Wildcat Spotlight
Deming Public Schools Board of Education honors past member Steve Hobbs
Hobbs Family accepting the Nambe platter from Deming Public Schools Board of Education
From Left to Right: Dana Hobbs, Jacob Hobbs, Wyatt Hobbs, Tracey Hobbs, Kenna Barnes, Vicki Chávez, Olivia Paez, Robert “Bobby” Orosco,
Mary Lou Cameron, Daniel Krowl, and Amy Delaney-Hernandez. 

Deming Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Vicki Chávez honored the late Steve Hobbs for his service to Deming Public Schools. Mr. Hobbs served on the Board of Education from 1999-2005.

“During Steve Hobbs time on the school board he always kept kids in mind and would always make decisions based on “Is this good for our kids?”. Mr Hobbs legacy will live on in his family, friends, and Deming Public Schools community.” said Superintendent Chávez “ Mr. Hobbs will always be a Wildcat.”

The Hobbs Family accepted the Nambe Platter with the inscription “Remembering a life well led, Friend and School Board Member, 1999-2005, Always a Wildcat.”

“The family is very proud of the time Steve spent on the board. It was something that he was very passionate about and it meant a great deal to him,” said Steve Hobbs wife, Tracey Hobbs.

My Little School
Family engagement activities took place at several events at MLS recently. At the PAC in October we discussed the benefits to MLS students/families if the bond were to pass. Teachers then presented "The Day in the life of a PreK student." The staff also guided the families in a collaborative project (sensory bottle) to be used for self-regulation, focus, and cognitive skill development. Teri Vlahovich (Nurse) also presented to parents how DPS uses the COVID Response Toolkit as a guide to keep as many students in school as possible while maintaining a safe healthy environment. 

At our PAC in November, we discussed Essential Indicators of Early Learning Guidelines that could be addressed through activities completed as families. We emphasized the value of the school/home connection. Subsequently, they represented home culture by creating Turkey feathers to share and display at school. 

MLS is very fortunate to have staff from the SPED Dept. provide experiences for our PreK students that build social, sensory, and language skills while including our families. All enjoyed the fall neighborhood walk to the SpEd department where they engaged in seasonal activities. Thank you for all that you do for PreK kiddos! MLS staff never likes to miss an opportunity to participate in the fun either.
Lastly, we went on a family engagement field trip to Play Sharity and Tree park Playground that was well attended. Most families who participated had not yet visited these community resources and were impressed with the quality of the facilities and the commitment of the staff to the development of young children.

Bataan Elementary
Bataan Elementary School students in Kim Perea's fifth-grade classroom participated in an activity about precipitation. Students learned about the process of precipitation and its role in the water cycle. The students read an article and answered comprehension questions. The class also watched a science video about the water cycle in Generation Genius.
Fifth graders at Bataan Elementary School took on an unusual, but fun, assignment recently. The students in classes for teachers Kim Perea, Gina Simms and Melissa Noriega had just completed reading the book "Skilleg," by David Almond.
In the book, Almond brings up the notion of owl pellets. "In a few different parts of the book, it mentions owl pellets, so my team decided that it would be a great learning opportunity for our students to dissect owl pellets," said Perea.
The students in Simms' Noriega's and Perea's classrooms each dissected an owl pellet and identified the bones of the rodents inside the pellets the owl's had consumed.
"The students hopefully learned that owls eat their prey whole and are unable to digest the hair and bones, so a pellet is formed and regurgitated," Perea explained. "Many people mistake owl pellets as poop, but the Bataan fifth graders now know better."
Thanksgiving Play 4th grade Dual class
Thank you, Mrs. Duran!

Bell Elementary
4th Grade students in Ms. Baca's class learned about Native American Cultures and students created Native American homes.
Columbus Elementary
Columbus Elementary working together with parents and encouraging students to attend school on the days they are healthy and physically able to attend.  

5th Grade Students present their science research on the solar system. 

