June, 2023

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A message from the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

I wanted to address a topic that has been making headlines lately—the recent insurance news from Allstate and State Farm. If you're not familiar with the details, I encourage you to take a look at this article.

Insurance has been a growing concern for homeowners residing in wildfire-prone areas, and it's understandable why people are feeling anxious. Rising rates, non-renewals, and difficulties obtaining coverage have become all too common. At Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council (VRFSC), we understand the importance of this issue, and we're closely monitoring insurance developments to better assist Ventura County residents.

So, how can we help? Our comprehensive programs can help homeowners address increasing insurance concerns by mitigating their wildfire risk. By taking proactive steps, you may be eligible for discounts or continued coverage.

To get started, I urge those who haven't received a Home Wildfire Assessment from us to sign up. Thanks to our grant funding, we can offer these assessments at no cost to Ventura County homeowners in high fire severity zones. Visit our website at https://venturafiresafe.org/home-wildfire-assessments/ and enter your address to determine your eligibility. Booking an appointment is quick and easy, and it can all be done online within minutes.

Remember, you're not alone in this. We are here to help and support you. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,

Stephen Watson

Executive Director, Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council

Program Updates

Ventura County communities are working quickly to become recognized as Firewise Communities!

At the beginning of our endeavor to promote Firewise USA recognized communities, there were only two active recognized neighborhoods in Ventura County. In the past 6 months, Ventura Regional FSC has now been working with twelve communities / HOAs to help them become recognized!

We have seen an overwhelmingly positive response from Ventura County, as residents are looking to make themselves and their homes safer from wildfire. From the community level, to HOAs, to our Fire Marshalls and elected Supervisors, there are many people working to help these communities organize and get to work.

The Ondulando Community in the City of Ventura is rapidly approaching their investment goals, as more and more residents report their volunteer hours, and will soon be the City's first Firewise Community.

Los Robles Estates HOA in Thousand Oaks completed their very last requirement on Saturday June 3rd, by holding a Kick-Off Event for all residents! We attended and spoke with Ventura County Fire Department, and now the community will be submitting their application for approval this week. Congratulations Los Robles!

Learn more about Firewise USA and how it could benefit your community by visiting venturafiresafe.org.

Hazardous Palm Tree Trimming Project

A big accomplishment for us during May's #wildfireawarenessmonth was to conduct our Hazardous Palm Tree Project so we could reduce fuel loads in Piru and Fillmore, CA. We can proudly say we got rid of up to 12.5 TONS of Palm Tree trimmings that otherwise would have put Piru and Fillmore neighborhoods at risk for wildfires!

A huge thank you to West Coast Arborists for providing the labor, EJ Harrison for donating the roll off bin, to the City of Fillmore, the Fillmore Fire Department and the Piru Neighborhood Council for facilitating these efforts!

Funding for this project was provided by the California Fire Foundation.

Events in June

Find our booth!

Visit our booth at the Food, Wine & Beer Festival from 4-7PM this Saturday, June 10th!

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June 21st: Ojai Library @ 5PM

Bring your friends and family to learn what steps you should take to lower your wildfire risk! This interactive workshop will help you create a plan of action for your home.

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June 28th: E.P. Foster Library @ 5PM

Bring your friends and family to learn what steps you should take to lower your wildfire risk! This interactive workshop will help you create a plan of action for your home.

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Find our booth!

Visit our booth at the Spring into Summer Festival at Veterans Memorial Park in Santa Paula from 10AM - 1PM on Saturday, June 24th!


Other Wildfire Related News

We've had the most rainfall in years in the Tri-Counties. Is it good or bad for our wildfire outlook?

Firefighters say the region's brush is exploding, but the heavy rainfall is also helping to green up and reduce the threat to some plants and trees. It's been one of the wettest years in recent memory for the Tri-Counties. Ventura has had 184% of its average annual rainfall, and Santa Barbara stands at a whopping 200%. But, what does that mean for the wildfire threat for the region?

Read the Full Article Here

Lastly, our hearts go out to the firefighters and other responders working on the wildfires in Canada:

How did the Canadian wildfires start? A look at what's driving the fires that covered the East Coast in smoke


UPDATED ON: JUNE 8, 2023 / 10:15 AM / CBS NEWS

Over the past six weeks, massive wildfires have spread across Canada causing mass evacuations and burning through more than 3.3 million hectares of land — larger than the state of Maryland. While the Canada wildfire season runs from May through October, such destruction this early in the season is rare.

Read the Full Article Here

Give Back for a Bigger Impact

Please consider a contribution to our organization so that we can continue providing free services to the community and prepare as much of Ventura County as possible for impending wildfire. We are not safe until all of our communities and neighborhoods are safe. There are many homeowners and communities in Ventura County who simply cannot afford to do the work themselves; it is crucial for all of us to be able to help those less fortunate. Your support will allow us to continue providing free assessments, chipping services, brush clearance, educational workshops, and so much more. We do not take this responsibility lightly and thank you for entrusting us with your support.

VRFSC is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax deductible. 

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