Volume 9 Issue 2 January 9, 2019

Wild Time Hot Picks!

Green Lantern #3
Green Arrow #48
Captain Marvel #1
Young Justice #1

Hey Folks ,
It's a great start to the year with this week's New crop of comics.
The fun cross-over Archie meets Batman '66 wraps up as does Batman Kings of fears and there's a new issue of Batman to boot.
Avengers, Black Order, Thor, Punisher, Spider-Gwen, DareDevil Man without Fear X-23 and Uncanny X-Men are just some of Marvels offerings this week 
while DC brings Catwoman, Justice League, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Green arrow, and Deathstroke among others.
Don't miss this incredible week of New Comics.

Randy and the Wild Time Crew

New Releases

Aliens Dust To Dust #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Gabriel Hardman), $3.99
Aliens Dust To Dust #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Carlos D'Anda), $3.99
God Of War #3 (Of 4), $3.99
Joe Golem Occult Detective The Drowning City #5 (Of 5), $3.99
LaGuardia #2, $4.99
Modern Fantasy TP, $14.99
Predator Hunters II #4, $3.99
Tom Clancy's The Division Extremis Malis #1, $3.99
Tomb Raider Volume 4 Inferno TP, $17.99
William Gibson's Alien 3 #3 (Cover A Johnnie Christmas), $3.99
William Gibson's Alien 3 #3 (Cover B William Johnson), $3.99

Adventures Of The Super Sons #6 (Of 12), $3.99
Batman #62 (Cover A Mitch Gerads), $3.99
Batman #62 (Cover B Frank Miller), AR
Batman Kings Of Fear #6 (Of 6), $3.99
Curse Of Brimstone #10, $2.99
Deathstroke #39 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $3.99
Deathstroke #39 (Cover B Dave Johnson), AR
Dreaming #5, $3.99
Green Arrow #48 (Cover A Kevin Nowlan), $3.99
Green Arrow #48 (Cover B Neal Adams), AR
Green Lantern #3 (Cover A Liam Sharp), $3.99
Green Lantern #3 (Cover B Jae Lee), AR
Harley Quinn #57 (Cover A Guillem March), $3.99
Harley Quinn #57 (Cover B Julian Totino Tedesco), AR
Harley Quinn The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC, $34.99
Hellblazer Volume 20 Systems Of Control TP, $24.99
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four The Complete Collection TP, $29.99
Justice League #15 (Cover A Jim Cheung), $3.99
Justice League #15 (Cover B Will Conrad), AR
Martian Manhunter #2 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo), $3.99
Martian Manhunter #2 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton), AR
Nightwing #56 (Cover A Chris Mooneyham), $3.99
Nightwing #56 (Cover B Otto Schmidt), AR
Shade The Changing Woman TP, $16.99
Suicide Squad Black Files #3 (Of 6), $4.99
Unexpected #8, $2.99
United States Vs Murder Inc #5 (Of 6), $3.99
Young Justice #1 (Cover A Patrick Gleason), $4.99
Young Justice #1 (Cover B Patrick Gleason Black & White Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover C Amy Reeder Amethyst Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover D Derrick Chew Impulse Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover E Yasmine Putri Robin Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover F Jorge Jimenez Superboy Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover G Evan Doc Shaner Wonder Girl Variant), AR
Young Justice #1 (Cover H Blank Variant), AR


Atomic Robo And The Dawn Of A New Era #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Scott Wegener), $3.99
Atomic Robo And The Dawn Of A New Era #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Thom Zahler), $3.99
Bubba Ho-Tep And The Cosmic Blood-Suckers #5 (Cover A Baldemar Rivas), $3.99
Bubba Ho-Tep And The Cosmic Blood-Suckers #5 (Cover B Tadd Galusha), $3.99
Bubba Ho-Tep And The Cosmic Blood-Suckers #5
 (Cover C Baldemar Rivas Black & White Variant), AR
Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 25 HC, $44.99 
Dread Gods TP, $17.99
DuckTales #16 (Cover A Marco Ghiglione & Cristina Stella), $3.99
DuckTales #16 (Cover B Marco Ghiglione & Cristina Stella), $3.99
Euthanauts #5 (Cover A Nick Robles), $3.99
Euthanauts #5 (Cover B Marley Zarcone), $3.99
Euthanauts #5 (Cover C Nick Robles), AR
House Amok #4 (Cover A Shawn McManus), $3.99
House Amok #4 (Cover B Dilraj Mann), $3.99
House Amok #4 (Cover C Shawn McManus Black & White Variant), AR
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4 The Tempest #4 (Cover A Kevin O'Neill), $4.99
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4 The Tempest #4 (Cover A Kevin O'Neill), AR
Lodger #3 (Cover A David Lapham), $3.99
Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection TP, $24.99
My Little Pony The Crystalling TP, $7.99
Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #3 (Of 3)(Cover A Derek Charm), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #3 (Of 3)(Cover B Jon Sommariva), AR
Unknown Anti-War Comics HC, $29.99


