MARCH 2022
Spring-Time Babies are Coming!
And just like that the first babies have arrived in the Wild Care nursery - four of the tiniest Eastern Gray Squirrels found by a mechanic under the hood of a car in Adams, Massachusetts. There is a feeling of anticipation for what will soon be an all hands on deck effort, as many more babies will soon be joining them. It’s that feeling you get as a parent of a college student when spring semester comes to an end. You’re happy and excited to have them home. You know all their favorite foods, you get their room just the way they like it. All the feelings of nurturing and hope for their future fill your heart and just for that brief time you are not empty-nesters anymore. If all goes well they will fly. Some may take a little extra effort, but it is always worth the time. You listen and watch, but stand back and they will let you know when they are ready. Until then be sure to fill the fridge, and get ready for some late nights and extra laundry!

This spring when you see a baby animal your first thought may be that it needs to be rescued. But keep in mind they may just be trying out their wings. Mom may be watching and waiting nearby. When in doubt, call us. The best place for them to be is with their mom, but if that’s not possible we’re here to help.

Have a Happy Spring!

Eva Carbonaro
Director of Outreach, Marketing and Events

PHOTO: Fledgling Northern Flicker, by Kerry Reid
What should you do if you come across a baby bird that looks like it needs help?
Wild Care at the 2022 Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association of Massachusetts (WRAM) Conference
It was a wild weekend full of interesting workshops, Q&A’s, fun facts, photos and networking during WRAM’s virtual 2022 Wildlife Rehabilitators’ conference. Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis was the Keynote Speaker and spoke about the importance of wildlife rehab and how far it has come. Some highlights of her compelling presentation were “Why human intervention is sometimes necessary”, and why letting “nature take its course” is not always the best idea. She raises a good point when saying that the time to protect a species is while it is still common, and that all animals deserve to be saved not only because it is the right thing to do, but each plays an important role in the ecosystem, right down to enriching the soil. Wildlife also gives rehabbers the opportunity to share important scientific information that can help the species and prevent the spread of diseases.

Wild Care’s Animal Care Coordinator Jennifer Taylor demonstrated a partial wing transplant on a Monarch Butterfly. Jennifer hopes to inspire other rehabbers to perform this delicate procedure which requires patience and a steady hand. It was amazing to see the “after” video of her patient which will use his new wing to fly 2,000 miles back to Mexico for breeding!

Wild Care’s photographer and Office Administrator Kerry Reid took home an award for her adorable photo of a baby Blue Jay titled “Quiet Moment”. Kerry’s beautiful photos can often be found on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Congratulations Kerry!

The conference was open to all, and if you have the chance to attend next year you will be happy to find something of interest to anyone that enjoys animals and knows how much they bring to our everyday lives.

Wild Care Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis
Wild Care Animal Care Coordinator Jennifer Taylor
Kerry Reid's photo "Quiet Moment"
Snowy Owl Coffee Hosts Wild Care's Presentation
about Snowy Owls
Thank you to everyone that came out to Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in Brewster, for Wild Care’s talk about Snowy Owls on February 23rd! Executive Director Stephanie Ellis shared plenty of interesting information abut these amazing winter visitors while guests enjoyed wine, delicious coffee and home-made empanadas. We met some old friends and made some new ones, and it was so nice to see everyone at our first live event in quite some time. Thank you Snowy Owl for hosting this event in your beautiful cafe! 
Every Wonder What
an Owl Pellet is?
Contrary to what you might think it’s not poop, but something an owl spits up much like a cat’s hairball. Owls swallow their prey whole but are unable to digest bones, teeth and fur. Pellets are a great way to see what owls have eaten, and scientists can use them to learn more about owls and the ecosystems in which they live. Watch Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis as she gives you a close look at this Snowy Owl pellet.
We Love You Murre

We recently cared for this lovely Thick-Billed Murre after it was rescued from a bike path by Wildlife Rehabilitator Karen Eldridge. The bird was in terrible shape when it arrived at Wild Care. After a few weeks of intensive care with our staff, and swim therapy, this little bird is back out on the sea. We love a happy ending!

PHOTOS Kerry Reid

Get all the Facts about
Bird Flu on Cape Cod
Bird Flu has been found on Cape Cod and while it does not pose an immediate health threat to people it does spread easily among wild birds, poultry, and domestic birds. We’ve put together a fact sheet to answer your questions and be a useful guide to keep wild and domestic birds safe from the spread of this disease. Be sure to call us if you see sick or injured birds, and follow safety guidelines if you will be handling birds.

