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Controlling the Narrative: The Key to Hunting's Future

The late Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe, once famously said that, "Until the  lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter." I suspect that Mr. Achebe made a reasonable point when he delivered that assessment, but I wonder if he anticipated that those "historians" would someday rise in the form of social media, fake news, and a narrative that is now shaped by forces that defy the conventional wisdom of the past. Further, "the history of the hunt" no longer always glorifies the hunter! In fact, hunters rarely control the narrative that tends to define how our American society views hunters, hunting, and the merits of the two.

The 5-year study, National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, that has been conducted by the USFWS since 1955, revealed an alarming stat during the most recent cycle from the 2011-2016 period; that being an unprecedented drop in hunting license sales by almost 20%! This remarkable reduction in hunting license sales seems to paint an ominous picture for future of a "past-time" that has historically served as the chief funding mechanism for terrestrial wildlife conservation during the last 100+ years, not to mention the thought of losing an important part of our American cultural fabric. The percentage of our citizens that hunt is now less than 5%, which begs the question that relates to thresholds which render people and things as being irrelevant within the dynamic sideboards that shape societal acceptance; I suspect we are staring that threshold in the face, right now!

Now, our hunting community could simply fret over "better days gone by" and we could, and certainly should, explore the reasons for diminution in hunting participation, but one thing that I would like to ponder in this Editorial is the absolute importance for our hunting community to do a better job of controlling the narrative on how we interact with society and how we project messages and images to those around us.


Greg Simons
Proprietor- Wildlife Systems, Inc.

For hunters who attend outfitted hunting trips, it's always a good idea to understand the payment policies that apply to that hunt. WSI tries to maintain clean and simple format regarding payment requirements, which include the listed details, below:
  • A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking and can be paid in any typical medium of exchange.
  • Balance payment is due 30 days prior to start of hunt and can be paid in any typical medium of exchange.
  • On hunts that include kill fees or add-on fees, those monies are due upon completion of hunt, prior to client's departure in the form of cash, cashier's check, credit card (+3%), or payment through our electronic Intuit program (QuickBooks' version of Pay Pal).
  • All anticipated ancillary fees must also be paid at least 30 days prior to hunt, such as hunting license fees, airport shuttles (may or may not be an option), gun rentals, etc.
  • Should client wish to rebook "their spot" for the next year, a $300 rebooking fee is due within 30 days of completion of hunt....this holds their spot until dates, pricing, and other details are confirmed, and then a signed booking agreement with full 50% deposit is required at that point, with the $300 rebooking fee being applied to the first 50% deposit.
  • Failure to make payments on time may result in cancellation of planned hunt and may also result in forfeiture of any paid monies.
  • It's also recommended that hunters carry sufficient cash to cover miscellaneous travel costs, such as food and beverage along the way, gratuities at airports and hotels, taxi cabs shuttles, etc.
The financial end of a vacation is best sorted out ahead of time to avoid any complications, while also reducing the need to carry large sums of cash. Our payment policies are consistent with what many consider to be industry norms. Please let us know if you have any questions or uncertainties.

One of the more common dilemmas that traveling hunters face when they are attending an outfitted trip, is the question of, "What is a reasonable tip for the guide and cook?" There are no fast rules regarding metrics when it comes to a calculus for determining an appropriate amount, but we do have some suggested ranges that we feel are reasonable. Please understand that the range of gratuities vary a considerable amount from client to client, hunt to hunt, and guide/cook to guide/cook. The camp staff greatly appreciates this part of their compensation, and though gratuities are optional, they are also considered customary. The appropriate tip amount per hunter for the cook, sometimes hinges on the number of clients or guest who are tipping the cook.  Though we would rather our clients directly tip the camp staff, we do occasionally have corporate groups that want to build those costs into the hunt and pre-pay these fees.