Auntie Agatha's Home For Wayward Rabbits #3 (Of 6), $3.99
Birthright #35, $3.99
Bitter Root #3 (Cover A Sanford Greene), $3.99
Bitter Root #3 (Cover B Skottie Young), $3.99
Bitter Root #3 (Cover C Larry Stroman), $3.99
Bitter Root #3 (Cover D Mikia Soto), $3.99
Blackbird #4 (Cover A Jen Bartel), $3.99
Blackbird #4 (Cover B Sana Takeda), $3.99
Bully Wars #5 (Cover A Aaron Conley), $3.99
Bully Wars #5 (Cover B Skottie Young), $3.99
Cemetery Beach #5 (Of 7)(Cover A Jason Howard), $3.99
Cemetery Beach #5 (Of 7)(Cover B Jason Howard), $3.99
Creature Tech GN (New Edition), $14.99
Criminal #1, $3.99
Curse Words #19 (Cover A Ryan Browne), $3.99
Curse Words #19 (Cover B Ryan Browne Levitation Variant), $3.99
Curse Words #19 (Cover C Ryan Browne Hero Initiative Variant), $3.99
Die #1 (Stephanie Hans 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Die #2 (Cover A Stephanie Hans), $3.99
Die #2 (Cover B Jana Schirmer), $3.99
Eclipse Volume 3 TP, $16.99
Freeze #2, $3.99
Gunning For Hits #1, $3.99
Hit-Girl #12 (Cover A Rafael Albuquerque), $3.99
Hit-Girl #12 (Cover B Rafael Albuquerque Black & White Variant), $3.99
Hit-Girl #12 (Cover C Claire Roe), $3.99
Kick-Ass #11 (Cover A Marcelo Frusin), $3.99
Kick-Ass #11 (Cover B Marcelo Frusin Black & White Variant), $3.99
Kick-Ass #11 (Cover C Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Last Siege #8 (Of 8)(Cover A Justin Greenwood), $3.99
Last Siege #8 (Of 8)(Cover B Tom Neely), $3.99
Murder Falcon #4 (Cover A Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer), $3.99
Murder Falcon #4 (Cover B Ryan Ottley & Cliff Rathburn Heavy Metal Variant), $3.99
Oblivion Song By Kirkman And De Felici #11, $3.99
Outer Darkness #3, $3.99
Prodigy #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Rafael Albuquerque), $3.99
Prodigy #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Rafael Albuquerque Black & White Variant), $3.99
Prodigy #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Travis Charest), $3.99
Rose #16 (Cover A Ig Guara), $3.99
Rose #16 (Cover B Jon Lam(, $3.99
Rose #16 (Cover C Mike Krome), $3.99
Self Made #2, $3.99
Sleepless #11, $3.99
Stellar TP, $16.99

