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Director's Message
July 12, 2019
Wild Care Friends

Happy Summer! June came and went. A June highlight for all of us here at Wild Care was the arrival of a clutch of 8 Mallard eggs that were brought to Wild Care from Waltham. The mother duck had been killed by a vehicle. We incubated the eggs, and they all hatched on the evening before our "Wild Baby Shower" on June 29th. (Unfortunately, the smallest duckling, and last to hatch, did not survive.) As soon as they dried off in the incubator, we placed them with Ilean. Ilean is our resident Mallard who fosters all of the ducklings we receive in the spring and summer months. We also received an orphaned Mallard duckling from Marconi Beach on the very same day. It was placed immediately in with this family. Have you ever seen such a happy feathered family?
Sincerely, Executive Director, Stephanie ~
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Ilean with ducklings1
By making a donation, you help us to make animal reunions like this, possible.

Photo: Look closely. You can see the ducklings sleeping behind Ilean. Photos by Kerry Reid.

We'd like to thank Erin Morse of Waltham, who drove the eggs all the way to the Sagamore Bridge so that we could provide them with care.

Thank You, for Helping us Help Rabbits!

In June, we sent out a request for financial assistance to help us with the abundance of orphaned rabbits we have received at Wild Care this season (over 220) Thanks to YOU, we have raised over $4,500!

Thank you to everyone who came to our rescue! Amazing!

We currently have over 100 animals in our care. Most of our patients are orphans requiring intensive care. Please consider a donation today for our rabbits and more, and know that you are helping to save a life.
Thanks to Many Caring People, an Owl is
Back in the Wild.
By Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator

Thanks to many caring people, an owl has returned to the wild in Dennis. A tree company employee called to tell us they felled a tree and found a baby owl. They were about to put the branch (with the owl in it), into the wood chipper and fortunately, they noticed it. I called our rescue volunteer, Bill Redihan, to assess the situation. It is unusual to only find one baby in an owl nest, so Bill and the tree workers searched the log and the area and found no others. He brought the nestling owl to Wild Care...

Wild Care Reunites Sesuit Harbor Osprey Chicks
with Community Support

On Saturday morning, June 29th, Wild Care’s Helpline was flooded with phone calls about an Osprey nest platform that collapsed at Sesuit Harbor East, in Dennis, MA. It was reported that the two chicks were on the ground, and the adult Osprey were frantically circling. Wild Care’s Wildlife Rehab Assistant, Jayne Fowler, immediately arrived at the scene and retrieved the two chicks and brought them to Wild Care, where they were examined thoroughly by Wild Care’s staff...

How NOT to Handle a Gannet!
By Amy Sanders, Wild Care Volunteer

I’m a relatively new volunteer at Wild Care, having been there about 2 years. I do a bit of everything, including field rescues for the Outer Cape. During a leisurely lunch with Stephanie Ellis and SaraJane Doberstein, my less gracious rescue experiences came up in conversation. I decided to entertain them with a what-to-definitely-NOT-do-during-a-rescue story, one from very long ago when I was seriously lacking in wildlife smarts...

Full Story Photo by Leo Seletsky.
Wild Care's 25th Annual Yard Sale - Highlights
Wild Care received over $7,300 in proceeds from our 25th Annual Yard Sale held on June 8th, 9 AM – 1 PM at the Harwich Community Center.

Thank you to Jan Raffaele for your leadership, the 40+ volunteers who helped both days of the sale, the 250+ people who attended, and to our volunteer photographer, Leo Seletsky. Thank you to the Harwich Treasure Chest. A special thank you to Carolyn Carrey, Executive Director of the Harwich Community Center, for the use of this perfect facility for our event every year. Last but not least, this day was a wonderful success because of the amazing support Wild Care receives from YOU, every day. THANK YOU!

2nd Annual " Swooping In for Wild Care " Highlights
A gracious Thank You to Helen Addison, owner of Addison Art Gallery, and artists Amy Sanders and SaraJane Doberstein for hosting "Swooping In for Wild Care" at the Addison Art Gallery in Orleans on June 22nd. This event raised over $1,000 for
Wild Care! THANK YOU! 

Learn more about artists Amy Sanders and SaraJane Doberstein and view their work at the Addison Art Gallery. The gallery is located at 43 South Orleans Rd. (Rt. 28) Orleans.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers and all who attended. Enjoy these beautiful photos taken by our volunteer photographer, Leo Seletsky.

Wild Care's "Wild Baby" Shower - YEAH!
Thank you to all who attended Wild Care's 4th Annual "Wild Baby" Shower on June 29th. Thanks to you, we raised over $1,300 in donations, and received DOZENS of supplies and gift cards valued over $1,000. Your support directly helps us to care for the baby birds, squirrels, opossums, mice, and ducklings - in our care.

Thank you especially to Undercover Tent and Party for their donation of a large tent for our event. We are grateful! Photos by Wild Care Volunteer, Leo Seletsky.

We Finally Found the Perfect Exam Tabletop!

We LOVE our new exam tabletop, made by Arcor Epoxy Technologies ! It's durable and beautiful (and a little sparkly, too --).

Thanks to Jayne Fowler and Jordan Fowler, for working so hard on this project! The tabletop is beautiful, and functional!

Left - Jayne Fowler, Wild Care Wildlife Rehab Assistant, and Jennifer Taylor, Wild Care Animal Care Coordinator
VOLUNTEERS!!! Are you an active Wild Care Volunteer? If so, we hope you will please join us, as we celebrate YOU! We are incredibly grateful for all that you do for Wild Care, so please allow us to "tweet" and spoil you. Enjoy food, live entertainment, trivia, games, gifts and more. Don't miss it.

Friday, August 9th at 6:30 PM. Eastham Elk's Lodge

We hope you can join us! Cash bar and a FREE drink ticket per person (water/soda). Personal invites coming to your inbox soon. Please email Heather Arrascue, at to RSVP.
Volunteer Spotlight

by Niki Walley (Wildlife Rehabilitator/Volunteer Coord.)
Wild Care is grateful for our volunteers! We would not survive without them. They assist with everything from animal care, to gardening, facility maintenance, fundraising and so much more!  This month, we'd like to highlight outstanding volunteer, Maryanne Young .

Maryanne volunteers in the clinic, feeds baby birds and squirrels, participates in rescues and releases, has helped with fundraising events and has picked eggs up for us at BJs.

She volunteered with Wild Care years ago but had to take a few years off due to family obligations. We are so grateful she came back this past Winter! She is very friendly, willing to do any task, and works great with our team! We are so lucky! Thank you, Maryanne.

(P.S. We encourage you all to wear gloves when working with wildlife! ;-)
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Since 1994, Wild Care has treated injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife for release back into the wild capable of independent survival, prevented wildlife casualties through public education and counseling, and engaged the community in conservation services through volunteerism. Wild Care does not charge the public for our services. We accept wildlife regardless of a rescuer's ability to make a donation; and we never compromise quality of care or the dignity of an animal's life for fundraising purposes.