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Wildkat Hoops: Get Unleashed
December 2011

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Website Launch
Class is in Session
Custom Orders
Lost Art of Life Carrying Hoops
Into the Home Stretch...

Hey Everyone!

Alerts Feed Welcome to the first Wildkat Hoops / Madkat Hoops newsletter! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As we move into the holiday season grind, what better gift for a child or a friend than a new hula hoop?

November has been a huge month for us! We've launched our website:


We've also been busy with craft fairs, farmers' markets, classes, and all things hoop. We're really super excited to communicate to some of the people our lives have touched through hula hooping and we only want to try to keep those connections strong. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with questions, comments, or general hello's!

Website Launch


Alerts Feed http://wildkathoops.com/

Please stop in and check it out! We've got quite a ways to go before all of the functionality we envision is added, but for now, there's a gallery of designs and some general info available. We hope to add an online purchasing experience in the coming months, in addition to enriching the site with schedules, hooping information, and more designs.

As with all things we do, feedback is more than welcome - it's appreciated. Don't be shy to say hi and offer some constructive criticism.
Class is in Session

Classes are run in several places and times, and we're always looking to do more.

Looking to ramp up to the next level? Kat also specializes in kettlebells and personal training. She can be reached directly at kathleensuwalski@gmail.com.

Our current schedule is:
  • Wednesdays: Gold's Gym, Milford MA.
    7:30 AM - 8:30 AM - Hoop Class
    Drop-in's are welcome; you do not have to be a gym member!
Starting January 10th, 2012: Starting March 6th, 2012: Linx, Wellesley, MA. Hoop classes and personal training coming soon; stay tuned!
Taking Custom Orders
The hoop shop is open!  For the time being, all orders for customized hula hoops should just be placed via email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and work out every little detail of your dream hoop! We can customize size, tape type, color; we even have fabric, ribbon and collapsible-hoop options. Ask about discounts for multi-hoop orders!
Lost Art of Life Carrying Hoops

In the coming weeks, we'll be making our hoops available at an awesome little retail store in Holliston, MA, called "Lost Art of Life." We plan to have a selection available for browsing. Please drop by if you're in the area. In addition to our hoops, Lost Art of Life has an adorable collection of off-beat gifts, clothing, jewelry, and more!

Please check them out: http://www.lostartoflife.com/
Into the Home Stretch...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our first official communication. Our intention is never to spam anyone (and we're sorry if we somehow did). All of those on our list have specifically signed up for a class or for our list at some point. We hope you find our information and updates valuable, but if not, you can simply unsubscribe below or at the top and you'll never receive another newsletter - we promise!

Going forward, we hope to mail about once a month with updates, class schedules, specials, news, and some hoop-related information and stories!  Thanks again, and take care.

Happy Hooping,

Kat Suwalski
Madison Adams

Contact Information

(508) 740-8749

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