Volume 9 Issue 5 January 30, 2019

Wild Time Hot Picks!

Age of X-man Alpha #1
Amazing Spider-Man #14
Justice League Annual #1
Teen Titans Annual #1

Hey Folks ,
O.K. we are going to break the 1st rule here and talk about Fight Club.
 The cult classic film gets another sequel visit with a   new 12 issue maxi-series kicking off this week.  Written by creator Chuck Palahniuk with art by Cameron Stewart and lettering by RI's very own Nate Piekos ( Blambot Fonts ).
The story brings Tyler Durden and Marla Singer back together along with her husband and son ( shhh, it's Tyler's son ) against a new group with radical plans for mankind.
Other goodies this week include Flash, Justice League Odyssey, Captain America, Detective, Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-man, Action, Batgirl,
 X-force and a ton more. 
So step in, grab some good reading, sit back and enjoy!

See you soon.

Randy and the Wild Time Crew

New Releases

Call Of Duty Zombies 2 #4, $3.99
Crimson Lotus #3 (Of 5), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #1 (Cover A David Mack), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #1 (Cover B Kirbi Fagan), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #1 (Cover C David Mack), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #1 (Cover D Duncan Fegredo), $3.99
Green River Killer A True Detective Story HC (Second Edition), $24.99
Nanjing The Burning City TP, $14.99
Quantum Age #6 (Cover A Wilfredo Torres), $3.99
Quantum Age #6 (Cover B Jeff Lemire), $3.99
Wish TP, $24.99
Wyrd #1 (Cover A Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Wyrd #1 (Cover B Jeff Lemire), $3.99

Action Comics #1007 (Cover A Steve Epting), $3.99
Action Comics #1007 (Cover B Patrick Gleason), AR
Batgirl #31 (Cover A Emanuela Lupacchino), $3.99
Batgirl #31 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR
Batman Beyond #28 (Cover A Pasqual Ferry), $3.99
Batman Beyond #28 (Cover B Chris Stevens), AR
Batman Troika TP, $19.99
Books Of Magic #4, $3.99
Detective Comics #997 (Cover A Doug Mahnke), $3.99
Detective Comics #997 (Cover B Brian Stelfreeze), AR
DMZ Volume 5 TP, $24.99
Flash #63 (Cover A Rafael Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona), $3.99
Flash #63 (Cover B Howard Chaykin), AR
Flash Annual #2, $4.99
Green Lanterns Volume 8 Ghosts Of The Past TP, $16.99
Heroes In Crisis #5 (Of 9)(Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Heroes In Crisis #5 (Of 9)(Cover B Ryan Sook), AR
Hex Wives #4, $3.99
Justice League Annual #1, $4.99
Justice League Odyssey #5 (Cover A Stejpan Sejic), $3.99
Justice League Odyssey #5 (Cover B Toni Infante), AR
Looney Tunes #247, $2.99
Mysteries Of Love In Space #1, $9.99
Old Lady Harley #4 (Of 5), $3.99
Raven Daughter Of Darkness #12 (Of 12), $3.99
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #46, $2.99
Silencer #13, $3.99
Teen Titans Annual #1, $4.99
Terrifics #12, $2.99
Wonder Woman #63 (Cover A Xermanico), $3.99
Wonder Woman #63 (Cover B Karmome Shirahama), AR
Wonder Woman By Walter Simonson And Jerry Ordway TP, $16.99


Disney Comics And Stories #3 (Cover A Paolo Campinoti), $5.99
DuckTales Volume 4 Fowl Play TP, $9.99
Ghostbusters Crossing Over TP, $24.99
James Brown Black And Proud HC, $24.99
Night Moves #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Chris Burnham), $3.99
Night Moves #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Chris Burnham Black & White Variant), AR
Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Troy Little), $4.99
Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Troy Little), $4.99
Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons #4 (Of 4)(Cover C Mike Vasquez), AR
Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons #4 (Of 4)(Cover D Tess Fowler), AR
Star Trek IDW 20/20 #1 (Cover A J. K. Woodward), $4.99
Star Trek IDW 20/20 #1 (Cover B Gabriel Rodriguez), AR
Star Trek The Q Conflict #1 (Of 6)(Cover A David Messina), $3.99
Star Trek The Q Conflict #1 (Of 6)(Cover B David Messina), $3.99
Star Trek The Q Conflict #1 (Of 6)(Cover C George Caltsoudas), AR
Star Trek The Q Conflict #1 (Of 6)(Cover D J. K. Woodward), AR
Star Wars Adventures #17 (Cover A Valentina Pinto), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #17 (Cover B Arianna Florean), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #17 (Cover C Nicoletta Baldari), AR
Steve Canyon Volume 9 1963-1964 HC, $49.99
Sword Of Ages HC, $24.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #9 (Cover A Frank Fosco), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #9 (Cover B Frank Fosco & Erik Larsen), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #9 (Cover C Kevin Eastman), AR
Transformers Lost Light Volume 4 TP, $19.99
Uncle Scrooge #41 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello), $3.99
Uncle Scrooge #41 (Cover B Marco Mazzarello), AR