If you find a sick or injured bird
please contact our helpline:

PHOTO: Painted Bunting by Leo Seletsky, Orleans
How to Keep Your Bird Feeders and Bath Clean
Without Harming Birds
How to Clean Bird Feeders
Clean feeders and bird baths with a 10% bleach solution (one part bleach mixed with nine parts water), rinse with water, and allow to air-dry. Wear disposable gloves and wash hands afterwards.

How to Clean Bird Baths
Once a week tip all the water out of your bird bath and remove any loose pieces of debris. Wipe the bath with a dilute bleach solution and rinse it well before refilling with fresh water.

Dead Trees Provide Homes for Many Animals.
Eastern Screech Owl Gets a New Home After Tree is Removed
Some may see an old tree, but a closer look can reveal a place that many animals call home. Wild Care received a call from Treeworks Tree Services after they found an owl in a tree they had just taken down. Being owl nesting season we were concerned that she might have a nest full of eggs. Wild Care Volunteer Rachel Wojciak and Executive Director Stephanie Ellis arrived with an owl nest box and were able to safely remove a healthy Eastern Screech Owl from inside the very narrow hollow. While this momma to be was not sitting on eggs, she had a brood patch which means she's ready to lay eggs at any moment.

We are so thankful for everyone that took the time to help save this beautiful owl. She is now sitting pretty inside her new owl nest box.

PHOTOS Rachel Wojciak
If you must trim or remove trees this spring, please check carefully to ensure that they are not inhabited by squirrels, owls, or other roosting birds. A closer look will show that dead trees are really full of life. Call us for advice: 508-240-2255.
PHOTO Scott Davis
PHOTO Ron Niebrugge

Travel to Antarctica
with Wild Care
and Cheesemans'
Ecology Safaris
Join Wild Care and Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris on an exciting travel adventure to Antarctica. This memorable voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula will take place in February 2023. There will be a diverse and wonderfully experienced expedition team to show you the best of Antarctica. This is a significant fundraiser that supports the
important work at Wild Care.

For all inquiries contact:

Join Wildlife Experts from Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris
and Wild Care for a discussion about the unique and
amazing landscape and wildlife of Antarctica

Do you ever wonder what the wildlife in Antarctica is REALLY like? Then join us on March 30th, 2022 at 8:00pm to get a chance to hear from wildlife experts from Cheesemans’ and Wild Care Cape Cod to get the 411 on the bottom of the globe! Ted Cheeseman and Stephanie Ellis talk all things Antarctica - from the vast fields of ice to the unique wildlife and how you can experience all this yourself!

Join Wild Care and Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris on an exciting travel adventure to Antarctica. This memorable voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula will take place in February 2023. There will be a diverse and wonderfully experienced expedition team to show you the best of Antarctica. This is a significant fundraiser that supports the important work at Wild Care.

PHOTO Scott Davis
Wild Care's Executive Director Stephanie Ellis
to Present a Photo Journey
of the Galápagos Islands
in Hyannis at Unity on
Cape Cod on April 1st

Wild Care’s Executive Director has been fortunate to have visited the Galápagos Islands twice on a National Geographic Lindlad Voyage. Join Stephanie Friday, April 1st from 7:00 to 8:30pm at Unity on Cape Cod in Hyannis though a vivid photographic presentation of the eastern Galápagos Islands. Learn why the unique flora, fauna, and fragile ecosystems of the Galápagos are a must see for all wildlife enthusiasts and why they deserve our protection for generations to come. Admission is free, and no RSVP is required.
Cape Cod Orchestra to Perform Bird-Themed Performance with Early Bird Meeting and Photo with Wild Care's owl Up Up

The Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra will present a concert with music centered around bird-life. Wild Care will have an “Early Bird” meet and photo opportunity with our owl Up Up. These special tickets sold out and were limited to 25 guests to benefit the important work of Wild Care. General admission tickets are still available, and students and children are free. The concert will be held on Sunday, April 10th from 3-5pm.
Up Up is Looking for
a Sponsor for 2022

Would you like to sponsor Up Up this year? Up Up's sponsorship pays for food, care and housekeeping. Benefits for sponsors include a special meet and greet at your selected venue as well as your name or business listed as his sponsor on our website, a personalized sponsor certificate, and a tax deductible donation.

Wild Care Donation Boxes are now available

If you have a business or know someone who would like to have a donation box at their place of business, please let us know. These donations
go a long way towards helping wildlife!

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