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July 5, 2018

Field of Dreams

As a young boy, especially during my years from about 8 to 11 years of age, I often took refuge under a huge post oak tree that was located on the backside of the 3-acre "ranch" that we lived on in Kaufman County, Texas. There, I found a world that was as big and endless as my imagination. My creative dream-world was often shaped through the pages of magazines, such as Fur, Fish, & Game, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life. The likes of Jack O'Connor and Byron Dalrymple provided bylines that allowed me to live vicariously through their words and through the photos and illustrations that supported those articles. Under that post oak, I trapped for muskrats and bobcats, hunted bears, big whitetails, and Cape buffalo.

Later, in my high school days, through the writings of John Wooters and Al Brothers, and through the photos of Jerry Smith, I would dream of working on big South Texas ranches, managing deer herds, and making a living as a professional wildlife biologist. These were heady thoughts for a 17 year old country boy, again, only bound by the limitations of my imagination and dreams.

Not long thereafter, while in college, I can still vividly recall the days of uncertainty of what my professional future might hold, but dreaming of owning a business that provided technical services in the wildlife field, working with hunters, private landowners, and others.

I've been blessed. All the dreams described above came true. Yet, in recent years, I've often found boredom and complacency with my day to day work routines. I've sometimes found it more challenging to maintain the edge of passion and the drive that once motivated me so much when I was younger. Perhaps that's a normal progression for many of us, as we become older and a bit jaded with our routines? I guess we all need a spark, from time to time, to push us forward, to stimulate us, and to keep things fun; at least it seems to be the case with me.

Speaking of a new spark, I could not be more excited to announce that Terry Anderson has joined our WSI Team as a co-owner and Director of Development. I've known Terry for over 20 years and have had immense respect for him through his accomplishments in the natural resource field. Included in the body of this WSI ENews, you'll find a media release that provides greater detail on Terry's new affiliation with WSI. Though few will notice much mechanical change with how we do things on a day to day basis here at WSI, we'll look forward to gleaning from Terry's talents as we explore ways to improve our business performance. I'll continue to serve as a co-owner and General Manager of WSI and will focus on the things that have largely defined what I've done in recent years. The biggest change, for now, is my renewed enthusiasm for my professional life. At 54 years of age, I'm not for sure how many more years that I'll want to press as hard in my professional life, but one thing's for sure right now....I have a new field of dreams to explore and a renewed sense of vigor for my professional endeavors.

We all need dreams. We all need things that motivate us and excite us. These dreams do not have to be big and glorious. They can be simple things such as looking forward to seeing your son or daughter harvest their first deer. Or watching your grandkid play soccer or walk across the stage at their high school graduation. Maybe your dream is the next vacation that you take, or routing for your team to win a championship. Meaningful dreams can be simple, they can be big, and they are simply what you want them to be....they are your dreams! For perspective, maybe it would serve us well to reflect on a quote from the late James Dean, who once said, "Dream as if you'll live forever and live as if you'll die today."

On the heals of Independence Day, let's all be thankful that we live in a country of freedom, and let's dream of future generations enjoying the finer things that have shaped the successes of this country.

Greg Simons
Wildlife Systems, Inc.- GM/Principal

For Immediate Release

Terry Anderson 
Wildlife Systems, Inc.

San Angelo, TX (June 30, 2018) -  Wildlife Systems, Inc. (WSI), formed in 1987 by wildlife biologist Greg Simons, recently gained a new principal and co-owner, Terry Anderson, an East Texas native who is a 27 year veteran in the private sector of the natural resources field. Adding Anderson to the WSI team further diversifies the capabilities of the long-standing company that has a proven record in the hunting and wildlife services industry.

"I couldn't be more excited to incorporate such amazing talent and vision into our leadership mix," Simons said." I've been a friend and fan of Terry's for over 20 years, and I've never met a more uniquely capable individual in the private sector of the natural resources field."

He continued, "I'm looking forward Terry's involvement as we push WSI to new heights and explore new areas of service."

Anderson received his B.S. in Forestry with an emphasis in Wildlife Management from Stephen F. Austin State University. Until 2018, Terry was co-owner and President of Advanced Ecology, LLC (AEL), as well as a partner in a series of affiliated support companies made up of foresters, ecologists, GIS specialists, real-estate developers, and marketers, specializing in working with land, water, and wildlife resources through traditional approaches and creative enterprises. Working with landowners, private equity groups, venture capitalists, state and federal regulators, realtors, and land trusts, Anderson focused much of his time and energy in developing integrated conservation and mitigation projects. In addition to having expertise in applied field biology disciplines, Anderson is well-versed in conservation finance strategies and federal environmental policy, while applying "good to great" principles to business cultures.

