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Director's Message
February, 2020
Wild Care Friends


It's almost February. Even though it's cold outside, squirrels are breeding, and some squirrels are pregnant. (Yes, you have read this correctly!) We have received neonatal Eastern Gray Squirrels at Wild Care as early as Feb. 10th one year, though most of our squirrel babies arrive in March. 

In 2019, Wild Care cared for 144 Eastern Gray Squirrel orphans. WOW! Baby squirrels are like human babies. When they are very young, they require intensive care, and round-the-clock feeding.

We strive to reunite orphaned squirrels and prevent abandoned nests whenever possible.

Please follow these easy tips for keeping your February squirrely, and squirrel free. :) Click Here

Let's keep those babies in the wild where they belong!

Sincerely, Executive Director, Stephanie ~
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Photo by Kerry Reid.
Thank you to Jody Hines for sponsoring Ilean's care in 2020 and 2019. Ilean is our resident Mallard who fosters all of our ducklings in the summer month. We love the special bond she and Jody share. <3
Jody, thanks for all you do for Wild Care and Ilean.
Photo by Kerry Reid.
Thank you to Amy Sanders for sponsoring Nickerson's care, for 2020.

We cannot think of a better person to sponsor Nickerson, our educational Eastern Screech Owl. Amy and Nickerson are very fond of each other. The two of them are often together, and have many upcoming gigs on Cape Cod! #Hootclub
Photo by Kerry Reid.
Are you interested in sponsoring one of our Wild Care Ambassadors?

Thank you to John Garvey for sponsoring the care of GARV in 2020, and since 2017!

Wild Care was honored to provide an educational program for 60, second-grade students at Centerville Elementary School, and we had a very special guest, John Garvey, of
Garvey Communication Associates Inc. ​ John talked all about turtles, and presented GARV, who just happens to be named after John.
Thank you to Kate Altieri, Susan Davis, AJ Bargoil and Pam Bryson, for sponsoring the care of “Bill” the mouse, in 2020!
Photo by Kerry Reid.
Huh?? A Most Confusing Rescue!
Adventures of a Wild Care Volunteer,
by Amy Sanders

So, it’s a rainy, windy, nasty day in early December when I get a call from Wild Care. I pick up the phone, say “hello,” and hear Jen’s voice saying “there’s a potential rescue”.

“Aw, come on!” I say, “Who the heck is out in this weather to even see an animal!?”  
Dovekie Dilemmas
Photo by Kate Diggs.
by Kate Rollenhagen Diggs,
Volunteer Coordinator

When winter winds are blowing, that’s when we know Dovekies will be soon arriving at Wild Care’s door. You may have seen stories about them in the paper when we receive large numbers of them and try to get them back out to the open ocean. They are very tricky birds to rehabilitate, and don’t come ashore unless something is seriously wrong...


Volunteer Spotlight
by Kate Rollenhagen Diggs,
Volunteer Coordinator

Wild Care is grateful for our volunteers! We would not survive without them. They assist with everything from animal care to gardening, facility maintenance, fundraising, and so much more! This month, we'd like to highlight the outstanding volunteers who worked the most hours in 2019. 

1. Jan Raffaele: 659.0 hours
2. Jean Hliva: 512.5 hours
3. Lynn Cobb-Martin: 433.75 hours
4. Inez Giles: 410.0 hours
5. Amy Sanders: 265.75 hours
6. Kristine Beebe: 216.0 hours
7. Peter Kosewski: 166.25 hours
8. Joe LaForte: 153.0 hours
9. Lisa Holt: 150.25 hours
10. Diane Midura: 143 hours

WOW, these volunteers alone have contributed 3,109.5 hours in 2019!
You are all amazing!
We are so thankful for your dedication.

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Since 1994, Wild Care has treated injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife for release back into the wild, capable of independent survival. We have prevented wildlife casualties through public education and counseling, and engaged the community in conservation services through volunteerism. Wild Care does not charge the public for our services. We accept wildlife regardless of a rescuer's ability to make a donation; and we never compromise quality of care or the dignity of an animal's life for fundraising purposes.