Wild Care is grateful for our volunteers! We would not survive without them. They assist with everything from animal care, to gardening, to facility maintenance, fundraising and much more!

This month, we'd like to highlight Elena Calabrese. Elena has been with Wild Care since inception! She started f eeding baby birds in 1989, and assisted our founder Karen Von den Deale with the rehabilitation of turtles and other wildlife. She then started rehabilitating squirrels with a local rehabilitator... The rest is history!

For several years, Elena has managed Wild Care's recyclables. She even showed up at 11:00 PM the night before our "Wild Baby Shower" to take away our recyclables, ensuring that our facility was in good shape for the event.

Elena is also an outstanding Rescue Volunteer. She has conducted dozens, if not hundreds of rescues for us over the years. Recently, we called on her to rescue a hummingbird trapped in someone's home in Truro...

Elena you are a bright star in the world of wildlife. Your kindness, and willingness to help and go above-and-beyond, is truly admirable. We are grateful that you are a part of Wild Care's team and history. <3