Wild Care is grateful for our volunteers! We would not survive without them. They assist with everything from animal care, to gardening, to facility maintenance, fundraising, and much more!

This month, we'd like to highlight Claudia Rothman . Claudia started as a Clinic Volunteer in July 2017. Claudia volunteers on Mondays & Wednesdays, and is eager to do rescues. In fact, she rescued our infamous Masked Booby from a beach in Wellfleet. Claudia most recently started assisting with the hand-rearing of orphaned wild mice, no small feat. It requires a caring touch and lots of patience, which she most certainly has. She currently has 4 mice in her care.

Claudia. You are such a kind and loving soul. Your compassion and positive spirit alone makes Wild Care a better place for people and animals. We are grateful that you came to us! <3