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A 30 Year Retrospective
To imagine that it's been 30 years since Wildlife Systems, Inc. (WSI) was started, is simply mind-boggling, to me. And, as I sit here trying to organize a meaningful rendition on how to briefly chronicle a little history of the company, while sharing a few thoughts on the hunting business, there are a myriad of recollections and emotions that swirl.
"Photo of the first WSI brochure printed in 1987. The fundamental mission of the company has largely remained the same."

WSI, in retrospect, was in many ways a twist of fate...and hope. One could say that it started while I was a junior in high school, when Al Brothers responded to my letter, asking him for advice on how to become a wildlife biologist. Then there was my high school principal, Stephen Fleener, insisting that he accompany me on a trip to Texas A&M University, so that we could make an appeal for my acceptance into A&M. I was then fortunate to meet so many instrumental professors and wildlife professionals while at A&M, who helped shape my college career, especially Dr. Nova Silvy and Dr. Wallace Klussmann. I also had some key breaks while trying to fledge WSI, freshly out of college, including meeting Dick and Norma Laros who were instrumental in mentoring my early efforts and who also were vital in allowing WSI to tap into a strong client market in Pennsylvania. I would be remiss not to pay respects to my Mom and Dad; my Mom cleaned houses to help support my college expenses, while my Dad was always there for advice and helped with guiding for several years. And of course my wife, Deborah, and our two amazing kids, Tyler and Erin, who each made many sacrifices that allowed me to be gone from home an immense amount of time for so many years.

As Dick Laros said, "There's no business like the hunting business." And boy was he spot-on! The hunting and wildlife business is a strange and sometimes weird and chaotic way to make a living. There are many reasons for this characterization, but one significant feature is that when it comes to wildlife and hunting, there is often an emotional stir where people's opinions and values vary immensely, and where discussions and discourse can become amped up in the drop of a hat. E.O. Wilson's research and writings on biophilia touch on the significance of how humans are hardwired to want to with other forms of life, and I think there are undoubtedly some ties to how this interacts with this professional field. Similarly, renowned international hunting and wildlife advocate, Shane Mahoney, continues to provide marvelous messages regarding how hunting is imbedded in human DNA...it may not be part of what we all do, but it is part of who we all are! When you wrap these innate human traits around a business practice, it fundamentally creates unique and dynamic challenges.

As far as I'm concerned, any successes that WSI has realized over the last 30 years can largely be tied to three basic tenets:  (click here for the rest of the editorial)  

Cheers to all,

Greg Simons
Proprietor- Wildlife Systems, Inc.
East Ranch Nilgai Hunts
(A Few Openings Remain Through Late March)

C.J. Sibert - H. Yturria Ranch
One of the best values for the dollar in North American big-game hunting is nilgai antelope hunts. Introduced to the Texas wilds during the 1930's, these large beasts are native to India, and are the second largest member of the antelope family, next to eland. Most nilgai in North America are located within a few counties in lower South Texas where the climate and habitat suit their biological disposition very well. In addition to offering nilgai hunts on two divisions of H. Yturria Ranches, we also conduct a limited number of hunts on the El Sauz Division of East Foundatio n Ranches, located at Port Mansfield. These 2.5 day packages are conducted from a lodge with plush amenities, with a service package that includes guide (2x1), meals, skinning of carcass, caping of head, and quartering of meat. These animals are extremely wary and are incredibly difficult to bring down. We recommend a minimum of a .30
East Ranch Lodging in Port Mansfield
0 mag caliber with a well-constructed bullet. Nilgai make an interesting trophy and the meat is excellent table-fare. The hunts at the East Ranch can be conveniently coupled with some bayfishing at Port Mansfield, which rests along the Laguna Madre, famous for its fishing. We still have a few openings available on the East Ranch between now and late March. Priced at $2995, this is an excellent hunting option for a couple of friends or a corporate outing. Call (325) 655-0877 for available dates.

Ryan Walkup - East Ranch Nilgai


Keith Stansell - East Ranch


Spring Turkey Hunts

WSI offers world-class turkey hunting on some 140,000 acres of primo turkey country in West-Central and South Texas. Texas is home to more turkeys than any state in the country, with many avid turkey hunters making their annual trek to the Lone Star State in pursuit of Rio Grande gobblers. Our standard turkey packages are 2.5-3 day hunts, with 3 nights lodging, guide, and game care. We offer these three standard options:

Chaparrosa Lodge

H. Yturria Cabin
S Ranch Lodge

  • S Ranch Camp- $1595 for a 2-bird package.
  • H. Yturria Ranches- $1595 for a 2-bird package.
  • Chaparrosa Ranch- $1595 for 1 turkey, 1 javelina, and 1 hog.
Randall White - S Ranch
Tom Devitt - Chaparrosa Ranch

These are excellent options for group hunts or for a husband and wife wanting to enjoy the warm spring conditions in Texas, when the flowers are in bloom and the toms are sounding off. We have an excellent track-record of producing mature gobblers for our clients, and with 30 years of offering spring turkey hunts, WSI is the right choice for your next hunt.

Provine Group - H. Yturria Ranch

Las Islas Ranch
South Texas Brush Country Trophy Whitetails

Las Islas Lodge

We are excited to announce that we are now offering trophy whitetail hunts on the exquisite Las Islas Ranch, located in deep South Texas, historically known for as the land of giant white-tailed deer. This 10,000 acre hunting area, which is high-fenced with native whitetails, has been under an intensive management program for many years. Progressive habitat management, extensive wildlife water development, supplemental feeding, and tight herd-harvest management, has resulted in some grande-sized bucks with high densities of deer. Combine outstanding hunting with 5-star lodging, excellent cuisine with a south of the border accent, attentive service, and you have a great venue to for your next trophy whitetail hunt. We are offering a limited number of hunts, all during December, structured as a 3.5 day, 4 night package, with guide, meals, lodging, and game care. Price is based on a $5000 base fee with a $1900 harvest/wound fee. With this being our first year here, we uniquely have a clean slate to work with, so please let us know if you'd like to be one of our first hunters to enjoy this very special hunting property.

(325) 655-0877