August 22, 2017
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, Aug. 22
Student Support Services Welcome Back Pizza Bash from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Tech Center lobby

Dessert With DVACK from 2 to 4 p.m. in Tech Center lobby

Extreme Encounter from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in parking lot near UAS pavilion

Cat Backers from 6 to 8:30 p.m. in CCCR

SGA meeting at 8 p.m. in College Center cafeteria

Wednesday, Aug. 23
Career Center BBQ & Handshake sign up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Tech Center lobby & lawn

Laser Tag from 3 to 5 p.m. in the SLC

Golfing at 5:30 p.m. at Municipal Golf Course

Thursday, Aug. 24
All-Student Meet and Greet from 1 to 2 p.m. in CCCR

Nitro Bowling from 9 p.m. to midnight at All Star Lanes on Broadway

Friday, Aug. 25
Student Support Services' Donut Friday (until they are gone) in College Center 208

SGA Welcome Back Luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. in College Center lobby & cafeteria

Paintball & Cookout from 3 to 7 p.m. at Elite Sports in Assaria

Saturday, Aug. 26
No Events

Sunday, Aug. 27
Go Karts from 2 to 5 p.m. at Jumpin' Joe's

Monday, Aug. 28
Pizza and Live Music from 5 to 7 p.m. at Coop's on Santa Fe
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K-State Polytechnic's Applied Aviation Research Center, PrecisionHawk continue key UAS flight collaboration
The Applied Aviation R esearch Center on the Polytechnic Campus  is continuing its work with PrecisionHawk, a provider of advanced commercial drone technologies, on operational testing with unmanned aircraft systems.

This partnership comes from PrecisionHawk's continued work with the Federal Aviation Administration's Pathfinder program, which involves industry partners exploring expansion of UAS operations in commercial airspace. PrecisionHawk is headquartered Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kansas State Polytechnic and PrecisionHawk previously collaborated in summer 2016 on a series of controlled field experiments to observe pilots' decision-making when flying in extended visual line of sight, or EVLOS. The studies were conducted to determine an acceptable safety level in response time of drone pilots when visually detecting a manned intruder in their airspace. As a result of this collaboration, PrecisionHawk was able to attain the only EVLOS waiver in the nation from the FAA for commercial unmanned aircraft operations.

This summer, PrecisionHawk asked Kansas State Polytechnic to participate in phase three of the Pathfinder program. Phase three is testing the reliability of technological aids when flying beyond visual line of sight, or BVLOS, and aims to provide an operational risk assessment to the FAA to help further define safety regulations for operating an unmanned aircraft in commercial airspace.

To continue reading, click here.
Facilities updates webpage for easier access to requests

Do you need to make a room request or schedule a time to have your office painted? Facilities is making the process to contact them a lot easier with an updated webpage.

Visit the campus's homepage at, then click "Campus Resources" in the grey box on the left side to find the Facilities link. This page has been reorganized to include four major service areas: client services, administration, maintenance and repair, and planning and programming. Each of those areas are explained and a link for contact has been added, or visitors to the page can click the new Help Desk feature on the left side for more information.

The facilities team is here to serve the campus, so please don't hesitate to reach out. For questions or concerns, contact 785-826-2911 or
Be kind, rewind? Information Systems, library offering digital conversion of professors' VHS tapes and DVDs
It's likely that many of the campus's incoming freshmen will have no frame of reference for the advice to "be kind, rewind." 

For those that do remember VHS tapes and still use them to present video in the classroom, upgrading to a digital format isn't as hard as you might think. K-State Polytechnic's Information Systems and the Polytechnic Campus library are offering to assist faculty with converting both VHS tapes and DVDs into digital format for archival and use on K-State's Mediasite (

To request help or get additional details, please contact one of the following addresses:

Information Systems
785-826-2666 (Front Desk)
785-826-2628 (Media Services)

K-State Polytechnic Library

*Fun trivia:  Japan's Funai Electronics was the last commercial manufacturer of VCRs, and has now ceased production.
K-State's Weapons Policy is revised to include concealed carry

The university's exemption from the concealed carry requirements of the Personal and Family Protection Act expired on July 1, meaning that the concealed carry of handguns will be allowed in university buildings at Kansas State University, including the Polytechnic Campus, and other state universities.

As K-State continues its commitment to the safety of students, faculty and staff and all members of the K-State community, information about concealed carry on campus has been updated in the university's Weapons Policy and training on the new requirement is being offered. 

To view the university's Weapons Policy, click here. To go through the concealed carry training, click here.

It is important to remember that the open carry of firearms continues to be prohibited on grounds and buildings of K-State campuses.
Library offering hands-on technology workshops for students in Office 365, Canvas and Google Drive
Students: If you need extra assistance understanding how to use Office 365, Canvas and Google Drive, the K-State Polytechnic library is here to help. 