      Hunt Price
Up to $1,500
$1,500 - $3,000
$3,000 - $5,000
$5,000 +         
Gratuity Amount Per Hunter 

$200 - $300 (Guide)                    $50 - $75 (Cook)
$300 - $400 (Guide)                    $75 - $100 (Cook)
$400 - $500 (Guide)                    $100 - $125 (Cook)
10%- 12%+ Hunt (Guide)           $125 - $150 (Cook)
Economical Venison Hunt

For those of you who may be interested  in an economical hunt to fill  the freezer w ith wholesome, delicious venison, we have a great option for your c onsideration. WSI is offering a limited number of whitetail doe hunts on the Rocky Creek Ranch. These will be set up as a 2 day, 2 night program, including lodging and guiding. Our hunters will be responsible for their own game cleaning/processing, as well as their meals. This 25,000 acre property located west of San Angelo provides a high deer density, beautiful country, and very comfortable facilities. Here are the details of the hunt:

  • Price: $550 per hunter with a group minimum of 4 hunters and maximum of 8.
  • Each hunter can harvest up to 2 does and additional does may be taken for $150 each.
  • Includes lodging and guiding, with a 2 day, 2 night program, beginning with an afternoon hunt and ending with a morning hunt. Ranch has plenty of stands and feeders.
  • Inquire on available dates.

Carter Bowen posing with his first whitetail harvest
 that later provided nutritious and tasty tablefare.  
Hunt with Larry "Mr. Whitetail" Weishuhn

This is a unique opportunity to hunt with one of the  true legendary figures in the hunting world, Larry Weishuhn. Known by many as Mr. Whitetail, Larry has written hundreds of magazine articles, authored several books, is one of the highest demand speakers in the hunting world, and has served as a television celebrity for many years, including DSC's Trailing the Hunters Moon, which he owns and co-hosts. Hunt is limited to 8 hunters and will take place on the Cargile's Rocky Creek Ranch, which is a wildlife paradise comprising 25,000 acres of low-fenced country, located 20 miles west of San Angelo. Each hunter will be allowed to harvest 1 mature buck of their choice, 2 does, and each hunter will also receive a 40-quart ORCA cooler and ORCA Chaser, both with WSI logo, and each hunter will also be placed in a drawing to receive a free shoulder mount of their deer. You'll also enjoy being able to spend plenty of campfire time with Mr. Whitetail and will experience how a television show is captured on the scene. Only three openings remain on this unique hunt.


  • Hunt:  Rocky Creek Ranch
  • Host: Wildife Systems, Inc.
  • Price:  $4500 per hunter
  • Includes: Guide (2x1), meals, lodging, game care, 3.5 hunting days, 40-quart ORCA cooler and Chaser

Simons Elected President of TWAF

WSI owner, Greg Simons, was recently elected to serve as President for Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to providing ethical environmental education about wildlife and habitat conservation to Texans of all ages. TWAF promotes educational, research, and informational activities in support of wildlife, habitat, and the management of the same. The activities and programs include science curriculum for middle school students, leadership camps, youth hunting opportunities, teacher training and adult education seminars, all of which are conducted by the Texas Wildlife Association, a state-wide organization with some 10,000 members.

Other officers that were elected include Terry Anderson (Vice President/Secretary) and Charles Davidson (Treasurer). In addition to these three TWAF Officers, other members of the TWAF Board of Trustees include Marko Barrett, Alan Curry, Joe Haynes, Timo Hixon, Bryan King, Steve Lewis, Bryan Pickens, J.B. Richter, Stan Studer, Jr. and Jimmie Thurmond III.

Simons previously served as President on the Association side (TWA) and is currently co-chairing a capital campaign with Steve Lewis to fund the building of a new office in Comal County that will be owned by TWAF and will serve as the new headquarter for TWA operations.
Free Range Nilgai Antelope Hunt

Justin Braddock - H. Yturria Ranch 2018

Texas is home to more free range nilgai antelope than their native country of India. Originally stocked on the King Ranch in the 1930's, these sporty game animals quickly took hold and are currently free ranging on a handful of large private properties in lower South Texas. Our Nilgai antelope hunting takes place on the historic H. Yturria Ranches near Raymondville in lower South Texas, and at the El Sauz Division of the East Ranch at Port Mansfield, Texas.  Nilgai antelope hunting offers a challenging and fun experience, and this is certainly a hunt destin ation you will want to add to your schedule.  

Matt Bettersworth - East Ranch 2018

Tom Clarke - H. Yturria Ranch 2018

Our nilgai antelope hunts a re set up  as 2.5 day packages including 3 nights lodging. Some hunters are guided 1x1 and some clients are 2x1.  Three meals daily are served. Your nilgai bull will be skinned and caped as part of the package and you may choose to pay to have the meat commercially processed at a nearby facility. Incidentally, nilgai antelope meat is some of the best wild game meat you will ever have, which makes nilgai hunting even more attractive. 
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