Volume 8 Issue 45 November 7, 2018

Wild Time Hot Picks!

Doctor Who 13th #1
X-23 #6
Justice League 311
Batman #58

Hey Folks ,
20 years. It's been 20 years since marvel launched it's Marvel Knights sub imprint and now it's back with a vengeance.  A new 6 issue mini begins this week with a darker edge following DareDevil, Hulk, Punisher and others in celebration of the legendary imprint founded by Marvel's CCO Joe Quesada now headed by Donny Cates.  
GREEN LANTERN by Grant Morrison launches this week setting off a new run that's not to be missed.
Marvel's Infinity Wars revs up with it's penultimate issue #5.
Doctor Who 13th brings the new female form doctor to the comics for an ongoing run. 
Batman, Deadpool, X-Men Red, Kick Ass, Immortal Hulk, Justice League, Harley Quinn, Doctor Strange, Spawn, Walking Dead, Umbrella Academy and more slide in this week for the usual great reading experience. 
Lots of great choices this week so check below for all the info.

Randy and the Wild Time Crew

New Releases

Death Orb #2, $3.99
Disney Classics Treasure Island Starring Mickey Mouse TP, $10.99
Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #2 (Cover A Gabriel Ba), $3.99
Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #2 (Cover B Gabriel Ba), $3.99

Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 3 HC, $125.00
Adventures Of The Super Sons #4 (Of 12), $3.99
Batman #58 (Cover A Mikel Janin), $3.99
Batman #58 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), AR
Batman And Robin Bad Blood Essential Edition TP, $24.99
Batman Sins Of The Father TP, $16.99
Batman The Gates Of Gotham Deluxe Edition HC, $29.99
Border Town #3, $3.99
Crisis On Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC, $75.00
Curse Of Brimstone #8, $2.99
Deathstroke #37 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $3.99
Deathstroke #37 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), AR
Dreaming #3, $3.99
Gotham City Garage Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Green Arrow #46 (Cover A Alex Maleev), $3.99
Green Arrow #46 (Cover B Kaare Andrews), AR
Green Lantern #1 (Cover A Liam Sharp), $4.99
Green Lantern #1 (Cover B Frank Quitely), AR
Green Lantern #1 (Cover C Blank Variant), AR
Green Lantern #1 (Cover D Liam Sharp Midnight Release Variant), AR
Harley Quinn #53 (Cover A Guillem March), $3.99
Harley Quinn #53 (Cover B Frank Cho), AR
John Constantine Hellblazer 30th Anniversary Edition HC, $39.99
Justice League #11 (Cover A Francis Manapul), $3.99
Justice League #11 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Aquaman Movie Variant), AR
Justice League The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC, $34.99
Mother Panic Gotham A.D. TP, $16.99
Nightwing #50 (Chris Mooneyham 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Nightwing #52 (Cover A Mike Perkins), $3.99
Nightwing #52 (Cover B Karmome Shirahama), AR
Sideways Annual #1, $4.99
Suicide Squad Black Files #1 (Of 6), $4.99
Unexpected #6, $2.99
United States Vs Murder Inc #3 (Of 6), $3.99
Very DC Rebirth Holiday Sequel TP, $16.99
Wonder Woman The Golden Age Omnibus Volume 3 HC, $125.00


Back To The Future The Heavy Collection Volume 1 TP, $29.99
Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 15 HC, $49.99
Disney Afternoon Giant #1 (Cover A James Silvani), $5.99
DuckTales #14 (Cover A Giuseppe Fontana), $3.99
DuckTales #14 (Cover B Marco Ghiglione), $3.99
Ghostbusters Spectral Shenanigans Volume 1 TP, $29.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #72 (Cover A Agnes Garbowska), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #72 (Cover B Sara Richard), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #72 (Cover C Sweeney Boo), AR
Road Of The Dead Highway To Hell #1 (Cover A Santiperez), $4.99
Road Of The Dead Highway To Hell #1 (Cover B Drew Moss), $4.99
Road Of The Dead Highway To Hell #1 (Cover C Santiperez), AR
Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Derek Charm), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Jon Sommariva), AR
Star Wars Adventures Volume 4 Smuggler's Blues TP, $9.99
Transformers Lost Light #25 (Cover A Jack Lawrence), $4.99
Transformers Lost Light #25 (Cover B Nick Roche), $4.99
Transformers Lost Light #25 (Cover C Alex Milne), AR
Uncle Scrooge My First Millions #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Marco Mazzarello), $3.99
Uncle Scrooge My First Millions #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Marco Gervasio), AR


