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Virginia Opossum. Photo by Wild Care Volunteer, Andrea Spence
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In the past year, we've worked really hard to let you know that 
Wild Care is here to help Cape Cod's wildlife in need!

Orphaned, injured or ill.  We will  not  turn animals away.
As of today, Wild Care has received 1,081 animals this year.
This is a record number of animals in Wild Care's history. 

With the increase in animals comes an increase in expenses. 
The month of June, we spent $981.99 just on food for our animals.

We currently have just over 100 animals in our care.
Will you make a $100 donation today? 

Here's how your dollars help...

The Virginia Opossum pictured above was brought to us along with 10 siblings. They were found in the pouch of their deceased mother who was killed by a car. All are doing well & will be released soon...
Gannet by Wild Care Volunteer, Leo Seletsky

Wild Care rehabilitated and released the  only three known survivors of the mysterious Northern Gannet die-off that afflicted Cape Cod and South-Eastern, MA earlier this summer. These beautiful birds are now back on the sea...

Northern Flicker orphan.
Photo by Volunteer Lynn Cobb-Martin. Released!

Th e cost of care for 100 animals  adds up  quickly. We  are committed to providing quality care.

Will you make a donation today to help us to alleviate this burden?

Every gift is very greatly appreciated. 
We rely on public donations. 
Animals don't come with health insurance.
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