Anderson also currently serves on the Executive Committee and Water Committee for Texas Wildlife Association (TWA), as well as serving as a Board Trustee and Vice President for TWA Foundation.

East Foundation CEO and former Director of Institute for Renewable Natural Resources at Texas A&M University, Dr. Neal Wilkins, who has worked closely with Anderson and Simons, said, "I have known Greg Simons and Terry Anderson for decades.  They each have unique skills and experience as entrepreneurs that lead wildlife conservation efforts.  As a team, they represent some of the most competent talent in the industry.  And they are each trusted professionals who know how to innovate for their clients."

Anderson said, "There were two key requirements for my next venture: continuing to have fun and working with exceptional people. Over the last 20 years or so, Greg and I have a proven record of having fun and his personal level of success and commitment within the conservation community is incredible. Working together is going to be quite a ride."

Serving as WSI Director of Development, Anderson will focus on imaginative ways to improve existing operations, while also exploring opportunities to expand into new markets. Simons will continue to oversee general operations, serving as the company's co-owner and General Manager.

Last Friday, veteran helicopter pilot Mackey McEntire from Sterling City, TX, lost his life in a helicopter accident. Mackey was no stranger to the ranching and wildlife community of West Texas, having logged over 50,000 hours in a helicopter during a span of some 36 years. He was one of the pilots that WSI has used for wildlife survey work since 1988 and he will be terribly missed by many. Below, is a copy of a Facebook post from WSI co-owner, Greg Simons, from a few days ago.

"We lost a good man on Friday, with the passing of Mackey McEntire. I was fortunate to ride shotgun with him in the helicopter over the last 30 years. On top of being an outstanding pilot, Mackey was always a deep thinker and great conversationalist, which made for enjoyable time while conducting wildlife surveys. We had protracted discussions about wildlife issues, water policy, politics, ranching, religion, family, and many other things. Mackey was a direct person....you did not have to guess what was on his mind or where you stood with him, which was a reflection of his honest opinions and his convictions for what he believed in and stood for...an admirable trait in my books. I was always impressed with his savvy for technology and I often told him he was a high-tech redneck, but he was much more than that, including an innovative thinker, community leader, astute rancher, and a great family man. A big void will be felt in many people's lives with his sudden departure, but many folks are better off today because of Mackey's contributions. RIP, my friend...you'll be greatly missed."
Economical Venison Hunt

For those of you who may be interested  in an economical hunt to fill  the freezer w ith wholesome, delicious venison, we have a great option for your c onsideration. WSI is offering a limited number of whitetail doe hunts on the Rocky Creek Ranch. These will be set up as a 2 day, 2 night program, including lodging and guiding. Our hunters will be responsible for their own game cleaning/processing, as well as their meals. This 25,000 acre property located west of San Angelo provides a high deer density, beautiful country, and very comfortable facilities. Here are the details of the hunt:

  • Price: $595 per hunter with a group minimum of 4 hunters and maximum of 8.
  • Each hunter can harvest up to 3 does and additional does may be taken for $150 each.
  • Includes lodging and guiding, with a 2 day, 2 night program, beginning with an afternoon hunt and ending with a morning hunt. Ranch has plenty of stands and feeders.
  • Inquire on available dates.

Carter Bowen posing with his first whitetail harvest
 that later provided nutritious and tasty tablefare.  
A Few Openings Remain for La Rucia and Las Islas Ranches
For anyone looking for a quality South Texas brush country whitetail hunt for this season, we still have a few openings for the La Rucia and Las Islas Ranches. Both properties feature comfortable, well-appointed lodging, great food, and warm hospitality. These are native whitetail deer (no pen-raised deer), with an emphasis on shooting older mature bucks, while enjoying a challenging hunting experience on vast acreages prime deer country. Hunts take place in December. Only a few spots remain open, so contact us at (325)655-0877 ASAP if you are interested in discussing dates and details.

Las Islas Ranch 2017

Las Islas Ranch 2017

La Rucia Ranch 2017

La Rucia Ranch 2017

(325) 655-0877