Cyber Force #8, $3.99
Ice Cream Man #9 (Cover A Martin Morazzo & Chris O'Halloran), $3.99
Ice Cream Man #9 (Cover B Kyle Smart), $3.99
Infinite Dark #4, $3.99
Man-Eaters #5 (Cover A Lia Miternique), $3.99
Man-Eaters #5 (Cover B Lia Miternique), $3.99
New Lieutenants Of Metal TP, $12.99
Redlands #10, $3.99
Shanghai Red TP, $16.99
Skyward #10, $3.99
Spawn #293 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $2.99
Spawn #293 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Virgin Variant), $2.99
Spawn #293 (Cover C Todd McFarlane & Francesco Mattina Black & White Variant), $2.99
Witchblade #11, $3.99

Age Of X-Man Alpha #1 (Cover A Phil Noto), $4.99
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Cover A Ryan Ottley), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Cover B Greg Land Conan Vs Marvel Villains Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Cover C Gerald Parel Guardians Of The Galaxy Variant), AR
Avengers #11 (Ed McGuinness 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Black Panther Vs Deadpool #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Ryan Benjamin & Rain Beredo), $3.99
Black Panther Vs Deadpool #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Ricardo Lopez Ortiz), AR
Captain America #7 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99
Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau TP (Direct Market Edition), $34.99
Color Your Own Captain Marvel TP, $9.99
Dead Man Logan #3 (Of 12)(Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Dead Man Logan #3 (Of 12)(Cover B Ryan Benjamin), AR
Doctor Strange #10 (Cover A Jesus Saiz), $5.99
Exiles #12, $3.99
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #1 (Cover A Mike McKone), $3.99
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #1 (Cover B Superlog), AR
Journey Into Unknown Worlds #1 (Cover C Javier Garron Young Guns Variant), AR
Man Without Fear #5 (Cover A Kyle Hotz), $3.99
Man Without Fear #5 (Cover B Gerardo Zaffino), AR
Man Without Fear #5 (Cover C Giuseppe Camuncoli Connecting Variant), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Geoff Shaw), $4.99
Marvel Knights Punisher By Golden Sniegoski And Wrightson Purgatory TP, $24.99
Marvel Previews Volume 4 #19 (February 2019), $1.25
Marvel Universe Time And Again TP, $24.99
Ms. Marvel #37 (Cover A Valerio Schiti), $3.99
Ms. Marvel #37 (Cover B Jamie McKelvie), AR
New X-Men Childhood's End The Complete Collection TP, $39.99
Punisher #7, $3.99
Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #4 (Of 7)(Cover A Phil Noto), $3.99
Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #4 (Of 7)(Cover B Yasmine Putri), AR
Spider-Man Deadpool #45, $3.99
Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Year One TP (New Printing), $15.99
Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith Volume 4 Fortress Vader TP, $19.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #28 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $3.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #28 (Cover B Greg Land Greatest Moments Variant), AR
True Believers Conan Resurrection #1, $1.00
True Believers What If Conan The Barbarian Walked The Earth Today #1, $1.00
Uncanny X-Men #4 (Pere Perez 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Uncanny X-Men 3D #1, $7.99
Unstoppable Wasp #4, $3.99
Venom #9 (Ryan Stegman 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Weapon H #12, $3.99
Weapon X Volume 5 Weapon X-Force TP, $17.99
West Coast Avengers #7, $3.99
X-Force #2 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $3.99
X-Men Unstoppable TP, $39.99

Come and get 'em

Action Comics #1007
By:Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Epting
The Kobra Cult conspiracy ensnares Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen, drawing the attention of the Man of Steel. But be careful, Superman-there's more lurking in the shadows of Metropolis than just a snake cult.

