Wildfire safety from a fire engineering perspective
Michael Gollner, an associate professor in the Clark School’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering, is broadly interested in fire science problems. He and students in his University of Maryland lab utilize both experiments and combustion and fluid dynamics theory to help solve problems related to fire spread in the wildland and built environments (and other areas such as material flammability, sustainable/green building fire safety, and smoke and toxic product transport).
Undergraduate Team Wins Vertical Flight Society's Student Design Competition
UMD’s graduate and undergraduate teams received top honors in the Vertical Flight Society’s annual Student Design Competition, which challenges students to design a vertical lift aircraft that meets specified requirements.

Engineers Create Thin Battery Made of 3D Microbatteries
Engineers at UMD have created a thin battery, made of a few million carefully constructed “microbatteries” in a square inch. Each microbattery provides much surface area on which nano-thin battery layers are assembled. The thin layers together with large surface area produces very high power along with high energy.

Researchers Discover Tunable Thermal 'Switch' in Squid-based Biomaterials
A research team at UMD has invented a "switching effect" for thermal conductivity and mechanical properties that can be incorporated into the fabrication of materials including textiles and garments.