Astonishing X-Men By Matt Rosenberg Until Our Hearts Stop TP, $17.99
Avengers #12 (Cover A Alan Davis), $3.99
Avengers #12 (Cover B Phil Noto Marvel 80th Anniversary Variant), AR
Avengers #12 (Cover C Marvel Rising Action Doll Homage Variant), AR
Black Order #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Philip Tan), $3.99
Black Order #3 (Of 5)(Cover B John Tyler Christopher), AR
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover A Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts), $4.99
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover B Alex Ross), AR
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover C Lauren Tsai), AR
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover D Adam Hughes), AR
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover E Adam Hughes Virgin Variant), AR
Captain Marvel #1 (Cover F Movie Variant), AR
Daredevil #612 (Phil Noto 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99
Domino #10, $3.99
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover A Andrew C. Robinson), $4.99
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover C Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Variant), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover D Juan Cabal), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover E Joe Jusko), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover F John Romita Sr. Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover G Game Variant), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover H Animation Variant), AR
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Cover I Blank Variant), AR
Iceman #5 (Of 5), $3.99
Ironheart #1 (Luciano Vecchio 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99
Man Without Fear #2 (Cover A Kyle Hotz), $3.99
Man Without Fear #2 (Cover B Greg Smallwood), AR
Man Without Fear #2 (Cover C Giuseppe Camuncoli Connecting Variant), AR
Marvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 4 HC (Book Market Edition), $75.00
Marvel Masterworks Marvel Team-Up Volume 4 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 269), $75.00
Marvel Presents #3 (Facsimile Edition), $3.99
Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain Marvel TP, $9.99
Marvel's Avengers Endgame Prelude #2 (Of 3), $3.99
Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 (Cover A Marco D'Alfonso), $3.99
Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 (Cover B Sana Takeda), AR
Ms. Marvel Epic Collection Volume 1 This Woman This Warrior TP, $34.99
Punisher #6, $3.99
Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #4 (Cover A Bengal), $3.99
Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #4 (Cover B Goran Parlov Conan Vs Marvel Villains Variant), AR
Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #4 (Cover C Bobby Rubio Guardians Of The Galaxy Variant), AR
Star Wars #59 (Cover A Jamal Campbell), $3.99
Star Wars #59 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Star Wars #59 (Cover C Leinil Francis Yu Greatest Moments Variant), AR
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover A Paolo Rivera), $3.99
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover B In-Hyuk Lee), AR
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover C Concept Design Variant), AR
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover D Leinil Francis Yu Villains Variant), AR
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover E Mike McKone Puzzle Piece Variant), AR
Star Wars Age Of Republic Jango Fett #1 (Cover F Movie Variant), AR
Star Wars Doctor Aphra Volume 4 The Catastrophe Con TP, $17.99
Thor #9 (Cover A Michael Del Mundo), $3.99
Thor #9 (Cover B Phil Noto Marvel 80th Anniversary Variant), AR
Thor #9 (Cover C Greg Smallwood Conan Vs Marvel Villains Variant), AR
True Believers Conan Swords In The Night #1, $1.00
True Believers Conan The Devil-God Of Bal-Sagoth #1, $1.00
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #40, $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #9 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli), $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #9 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Web Of Venom Unleashed #1 (Cover A Ryan Stegman), $4.99
Web Of Venom Unleashed #1 (Cover B Nick Bradshaw), AR
Wolverine Old Man Logan Volume 10 End Of The World TP, $17.99
X-23 #8 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $3.99
X-23 #8 (Cover B Dale Keown Guardians Of The Galaxy Variant), AR
X-23 Volume 1 Family Album TP, $17.99

Come and get 'em

Adventures of the Super Sons #6 (of 12)
By:Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Godlewski, Dan Mora
The Super Sons are lost in time and space! On the run from the Gang and trapped on the Planet of Secrets and Mystery, Superboy and Robin have lost everything and gotten a glimpse of how their tomorrows may end. When the planet's mysterious creator returns for his broken creation, the boys find out that tomorrow sucks as much as yesterday!

Avengers #12
By:Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Alan Davis
FEATURING THE IRON FIST OF 1,000,000 BC! ANDREA SORRENTINO JOINS SERIES WRITER JASON AARON another flashback tale of the Prehistoric Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Meet the primordial woman who was the first to harness the power of the heart of the dragon Shou-Lao, becoming the very first Iron Fist. Rated T+

Batman #62
By:Tom King, Travis Moore, Tony S. Daniel
What happened to the boy who wanted to be Bruce Wayne? The young criminal mastermind orchestrate his own parents' deaths to emulate his hero and was carted off to Arkham when Batman exposed his crimes, but that is not the end of the story. Tom King reteams with NIGHTWING artist Travis Moore to create a sequel to their masterpiece of dark horror from BATMAN #38.

Batman Kings of Fear #6 (of 6)
By:Scott Peterson, Kelley Jones
The epic finale! Batman must battle Scarecrow and his own mind to save Gotham City. If he doesn't, Scarecrow will turn Gotham and everything else Batman believes in into a nightmarish hellscape!

Captain Marvel #1
By:Kelly Thompson, Carmen Nunez Carnero,
 Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts
ALL THE STARS ALIGN AS KELLY THOMPSON AND CARMEN CARNERO TAKE ON MARVEL'S PREMIER FEMALE SUPER HERO! As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has spent months in space protecting Earth from alien threats big and small, but now it's time for Earth's mightiest hero to come home. New York City has never looked so good. But every re-entry comes with the unexpected, and Carol is about to hit a whole lot of unexpected. It's a fresh start and an oversized, star-studded welcome home for a hero who's been punching the glass ceiling since the 1970s - and just in time for the first female-led film from Marvel Studios! The next 50 years of Captain Marvel starts here! Rated T+

Deathstroke #39
By:Christopher Priest, Fernando Pasarin, Tyler Kirkham
Slade is back in Arkham after his Zeta Beam jaunt to the planet Pulor...but did he ever actually leave? Is the alien invasion just a delusion? And who is this faux Deathstroke running around? A deep dive into Slade's psyche, just in time to watch him lose his mind!