Age of X-man Alpha #1
By:Zac Thompson, Ramon Rosanas, Phil Noto, Lonnie Nadler

The age of X-Man dawns... and the X-Men cannot stop it. Rated T+

Amazing Spider-Man #14
By:Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley
You know what's annoying? Having to save J. Jonah Jameson's life.
Sure, he's been on Spidey's side for a little while, but that's after YEARS of him making Spider-Man's life a living heck. I feel like this amount of responsibility should come with even more power.
Anyway, who, other than most of New York, would want to punish J. Jonah Jameson? Rated T

Batgirl #31
By:Mairghread Scott, Paul Pelletier, Stanley Lau, Norm Rapmund
In this issue, it's Batgirl for Congress! Plus, masked assassins and awkward exes! Barbara Gordon volunteers to campaign for an up-and-coming reformer candidate who wants to take on the GCPD. That puts Barbara in a tough spot against her father-police commissioner James Gordon. And just when things couldn't get any more awkward, a former flame reenters Barbara's life. Personal angst and a masked super-villain hunting a mystery target. It's gonna be a long day, Babs.

Captain America #7
By:Ta-Nehisi Coates, Adam Kubert, Alex Ross, Leinil Francis Yu
'FUGITIVE' BEGINS HERE! SUPERSTAR ARTIST ADAM KUBERT JOINS TA-NEHISI COATES FOR THE NEXT DRAMATIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE LIFE OF MARVEL'S SOLDIER SUPREME! Captain America - wanted for murder! And the victim is a familiar face in the Marvel Universe! How? Why? You'll have to read to find out! Rated T+

Doctor Strange #10
By:Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz
DOCTOR STRANGE HITS HIS MILESTONE 400TH ISSUE! Creative team Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz are joined by some of the best DOCTOR STRANGE artists of all time to tell a monumentally strange tale! Someone has been working in the background since the first issue, chipping away at Doctor Strange and other magicians, undercutting and depleting their magic, and the other shoe finally drops. Does Strange stand a chance against someone who can take his magic away with the snap of their fingers? Rated T+

Doctor Who 13th #4
By:Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, Will Brooks, Enrica Eren Angiolini
The time-twisting conclusion of the Thirteenth Doctor's first comic adventure, from Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Faith, Mother Panic, Stranger Things)! Illustrated by award-winning artist Rachael Stott (Doctor Who) and colorist Enrica Angiolini (Shades of Magic)!

Flash #63
By:Joshua Williamson, Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona
It's two against one when Gemini tag-teams the Flash! The threat is doubled for the Scarlet Speedster when Gemini gets their hands on the Strength Force. But where's that leave Powerhouse? She and the Flash must ride or die together in order to get her super-strength back, but they'll have to survive a trip through the Strength Force first. Follow along in the Flash's footsteps on the next leg of his Force Quest!

Flash Annual #2
By:Joshua Williamson, Scott Kolins
A HEROES IN CRISIS tie-in! In Barry's grief and guilt following Wally West's death at Sanctuary, he refuses to divulge the heartbreaking news to the rest of the Flash family until he's searched every corner of the globe for his former partner- including inside the Speed Force itself. But his journey into the heart of all speedster powers inadvertently triggers the release of his long-lost ally Godspeed! And when Godspeed immediately races off to attack Kid Flash Wallace West, Barry must hunt his former friend and check in on his fellow speedsters. What is Godspeed planning and what does he want with the rest of the Flash Family? Can Barry protect everyone after he couldn't save Wally? With a heart-wrenching appearance from Wally's former sidekick, the recently returned Bart Allen, this annual is an absolute can't-miss for all Flash fans!

Heroes in Crisis #5 (of 9)
By:Tom King, Clay Mann, Trevor Hairsine
The secrets of the DC Universe are hacked! Sanctuary wasn't supposed to keep records, but now that the A.I. is compromised, superhero secrets are leaking all over the 'Net. Booster and Harley set aside their differences to focus on who they believe is the real killer (assuming one of them isn't lying, that is). Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash continue to investigate the mysterious murderer. The answer can be found in Sanctuary...but is it safe to go digging in the crime scene?

Justice League Annual #1
By:Scott Snyder, Daniel Sampere, Yanick Paquette,
 James TynionIV, Juan Albarran
The Source Wall has degraded too much, and the League must patch the hole right now or the whole Multiverse will collapse! Our heroes scramble for a solution and turn to the only thing that might work: the Omega Titans! The only problem? They killed the Entropy Titan back in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE. Whoops...but never fear! Kyle Rayner, Miss Martian and Steel-from the non-planet-eating Titans team-guest-star with a plan to create a new Entropy Titan...one that's so crazy it just might work.

