June 6, 2017
Upcoming Events:
June 5-7
Aviation Fixation & Aviation Fixation 2.0: A Day in the Life of a Pilot summer programs

June 8
Council of Development Finance Agencies Oklahoma/Kansas Conference from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in CCCR

June 12-13
K-State Cheer Camp

June 12-14
Fly K-State Academy

June 16-17
UAS Data and Image Processing professional training course

June 19
iVideo Mania summer program

June 19-23
UAS Commercial Pilot Training course 

June 20-23
Refresher course at Bulk Solids Innovation Center

June 23
UAS Night Operations course

June 24
UAS Business Development course

June 26
Virtual World: Modding Minecraft summer program

July 4
University Holiday - Campus Closed
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Editor's note: Wildcat Weekly will have limited summer schedule

During the summer semester, the Wildcat Weekly will be on a limited publishing schedule. It will be available once a month - June 6, July 11 and August 8 - until the start of the fall semester, when it will resume on August 22. Please continue to submit announcements and news items for the Wildcat Weekly via the "Project Requests" tab on the Marketing & Communications webpage.
Kansas State Polytechnic offers three new UAS professional training courses in June

Pilots of unmanned aircraft systems, also known as drones, can participate in essential training with industry experts this summer. Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus  is offering several training options in June for UAS pilots to expand skills and certifications, including a course in night operations.

"The courses offered this summer further our objective of introducing UAS technology to the commercial market," said Kurt Carraway, UAS executive director of the Applied Aviation Research Center . "The trainings, coupled with instruction from industry experts and hands-on application experience, provide UAS pilots with unmatched experience and skills."

UAS Data and Image Processing, June 16-17, is an introductory data processing course focusing on collecting quality still imagery with a small unmanned aircraft system, or sUAS, for precision mapping and vegetation analysis. Attendees will participate in the planning, execution, and data collection and analysis of an actual mission during the course, and receive hands-on experience with Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4DMapper and ArcGIS software.

Available June 23 is the UAS Night Operations course. Participants will learn how to apply for a Federal Aviation Administration waiver to Part 107. Course content will cover physiological effects associated with night flying, mission planning considerations and more. Attendees will also receive hands-on night flight instruction using an S-1000 multi-rotor aircraft. This course can be added as a module to the sUAS Commercial Remote Pilot course offered June 19-23, or for those already certified, the night operations course may be taken separately as well.

Kansas State Polytechnic's Applied Aviation Research Center was granted a special waiver from the FAA to conduct UAS flights at night. Currently, flying unmanned aircraft after sunset is not permitted under the FAA's Part 107 rule - the regulatory framework for civil and commercial sUAS operations.

Kansas State Polytechnic is releasing a new course in UAS Business Development on June 24. This course focuses on establishing UAS operations in new or existing businesses. This one-day course will cover all aspects of business startup or integration, providing specific guidance on UAS insurance considerations.

Registration for all courses closes June 12. More information on all courses, including how to register, can be found on the  Kansas State Polytechnic UAS training site Please contact Kansas State Polytechnic professional education and outreach at 785-826-2633 with questions. To learn more about the UAS bachelor's degree program, contact campus admissions at 785-826-2640 or polytechnic@k-state.edu.  To inquire about UAS opportunities with the Applied Aviation Research Center, contact Carraway at 785-826-7170 or kcarraway@k-state.edu.
Kansas State Polytechnic to host Council of Development Finance Agencies conference, UAS program to be featured

The Polytechnic Campus will be hosting a one-day conference for the Council of Development Finance Agencies, or CDFA, and the unmanned aircraft systems program will be a part of the line-up.
The CDFA  Oklahoma/Kansas Financing Roundtable, held June 8,  will feature economic development finance experts who will discuss finance tools, authorities, resources and approaches, and how to boost the economies of Oklahoma and Kansas.
Also on the schedule, Kurt Barnhart, associate dean of research, will join Tim Rogers, executive director of the Salina Airport Authority, and Jason Gage, Salina city manager, in a presentation about financing the campus's Applied Aviation Research Center. Later in the day, attendees will tour the UAS Lab and be treated to a demonstration.
In an interview with Manhattan's research office, Barnhart said he appreciates the opportunity to showcase UAS.
"We at K-State Polytechnic are extremely pleased to host this CDFA event in Salina focused on unmanned systems technology. We think this technology is highly important to the future of the economy of Kansas, and anything we can do to move that needle forward and help entrepreneurs is good for all of us," Barnhart said.
Senior Kendy Edmonds lands summer internship with NASA

Kendy Edmonds wants to spend her summer doing something "challenging and groundbreaking." 

A senior  who is studying both UAS flight and operations and UAS design and integration, Edmonds will get to push her educational boundaries after landing an internship with NASA.  Starting June 5, she is working in UAS  data management at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, where she will investigate the best practices of handling UAS data to help advance a uniform reporting system.

"I can't wait to see what kind of data they are taking in; what they are using it for; and what their idea of a management system is," the Valley Falls native said just before leaving on her trip. "NASA is such a huge entity - I can't even begin to image what all they might be doing with UAS data and how in-depth I will get to dive into it."

In addition to double majoring, Edmonds is the president of the UAS club, a flight instructor and a student worker in the UAS lab where she organizes most of its data from various research projects. She is hoping her summer at NASA will give her valuable information she can bring back to Kansas State Polytechnic and apply in the lab.