Ms. Chavez's classroom worked on trioramas about different habitats and descriptions of the habitats they picked.  
Mr. Zamora's classroom worked on an illustration on different habitats and a short description of the habitat they picked
Red Mountain Middle School
RMMS Student Council in collaboration with WNMU students Summer Bunting and Alexandra Ortiz put together a project to collect winter clothes for the Deming Silver Linings Resource Center for the houseless residents of Luna County. The clothing drive gathered more than 250 winter clothing items to donate and were taken on Nov. 22 to the resource center located at 212 South Copper Street in Deming. Depicted above is the RMMS Student council along with sponsor Debra Pacheco (far left) and WNMU student working on the project Summer Bunting (far right) with the collected clothes ready for donation.

We are RMMS, strong for our community!

Halloween Costume Contest Winners @ RMMS
Lindsey Williams
Tomura Shigaraki
Unica-Lourdes Gutierrez 
Tanjiro Kamado
Demon Slayer
Cole Evans 
RMMS Picture Day December 10th
Deming High School
On November 26, 2021, members of Deming High School MESA Program participated in NM Southwest MESA Rally 2021 that was held at Centennial High School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Invention”. The activity started 9:00 in the morning with registration and was followed by different events including competitions and different workshops. No formal program was held in the morning and no awarding ceremony at the end of the day due to Covid-19 restrictions. 
All events were individual and included Gimkit and Kahoot focusing on inventors and inventions, Sphero Coding, where students have to code in order to go through a labyrinth, Sphero No Coding, where students have to speed through a labyrinth and no coding is required, Shashibo, a shifting box where students were required to shift the cube to another shape or figure in a given period of time, and lastly Drone Delivery, where this event required the students to control the drone from the take-off spot and land it to a specific landing spot. Aside from the events, there were workshops that were given to the students focusing on Biology, Engineering, and Geology. Unfortunately, we don’t have the results yet, but we are pretty sure that our students did very well in the competition.
DHS MESA Program is under the supervision of Mr. Reynaldo Belen and Mr. John Valdes. Please see them at DHS Room 116 or Room 724 for inquiries.
Note: Students mask were taken off for picture purposes only
Deming High School SkillsUSA Chapter
Ms. Maggie Baber - Representative with Grand Canyon University conducts a question-and-answer presentation with chapter members. Topics discussed were online programs and course of study requirements.
Sgt. Chrisopher Ray - DHS JROTC Instructor addresses chapter members with personal experiences of homeless teen age years, Military service and ambitions and goal setting.
Chapter members enjoy the first social classroom event of the year.
(Pizza Party)

Chapter members participate in their second Luna County trash pick-up event this year. 

Early College High School
Presentation from the Biology Research team at the
WNMU Science Symposium.
Employee Spotlight
Mrs. Elizabeth Kriegel, 16-year veteran teacher at Deming High School, has been selected to be a member of Dr. Kurt Steinhaus’, Education Secretary (designate), Community Advisory. She is one of fifteen teachers chosen from across the state to participate. Mrs. Kriegel will be joining three other cohorts (civic leaders, students, parents) to engage in work that directly impacts our New Mexico schools and communities.

As the History department chair, National Honor Society advisor, class sponsor and school leadership team member, her extensive knowledge supports the advisory’s goals of seeking innovative community feedback, incorporating diverse community voice and creating a culture of collaboration and unity.

Members of the SCA are expected to attend quarterly convenings and meet with NMPED leadership. From advising Secretary Steinhaus on upcoming work to sharing stories from her school and southern New Mexico, Elizabeth will be building relationships and cultivating partnerships for implementing community-informed best practices. 

Annual Student Information Update
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Utility Disconnections

New Mexico Appleseed Poverty Advocacy Lab is looking for families with K-12 students or youth currently in school that have experienced a utility disconnection (gas, electric, water) and who are willing to speak with NM Appleseed staff and/or media about the experience, particularly the barriers the disconnection presented in attending and succeeding at school. 
If you have anyone who might meet this criteria anywhere in New Mexico, please have them contact Meghan Mead, mmead@nmappleseed.org or at (860) 671-0342.
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