Starting Aug. 28, a new set of technology workshops will be held in the Technology Center, room 115, to give students an opportunity to learn about and more effectively use programs they may need for academics. Below is the schedule for each workshop, however, if you have questions, contact Katherine Jones at

Mon. 8/28, 3:30-4 PM - OFFICE 365
Wed. 8/30, 3:30-4 PM - CANVAS
Fri. 9/1, 3:30-4 PM - GOOGLE DRIVE

Mon. 9/11, 11:30-12 PM - OFFICE 365
Wed. 9/13, 11:30-12 PM - CANVAS
Fri. 9/15, 11:30-12 PM - GOOGLE DRIVE
Polytechnic Campus takes time to take in solar eclipse
While August 21 officially signaled a new school year for the Polytechnic Campus, it also marked a historic moment for the nation that Wildcats were eager to take part in.
For the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse crossed the country from coast to coast and when the optimal viewing time passed over Salina, faculty, staff and students were ready.  Gathering on the lawn in front of the Technology Center, members of the campus broke out their safety glasses to catch a glimpse of the sun being eclipsed by the moon.
Even though most of the morning had been overcast, the clouds gave way to the sun at just the right time and between 12:45 and 1:10 p.m., the view was nothing short of spectacular.  Faculty, staff and students stared in delight and awe as the sun became a sliver and the sky darkened. 
Soon, the solar sight left as quickly as it had come and the campus went back to business as usual, but what an amazing thing for everyone to experience together!

A high-five is one of the most recognizable ways two people can share excitement or celebrate a job well done. Kansas State Polytechnic's CEO and Dean Verna Fitzsimmons awards her high-five each week to honor faculty, staff and students for their dedication to the university.
Thank you to those involved in uBelong!
Congratulations to everyone involved in the uBelong experience this year. It is evident that much planning, creative ideas and personal passion went in to the process because Saturday's event was very successful! Students felt welcomed and were able to build camaraderie and Wildcat pride through the various team building activities while parents solidified their confidence in the decision to send their son or daughter here through your informational sessions and hospitality. Thank you - you all are amazing!
Summer Financial Aid
Will you be attending Kansas State Polytechnic this summer and are in need of financial aid? First enroll in your summer classes and then complete the Summer Financial Aid Application. Cindy Newell, financial coordinator located in the College Center's room 209, can check to see if you have any financial aid available for the summer classes you are taking. The form can be found at

Loan Repayment Option for Graduating Students
The state of Kansas is offering up to $15,000 in student loan repayment and up to a 5 year state tax waiver for graduates who establish residency in one of the 77 Kansas counties designated as a rural opportunity zone. For more information, visit the link below:

Employee Tuition Assistance and Spouse/ Dependent Grant
1.  Employee Tuition Assistance

Award amount is for tuition only in a K-State course for up to 3 credit hours per term. 

The maximum award amount will not exceed the value of 3 hours at the in-state Manhattan/Salina tuition rate (ie. campus fees, other institutional fees, etc. are the responsibility of the employee). 

2.  Spouse/Dependent Grants (Only REGULAR employees are eligible.  If you are unsure if you are REGULAR or TERM, check your contract or with the HR office.)

For Dependents or Spouses that are enrolled full time in a degree terminating undergraduate program, the award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 7 undergraduate course credits, where full-time for an undergraduate is defined as at least 12 enrolled credit hours per regular fall/spring term.

For Spouses that are enrolled part-time in a degree terminating undergraduate program the maximum award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 3 undergraduate course credits, where part-time for an undergraduate is defined as less than 12 enrolled credit hours per regular fall/spring term. (Enrollment of less than 3 credit hours, will result in the proration of the award i.e. 2 credit hours enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 2 credit hours - or - 1 credit hour enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 1 credit hour. )

Dependents that are enrolled less than full-time in an undergraduate program are not eligible for the K-State Dependent/Spouse Grant.

For Dependents or Spouses that are enrolled in a degree terminating graduate or veterinary medicine program the maximum award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 3 course credit hours as indicated by the student's degree program, graduate or veterinary medicine. (Enrollment of less than 3 credit hours, will result in the proration of the award i.e. 2 credit hours enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 2 credit hours - or - 1 credit hour enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 1 credit hour.)

Aviation Scholarships is offering a number of $1,000 scholarships to students majoring in aviation-related fields. DEADLINE: August 14th. Visit:
All jobs, both part-time and full-time as well as internship opportunities, are listed on the Kansas State University CES account. Access your CES account by logging into: 
For more information about this resource or additional employment resources, or for CES search assistance, please contact  Julie Rowe by email at, by phone at  (785) 826-2971, or in person on the first floor of the College Center.
To post a position on the CES system, please send your job descriptions and employer contact information by email to Julie Rowe at for immediate posting.