding on plankton that they catch underwater. Dovekies weigh in at about 6 ounces and look like tiny penguins. For a little bird, they are a lot of work and require frequent high calorie feedings with a tube-feeding formula and tiny fish, and spend as much time as possible in our seabird therapy pools to stay waterproof.

If you find a Dovekie on land, it is most likely exhausted and in need of specialized care. It is important not to put it back in the water. Place it into a box in a warm quiet place and do not offer food or water. Call our wildlife helpline: 508-240-2255.

LEARN more about Dovekies

Cape Cod Bird Club Hosts Fundraiser

The Cape Cod Bird Club hosted a fundraiser for Wild Care and the Cape Wildlife Center at their 50th Anniversary meeting this month. We are so grateful for all of the generous donations we received which included supplies, gift cards, and over $225!

Check out Cape Cod Bird Club's upcoming events and activities

Cape Cod Life Magazine Features Wild Care and Other Local Nonprofits Doing Good Things

Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Cape Cod Life Magazine featuring a look at the good things Wild Care and other local nonprofits are doing in our community.

Read this feature article here

TRY this fun idea for making your own using cookie cutters and a simple birdseed cake recipe here.

Make a Gingerbread House

for Wildlife

Gingerbread houses are a fun way to get crafty during the holiday season. At Wild Care we wanted to share that holiday spirt with our wildlife friends. Seeds, nuts, berries, suet, and pinecones mixed with evergreens make a beautiful display and tasty treat for birds and other wild critters. They’re fun to make, and even more fun to watch who comes by to visit!

These photos are of the wildlife gingerbread houses we made at our annual Wild Care holiday gathering. We hope they inspire you to make your own!

A New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping!

Make a New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep - Become a monthly Wild Care Donor! Any amount from as little as $5 each month goes a long way towards the year-round care of our animal patients. Give monthly and save animals every day.

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