Domino #10
By:Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Gang Hyuk Lim, Gang Hyuk
GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You saw her on the silver screen, now Domino's live and direct from the Mojoverse! Can you guess which special guest is along for the ride? The answer's a real long shot... Parental Advisory

Green Arrow #48
By:Collin Kelly, Javi Fernandez, Kevin Nowlan, Jackson Lanzing
Count Vertigo stages a jailbreak and turns Seattle into a surrealist maelstrom that threatens to consume the entire city. But when Ollie learns Vertigo's true motivations, the Emerald Archer's fragile psyche will be ripped to shreds. Is Ollie throwing himself into the hero game because of a death wish? Not if Black Canary has anything to sing about it.

Harley Quinn #57
By:Sam Humphries, John Timms, Guillem March
There's been a murder in Gotham City, and all evidence points to just one suspect: Harley Quinn! Batman hunts Harley down on Coney Island, where they come to blows...but did she actually do the crime? Meanwhile, the Trials of Harley Quinn begin! The Lords of Order and Chaos send their harbinger Mirand'r-the ghost of a young, Earth-obsessed Tamaranean-to find a champion to complete their seven trials and become the Lords' archangel of retribution...and Harley Quinn is their new contender!

Iceman #5 (of 5)
By:Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman, W. Scott Forbes
Iceman vs. Mr. Sinister, winner takes all!
Mr. Sinister finally has Iceman where he wants him.
But Iceman isn't out for the count yet, as everything Bobby has learned has led up to this moment! Rated T+

Justice League #15
By:James Tynion IV, Jim Cheung, James TynionIV, Scott Snyder
Hawk fight! Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl clash with Shayera Hol (also a Hawkgirl) when the League trio tries to break into a secret vault deep within Thanagar Prime-and the feathers are gonna fly! Speaking of secrets, M.M. learns one about himself and Lex Luthor, as related to him by the Martian Keep, guardian of all Martian wisdom and history. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must stop Starman from going nova.

Martian Manhunter #2 (of 12)
By:Steve Orlando, Riley Rossmo
Return to Mars in the days before its doom to see the love affair of J'onn and M'yri'ah...and a Martian coming-of-age ritual you'll NEVER forget! All of these painful memories J'onn carries with him to his new life on Earth...but first he's gotta survive the pain of a car crash, being set on fire and accidentally revealing his true form to his detective partner! Did we mention she's heavily armed?

Punisher #6
By:Matthew Rosenberg, Szymon Kudranski, Greg Smallwood
BAGALIA BOUND! The Punisher is extradited to the worst place imaginable...Bagalia! Hydra Nation itself!  Frank's been in prison before, but he's about to enter a prison on an island full of bad guys... As Frank enters the lion's den, Zemo makes his move. Parental Advisory

Thor #9
By:Jason Aaron, Michael Del Mundo
MEET EARTH'S NEWEST DEFENDER: ROZ SOLOMON! With S.H.I.E.L.D. gone, Roz Solomon has been left adrift in a world full of homeless gods and mislaid hammers. Now this Asgardian ally is about to take on a surprising new role - and make a million new enemies. For the War of the Realms is coming...and the invasion of Earth may have already begun. Cue the Frost Giants! Rated T+

Uncanny X-Men #9
By:Ed Brisson, Yildiray Cinar, Giuseppe Camuncoli,
 R. B. Silva, Elizabeth Torque

From the Age of Apocalypse to the end of the X-Men...and the dawn of the AGE OF X-MAN??? Rated T+

Web of Venom Unleashed #1
By:Ryan Stegman, Kyle Hotz
From the illustrator of the blockbuster series of the summer comes the next epic installment in the WEB OF VENOM - a journey from the symbiote's perspective through Eddie's old haunts in San Francisco. It might not like what it finds... Rated T+

Young Justice #1
By:Brian Michael Bendis, Patrick Gleason
Superboy! Wonder Girl! Robin! Impulse! Amethyst! They're all united in YOUNG JUSTICE #1, the debut issue of a brand-new series that also introduces new heroes Teen Lantern and Jinny Hex! When the nightmare dimension known as Gemworld invades Metropolis, these teen heroes reunite to deal with the situation-but they're shocked to discover the battle may be the key to the return of Conner Kent, a.k.a. Superboy! This mix of fan favorites and new legacy heroes will be the center point for some of the biggest goings-on at DC! As if that weren't enough, Bendis reunites with all-star artist Patrick Gleason (SUPERMAN, ACTION COMICS, GREEN LANTERN CORPS) to bring the new heroes of DC's Wonder Comics to life!