"I think this internship will help me understand the most efficient and consistent way to save all of our files and projects as well as how to store and manage them. I'm also interested to learn how long certain data should be saved and what can be deleted. It will be great to see how other people do it and compare it with our process."

Edmonds completes her internship on August 11.
Kansas State Polytechnic celebrates student achievements in annual end-of-the-year awards banquet

The motto on the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus is, "the experience matters," and for many Wildcats, these are words they have taken to heart.
Along with performing the typical duties of an undergrad - engaging in classroom discussion, attending study sessions and turning in homework on time - students at Kansas State Polytechnic are making vital contributions to their major, clubs and organizations, fellow students and the overall morale of the campus by enthusiastically and selflessly going beyond what is asked of them. Some students spend several extra hours a week in a learning laboratory just because they have a genuine desire to know more. Others take on the responsibility of being a voice for their peers and join student government. And for a few, it may be random acts of kindness that fulfill their time on campus.
Whatever the case may be, Kansas State Polytechnic highlights those students who make the most of their experience during the annual Awards and Recognition Banquet. Celebrating its 31st year, the dinner and awards show, held April 20, brought together students, faculty and staff to honor personal and educational accomplishments from the 2016-2017 school year.
Close to 30 accolades were handed out, ranging from each majors' student of the year to the coveted Wildcat Pride awards, which spotlight community service involvement, inspirational actions, and both a determined and dedicated attitude. The award nominations were open to anyone on campus and after submitted, were voted on by an established committee.
"Each student brings a unique perspective, special talents and skills, and a vibrant personality that contribute to the success of the campus," said Dean Verna Fitzsimmons. "They deserve to be recognized for their dedication. The awards banquet is a great opportunity to acknowledge our outstanding students and celebrate their work."
Keep reading for a full list of award winners: click  here .

A high-five is one of the most recognizable ways two people can share excitement or celebrate a job well done. Kansas State Polytechnic's CEO and Dean Verna Fitzsimmons awards her high-five each week to honor faculty, staff and students for their dedication to the university.
Thank you to everyone involved with summer Discover Programs!

While many of our college students are off campus during the summer, Kansas State Polytechnic hosts a large number of grade and high school students in the Discover Programs. This year, there have been additional programs added, liked iVideo Mania and Robotics Master, which require more hands on deck. 

I want to thank every staff and faculty member and student who has been helping with the Discover Programs, either through planning, organizing or instructing. It's an honor to educate the youth in our community and because of your hard work, we are getting them excited about our polytechnic programs while helping to shape their future.
Summer Financial Aid
Will you be attending Kansas State Polytechnic this summer and are in need of financial aid? First enroll in your summer classes and then complete the Summer Financial Aid Application. Cindy Newell, financial coordinator located in the College Center's room 209, can check to see if you have any financial aid available for the summer classes you are taking. The form can be found at

Loan Repayment Option for Graduating Students
The state of Kansas is offering up to $15,000 in student loan repayment and up to a 5 year state tax waiver for graduates who establish residency in one of the 77 Kansas counties designated as a rural opportunity zone. For more information, visit the link below:

Employee Tuition Assistance and Spouse/ Dependent Grant
1.  Employee Tuition Assistance

Award amount is for tuition only in a K-State course for up to 3 credit hours per term. 

The maximum award amount will not exceed the value of 3 hours at the in-state Manhattan/Salina tuition rate (ie. campus fees, other institutional fees, etc. are the responsibility of the employee). 

2.  Spouse/Dependent Grants (Only REGULAR employees are eligible.  If you are unsure if you are REGULAR or TERM, check your contract or with the HR office.)

For Dependents or Spouses that are enrolled full time in a degree terminating undergraduate program, the award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 7 undergraduate course credits, where full-time for an undergraduate is defined as at least 12 enrolled credit hours per regular fall/spring term.

For Spouses that are enrolled part-time in a degree terminating undergraduate program the maximum award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 3 undergraduate course credits, where part-time for an undergraduate is defined as less than 12 enrolled credit hours per regular fall/spring term. (Enrollment of less than 3 credit hours, will result in the proration of the award i.e. 2 credit hours enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 2 credit hours - or - 1 credit hour enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 1 credit hour. )

Dependents that are enrolled less than full-time in an undergraduate program are not eligible for the K-State Dependent/Spouse Grant.

For Dependents or Spouses that are enrolled in a degree terminating graduate or veterinary medicine program the maximum award will be the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 3 course credit hours as indicated by the student's degree program, graduate or veterinary medicine. (Enrollment of less than 3 credit hours, will result in the proration of the award i.e. 2 credit hours enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 2 credit hours - or - 1 credit hour enrolled = the equivalent of the regular, resident on-campus tuition rate for 1 credit hour.)
All jobs, both part-time and full-time as well as internship opportunities, are listed on the Kansas State University CES account. Access your CES account by logging into: 
For more information about this resource or additional employment resources, or for CES search assistance, please contact  Julie Rowe by email at  jarowe@k-state.edu, by phone at  (785) 826-8524, or in person on the second floor of the College Center.
To post a position on the CES system, please send your job descriptions and employer contact information by email to Julie Rowe at jarowe@k-state.edu for immediate posting.