MAY 2022
Wild Care Friends.

While the weather may not feel very spring-like, our Wildlife Clinic and Nursery is filling up with baby animals, a sure sign of the season. We had our first baby birds of the year, House Finches that nested under the shrink wrap of a stored boat. We attempted to reunite them with their parents by setting up a makeshift nest platform, to no avail. But don't despair, they are now growing like weeds under the care of our skilled staff.

Orphaned rabbits, squirrels and mice arrive at our Clinic daily. We recently received an orphaned mouse from Provincetown found in a parking lot. The mouse presumably fell out of a car engine nest. It had burns along one side of its body. After application of a wound bandage, antibiotics, burn cream, and TLC - this mighty mouse will soon be released to the wild.

These are the things I love most about Wild Care. The fact that we put skill, dedication, and compassion into ALL the creatures brought to our door. Whether it's a Bald Eagle, or a White-footed Mouse. Every animal matters.

These everyday miracles can't happen without your support. We hope you will consider making a donation to our Spring Appeal, so we can continue giving wildlife the second chance they deserve.

We are $7,590 away from reaching our $10,000 goal.

Stephanie Ellis
Executive Director


If you love baby animals, you'll want to watch
Wild Care's new four-part virtual talk series
"Growing Up Wild
We just wrapped up our new four-part virtual talk series Growing Up Wild. The series includes talks about baby rabbits, birds, squirrels, mice, and Virginia Opossums. Learn all about what makes each of these baby animals so unique, what their nesting habits are, and how you can help keep these little ones in the wild where they should be. All four talks are now available on our YouTube channel. If you love baby animals, you'll enjoy watching Growing Up Wild.

Thank you to everyone who registered for these talks. Thanks to your donations, we raised over $550!
Save the Date for Wild Care's In-Person Baby Shower Saturday, June 18th
Wild Care is having a Baby Shower on Saturday, June 18th from 11am til 2pm. Guests are asked to bring something from our Baby Shower Wish List to help us care for our nursery patients. There will be guided tours of some of our outdoor enclosures, and scheduled educational animal presentations. Guests are invited to make their own wildlife rescue boxes, and rice socks with inspirational messages for animals.
Orphaned Duckling Adopted by Wild Care's Foster Mother Mallard, Ilean
Mother’s Day was extra special at Wild Care this year. We took in a tiny days-old orphaned Hooded Merganser duckling. Ducklings are very dependent on their moms and this little guy was really struggling until he met Ilean. Ilean is Wild Care’s Mallard Duck who stepped in to be his Foster Mom. She has literally taken him under her wing and will help him learn how to preen, and give him a safe and warm place to snuggle while he grows strong enough to go back to the wild.

Winner of a beautiful Dune bracelet in our Mother’s Day drawing!
You Can Save Birds From Flying Into Windows
Millions of birds die each year from window strikes. As birds are migrating and young birds navigate their new landscapes, there are some simple things you can do to help protect them on their journey. Reduce window reflection by placing UV decals or opaque decals in your windows <4 inches apart.

Eliminate unnecessary outdoor lighting which can disorient migratory birds.

Draw vertical lines on your windows with a glass-writing pen <4 inches apart, spray soapy water, or place UV liquid on your windows sold by WindowAlert.

You can also use tape, ribbons, or tempera paint on the outside of your windows. Bird Watcher’s General Store located in Orleans is a good source for many of these life-saving items.
Vireo treated at Wild Care after a window strike
Birds that hit windows often have injuries that cannot easily be seen (such as eye ulcers), even if they just looked stunned. Your best course of action is to safely contain the bird and immediately contact Wild Care or your local wildlife rehabilitation facility for advice.

Giving Tuesday Donations Help us Build a New
Songbird Aviary
Wild Care Friends, For Giving Tuesday December 2020, you helped us raise funds to renovate our Yellow Songbird Aviary. Last year we had a nonstop busy season, a pandemic, and our contractors informed us that the aviary did not have much that was salvageable. Sometimes things don't go as planned. We are delighted to share that we found a wonderful carpenter who has reconstructed the aviary, just in time for baby bird season! Thank you all for your generosity. We truly could not do our important work without your support.

Despite its small size, Massachusetts hosts more than 300 bird species each year. Check out this GUIDE from Mass Audubon for some of the common bird species you are likely to see.

PHOTO: Kerry Reid
Be on the Lookout for Stowaways When Unwrapping Your Boat
It’s that time of year when the weather is getting warmer and you are thinking about getting the boat back in the water. If you are unwrapping your boat, be on the lookout for stow-aways! We received a call from Bob LeBlanc from Allen Harbor Marine Service in Harwich about a nest located on a boat being stored at the Allen Harbor Yacht Club. They discovered a nest of House Finches on the boat while they were preparing to unwrap it and place it onto the water. We are so grateful to Bob and Craig LaBlanc for calling us about the nest. We made some great efforts to reunite the babies with their parents by placing them into a nesting shelf-platform that was built on the spot by one of our volunteers. But, after allowing the parents some time to return, we did not see any activity to indicate that they had found the nest. The little ones are now with us at Wild Care and doing well.

If you come across a nest,
PLEASE CALL US: 508-240-2255.
We will try everything to
keep these families together.
Rescued baby House Finches
PHOTO Kerry Reid
Wild Care nesting shelf-platform
at Allen Harbor Yacht Club
Time to Open up your Barbecue Grill Now
Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick-off of summer on Cape Cod and usually the first cook-out of the season. It also happens to be the same time that animals are nesting and having babies. Barbecue grills have been sitting covered and unused over the winter and make a quiet, sheltered place for nesting animals such as mice and squirrels. To avoid any surprise guests at your first cook-out, try uncovering your grill now and check for inhabitants. Animals like to nest in a place without lots of noise and activity. Opening up your grill now, playing a radio, or moving it a bit will give them time to relocate their young and avoid the risk of causing orphaned animals.
Mouse nest found in a barbecue grill

If you come across a nest
PLEASE CALL US: 508-240-2255.
We will try everything to
keep these families together.
Wild Care's Educational Eastern Screech Owl Up Up makes some new friends at the YMCA Healthy Kids Day
We had so much fun joining our friends at the YMCA Cape Cod in West Barnstable for Healthy Kids Day! Animal Rehabilitator Jennifer Taylor gave a live educational owl presentation with Up Up an Eastern Screech Owl, and children stopped by the Wild Care table for a fun owl craft and tattoos. We love getting to see everyone in person again!

Upcoming Fundraising Trips Support the Work of Wild Care
A Little Birdie Told us You Need New Shopping Bags

For each Give Back Reusable Shopping Bag you buy in May at Stop and Shop at 24 Route 6A in Orleans Wild Care will receive a $1.00 donation.
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needed supplies to help the animals being cared for at Wild Care.
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