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 2016 Year in Review
American Robin enjoys a winter oasis.
As temperatures began to drop, songbirds and seabirds were brought to us. Many of them weak and dehydrated from storms, and unable to find food. This robin enjoyed a brief and warm winter stay at Wild Care's "Bed and Breakfast where he was served plates of fruit, mealworms and trout worms daily during his recovery. 
February - Storms A Brewin'
A Common Loon gobbles a meal. 

Wild winter weather in February brought us seabirds. All of the seabirds that come to Wild Care receive swim therapy in our warm water pools. This ensures they are waterproof, behaving normally and are conditioned for release. In 2016, Wild Care treated 273 aquatic birds. Wowza!

March - Time to Get Nutty

1st orphaned squirrel of the year!
Our first orphaned Eastern Gray Squirrel came to us at the end of March. He was found in a woman's attic, coming through the sheet rock. No other babies were found. We believe his mama moved the nest, and accidentally left this guy behind. He grew quickly, and was released. In 2016, Wild Care cared for 99 squirrels. That's nutty!
April - A Tale of Two Joeys

April brought us our first orphaned Virginia Opossums of the year. These two were rescued by Wild Care Wildlife Rehabilitator Amy Webster, & volunteer Swede Plaut, in Provincetown. They were clinging for life on their gravely injured mother. Mother could not be saved, but these two thrived in our care and were released later that spring!
May - Baby Bonanza
American Robins and a (smaller) Eastern Phoebe

May is baby bird time! Did you know that we received over 297 orphaned baby songbirds and waterfowl in our Intensive Care Clinic and Nursery in 2016? Baby birds are a lot of work. They require 20 min feedings from 6AM - 6PM daily. We are grateful to our dedicated volunteers who who kept these hungry mouths well fed!

June - Whoo Goes There?
Eastern Screech Owls fledge the nest!

Wild Care received our first batch of orphaned Eastern Screech Owls. They were in poor condition, and truly orphaned. We provided supportive care and then had them placed into an active nest, where they were fostered by wild owl parents in the Blue Hills in Milton, MA.

Help us help seabirds to weather the storms this winter 2017.

Director's Message
January 12th, 2017

Another amazing year! In 2016, Wild Care cared for 1,373 animals - from mice to Osprey, and streamed over 4,000 phone calls from the public, answering questions about wildlife in distress, and educating the community and compassionate callers about how to co-exist with our wild neighbors.

We are excited to launch into 2017, and continue to provide and expand our services for people & wildlife.

This Year-in-Review is a quick snapshot of some of the happenings at Wild Care, all made possible by your love and support!

Stephanie, Executive Director

Please help us to start 2017 off right. 
Wild Care - Every Animal Matters!
Wild Care - Every Animal Matters!

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July - Our Songbirds Got New Digs!
Thanks to a generous grant from the Mary-Louise and Ruth N. Eddy Foundation, we renovated our songbird aviary with a new mesh roof and interior, giving them spacious accommodations, and access to the night sky.
Renovations by Jeff Carlson of Carlson Crafted Homes.

Fish Hawk Flies Free

With the help of the Orleans Police Dept. & tree worker Scott MacLeod, Wild Care Rehabilitator Amy Webster rescued an Osprey in Orleans, after it was found dangling from a tree by it's feet for 3 days. After 9 days in our care, this fish hawk was released back to the Orleans marsh it called home.

On Hummingbird Wings

Two of our tiniest patients got released! Two Ruby-throated Hummingbirds came to us weighing 3 and 5 grams, or as much as a grape. Two weeks later they were released, just in time to make their journey south. We look forward to their arrival this spring!

October - Meet our 
Marketing and Events Assistant

In October 2016, Wild Care hired Jennifer Gillette as are our part-time Marketing and Events Assistant. We continue to be impressed by Jennifer's talent for graphic design, writing, enthusiasm, and her knowledge of marketing & fundraising strategies. She's a great addition to our team!
 November - Welcome Marcy!

Marcy the Squirrel, by Cristalyn Searles

In November, we introduced Marcy in our "Duck Tales". She is an Eastern Gray Squirrel with a form of dwarfism. She is not releasable. We hope that Marcy will stay at Wild Care and be a loving foster mom for all of the orphaned squirrels we receive in the spring & fall of 2017!
 December - That's a Wash!

The year was a busy one, bringing 1,373 animals, compared with 1,283 last year. Whew!
Our washing machines took a beating in 2016.
Thanks to a generous donation from volunteer
Roz Goldstein, we were able to purchase a BRAND NEW Whirlpool Commercial Washer. Thank you Roz.
 Clean linens forever! <3 <3 <3

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 Since 1994, Wild Care has treated injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife for release back into the wild capable of independent survival, prevented wildlife casualties through public education and counseling, and engaged the community in conservation services through volunteerism.

Wild Care does not charge the public for our services.  We accept wildlife regardless of a rescuer's ability to make a donation; and we never compromise quality of care or the dignity of an animal's life for fundraising purposes.