Justice League Odyssey #5
By:Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Stejpan Sejic
It's Cyborg and Jessica Cruz versus giant battle robots-to the death! To save her teammates, Starfire must absorb the next language in the Codex in order to gain new, dark powers. But this Rosetta Stone could prove dangerous to Kory! And betrayal looms for the Odyssey League when Rapture kidnaps Azrael and offers him a deal that could save the Ghost Sector-as long as he sells out his teammates.

Man Without Fear #5
By:Jed MacKay, Danilo Beyrouth, Kyle Hotz
Daredevil is gone, but Hell's Kitchen is still a place of heroes and villains. Foggy Nelson (issue #1), the Defenders (issue #2), the many loves of Matt Murdock (issue #3), the Kingpin (issue #4) and a mysterious Guardian Devil (issue #5) will all learn what it means to live in a world without a Daredevil. And without a Daredevil to protect it, has hell come for his city? Who is The Man Without Fear?! Rated T+

Ms Marvel #37
By:G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon, Valerio Schiti
MS. MARVEL's past collides with her future!
And as Kamala reacclimates to her powers, new revelations change everything!  Don't miss this key issue in the history of MS. MARVEL! Rated T+

Spider-Man Deadpool #45
By:Robbie Thompson, Jim Towe, Dave Johnson
BLASTAAR! Deadly distraction or maniacal mastermind? Would it be socially acceptable for ME to grow a beard-mane? MYSTERIES ABOUND! One thing's for sure - Spider-Man and Deadpool can't face this threat alone. They're holding out for a Deviant hero! RANSAK! KARKAS! 'NUFF SAID! Rated T+

Teen Titans Annual #1
By:Adam Glass, Ryan Benjamin, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith
Betrayed by the Red Hood, Damian hunts down Jason Todd and vows vengeance-or death! Meanwhile, Djinn and the rest of the Titans battle one of the Other's closest allies-Joy Stick! (Making his DCU debut from the Teen Titans Go! universe.) But when Control Freak learns all of Djinn's most dangerous secrets, Djinn will do anything to keep the Teen Titans from finding out the truth!

Terrifics #12
By:Jeff Lemire, Viktor Bogdanovic, Evan Shaner
The Terrifics disband, but they're going to need to get back together if they're going to save Mr. Terrific from Doc Dread's new team, the Dreadfuls! Plus, Rex Mason takes a huge plunge, Phantom Girl bolts Bgztl and Plastic Man stretches out the family drama with his son Luke, who's struggling with his own super-elastic powers. Will our heroes reunite in time to save Mr. Terrific-from an evil version of themselves?!

Unstoppable Wasp #4
By:Jeremy Whitley, Gurihiru, Stacy Lee
G.I.R.L. has just been handed its first major defeat by a new branch of A.I.M., which broke into the lab to steal research, inventions and ideas - and worse yet, left both Wasps and the young scientists in their care battered and bruised. With the villains of A.I.M. on the loose, how can Nadia and her team even feel safe in their own lab? Nadia is on the case with only one mission in mind: FIX EVERYTHING. Rated T+

Weapon H #12
By:Greg Pak, Guiu Vilanova, Philip Tan, Romulo Fajardo
WEAPON H VS. THE MINOTAUR! It's no secret that Roxxon Corporation is run by a monster. But Weapon H is about to find out how literal that is. With Morgan Le Fay gone wild and Roxxon's resources in peril, Dario Agger gets personally involved - and that's bad news for Clay and his team! Not to mention the wife and family he left behind on Earth... Rated T+

West Coast Avengers #7
By:Kelly Thompson, Daniele Di Nicuolo,
 Eduard Petrovich,  Stefano Caselli
NOH-VARR? NO WAY! Marvel Boy is back, and the timing couldn't be worse for Kate Bishop. Her relationship with Fuse is looking shaky, and the last thing she wants is her very hot ex hanging around!
Not to mention Kate's former Young Avengers teammate has brought a mountain of trouble to the West Coast! Can Kate clean up after Noh-Varr while keeping him far away from her love life? Read on, True Believers! Rated T

X-force #2
By:Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Pepe Larraz
X-Force has been framed for murder! And in order to clear their names, they must reluctantly team up with the young Cable and Deathlok. But will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to stop a mutant genocide?! Parental Advisory