Wildlife Crossings Are A Win For Us All.
NWF Is A Win For Your Next Campaign.
Remember the age-old question, "Why did the bear cross the road?" The new question is, "How did the bear cross the road?"  Thanks to wildlife crossings, they don't have to.

Wildlife crossings are protected pathways created by humans in the form of overpasses, tunnels or bridges that allow wildlife to safely circumvent our roads and highways. These pathways are necessary to prevent motor vehicle collisions with wildlife, making the roads safer for both animals and humans. Wildlife crossings are also beneficial in eliminating habitat fragmentation that is detrimental to many animal populations. To find out more about the importance of wildlife crossings, check out National Wildlife Federation's blog.
National Wildlife Federation Member-Donors care about initiatives like the development of wildlife crossings and other programs designed to help preserve and protect all species. These member-donors (average age 74, income $72,000 and gift $37) know their gifts help protect our most valuable and vulnerable natural resource.