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Wildkat Hoops: Get Unleashed
February 2012

Hey Everyone!

Happy February!  We're glad you're reading this text right now because we've got a few quick updates about Wildkat Hoops classes, as well as some neat info about fitness hooping.

Keep reading or click in the "In this issue" section below to find out more!

In this issue
Forbes Magazine on Hoop Fitness
Hoop Fitness Success!
Great New Classes Have Begun
'Tis the Season for Love
The Finish Line

Forbes Magazine on Hoop Fitness
Hooping has really caught on.  So much so that even the business world has taken notice.  Hoop fitness and organizations like Hoopnotica have gained steam at a phenomenal rate!  Want proof?  Forbes magazine published this article last year predicting the rise of this wonderful fun-and-fitness trend, and in particular the success of Hoopnotica, the premier hoop fitness brand in the U.S.

We really hope this is enough to inspire you to come join us for a few classes.  You'll love our energy and our attitude.  Hoop fitness is about not only getting healthy, but about loving the journey to a better you!  We'd love it if you let Kat be your resident Hoopnotica-certified trainer and guide for the adventure!
Hoop Fitness Success!
We wanted to steal this opportunity to highlight the fabulous fitness benefits that our beloved past time entails! Check out some posts by a fellow Hoopnotica trainer, Jen Moore. Through her experiences with hooping, Jen has shed quite a few pounds and infused happiness into her life! Her success story is an inspirational one.

Here's a video of the local NBC news affiliate covering a class taught by Jen!
Hoop it Up at the Westside Y
Hoop it Up at the Westside Y
It's fantastic to see fitness hooping getting such wonderful attention.  We promise - it's good for you!
Great New Classes Have Begun

A couple of exciting new classes have JUST begun at Roots and Wings in Natick, MA.  Click the day for the full info.  The times for this class are below:
  • Thursdays: Roots and Wings Yoga, Natick, MA.
    9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Tuesdays: Roots and Wings Yoga, Natick, MA.
     3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Please also check out our full schedule to see what we're up to!

We'd be remiss to mention our great experience with Kids Night Out in Ashland, MA.  It was a blast hanging out with all the kids and parents, teaching and sharing with them the benefits of hooping.
'Tis the Season for Love
The hoop & accessory shop is still open and taking orders!  What better gift for Valentine's day than an adorable new hoop, or maybe an accessory (and maybe a box of chocolates and a card, too, of course)?  We'd love to help make the lady or fellow in your life beam with hooping enjoyment.

All orders should be placed via email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and work out every little detail of your dream hoop or hair piece! For hoops, we can customize size, tape type, color; we even have fabric, ribbon and collapsible-hoop options. Ask about discounts for multi-hoop orders!  For accessories, please just ask and we'll work with you!
The Finish Line

Thanks for reading!  As always, we welcome any feedback, questions, or comments, so please get in touch.  The website should be updated to reflect all of the info in our emails, so please stop by if you're interested.

Happy Hooping,

Kat Suwalski
Madison Adams

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