Auntie Agatha's Home For Wayward Rabbits #1 (Of 6), $3.99
Bingo Love Volume 1 Jackpot Edition TP, $14.99
Blackbird #1 (Jen Bartel 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Blackbird #2 (Cover A Jen Bartel), $3.99
Blackbird #2 (Cover B Helen Chen), $3.99
Bully Wars #3 (Cover A Aaron Conley), $3.99
Bully Wars #3 (Cover B Skottie Young), $3.99
Crowded #4 (Cover A Ro Stein/Ted Brandt/Triona Farrell), $3.99
Crowded #4 (Cover B Claire Roe), $3.99
Dead Rabbit #2 (Cover A John McCrea), $3.99
Dead Rabbit #2 (Cover B David O'Sullivan), $3.99
Eclipse #12, $3.99
Errand Boys #2 (Of 5), $3.99
Farmhand #5, $3.99
Kick-Ass #9 (Cover A Marcelo Frusin), $3.99
Kick-Ass #9 (Cover B Marcelo Frusin), $3.99
Kick-Ass #9 (Cover C Christian Ward), $3.99
Last Siege #6 (Of 8)(Cover A Justin Greenwood), $3.99
Last Siege #6 (Of 8)(Cover B Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Leviathan #3 (Cover A Nick Pitarra & Michael Garland), $3.99
Leviathan #3 (Cover B Tradd Moore), $3.99
Mirenda Volume 1 TP, $17.99
Norroway Volume 1 The Black Bull Of Norroway GN, $14.99
Outer Darkness #1 (Cover A Afu Chan), $3.99
Outer Darkness #1 (Cover B Afu Chan Virgin Variant), $3.99
Outpost Zero Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Redlands #8, $3.99
Seven To Eternity #12 (Cover A Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth), $3.99
Seven To Eternity #12 (Cover B Daniel Warren Johnson), $3.99
Solid State Signed Edition HC, $29.99
Spawn #291 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $2.99
Spawn #291 (Cover B Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane), $2.99
Street Angel Vs Ninjatech HC, $19.99
Walking Dead #185 (Cover A Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart), $3.99
Walking Dead #185 (Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz 15th Anniversary Variant), $3.99
Wicked + The Divine The Funnies #1 (One Shot)(Cover A Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson), $3.99
Wicked + The Divine The Funnies #1 (One Shot)(Cover B Margaux Saltel), $3.99
Witchblade #9, $3.99

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Ryan Ottley 3rd Printing Variant Cover), $5.99
Amazing Spider-Man #3 (Ryan Ottley 3rd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #4 (Ryan Ottley 3rd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #6 (Humberto Ramos 2nd Printing Variant Cover) , $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #7 (Humberto Ramos 2nd Printing Variant Cover) , $3.99
Ant-Man And The Wasp Lost And Found TP, $15.99
Asgardians Of The Galaxy #2 (Matteo Lolli 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Asgardians Of The Galaxy #3, $3.99
Champions #26 (Cover A Sean Izaakse), $3.99
Champions #26 (Cover B Rob Liefeld Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
Champions Volume 4 Northern Lights TP, $15.99
Deadpool #6 (Cover A Nic Klein), $3.99
Deadpool #6 (Cover B Salvador Larroca Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
Death Of The Inhumans #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Kaare Andrews), $3.99
Death Of The Inhumans #5 (Of 5)(Cover B Mike Del Mundo Young Guns Variant F), AR
Doctor Strange #7 (Cover A Kevin Nowlan), $3.99
Doctor Strange #7 (Cover B John Cassaday Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
Domino Volume 1 Killer Instinct TP, $17.99
Iceman #3 (Of 5), $3.99
Immortal Hulk #8 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99
Immortal Hulk #8 (Cover B Carlos Pacheco Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
Infinity Wars #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Mike Deodato Jr.), $4.99
Infinity Wars #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Javi Garron Connecting Variant E), AR
Infinity Wars #5 (Of 6)(Cover C David Marquez Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
Infinity Wars #5 (Of 6)(Cover C Ron Lim), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Geoff Shaw), $4.99
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Mike Deodato Jr. Teaser Variant), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover C Jae Lee), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover D Joe Quesada Wraparound Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover E Joe Quesada Wraparound Black & White Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover F Kaare Andrews Connecting Variant A), AR
Marvel Knights 20th #1 (Of 6)(Cover G David Mack), AR
Marvel Knights By Joe Quesada Omnibus HC, $100.00
Marvel Rising TP, $9.99
Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain Marvel Mealtime Mayhem #1, $3.99
Marvel's Avengers Infinity War The Art Of The Movie HC, $50.00
Runaways #15 (Cover A Kris Anka), $3.99
Runaways #15 (Cover B TV Variant), AR
Shatterstar #2 (Of 5), $3.99
Spider-Geddon #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Jorge Molina), $3.99
Spider-Geddon #3 (Of 5)(Cover B In-Hyuk Lee Connecting Variant C), $3.99
Spider-Geddon #3 (Of 5)(Cover C Elizabeth Torque), AR
Spider-Geddon #3 (Of 5)(Cover D Mike Hawthorne), AR
Star Wars #56 (Cover A Jamal Campbell), $3.99
Star Wars #56 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Star Wars #56 (Cover C Rod Reis Galactic Icon Variant), AR
Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 (Of 5)(Cover A David Nakayama), $3.99
Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Elsa Charretier), AR
Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Luke Ross), AR
Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Movie Variant), AR
Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing TP, $15.99
Star Wars The Last Jedi Adaptation TP, $17.99
Typhoid Fever X-Men #1 (Cover A R. B. Silva), $4.99
Typhoid Fever X-Men #1 (Cover B Marcos Martin), AR
Typhoid Fever X-Men #1 (Cover C Marcos Martin Connecting Variant B), AR
Venom #3 (Ryan Stegman 4th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Venom #7 (Ryan Stegman 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Weapon X #25, $3.99
What If? X-Men #1 (Rahzzah 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
X-23 #6 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $3.99
X-23 #6 (Cover B Terry Dodson Uncanny X-Men Variant), AR
X-Men Black Magneto #1 (J. Scott Campbell 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99
X-Men Mutant Massacre Omnibus HC, $100.00
X-Men Red #10, $3.99

Come and get 'em

Asgardians of the Galaxy #3
By:Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli, Dale Keown
STORM OF THE DEAD! Nebula unleashes a Thor of nightmares! Hordes of Asgardian dead ravage the Shi'ar Empire! The galaxy is falling to Nebula and her Naglfar Armada - and so far Angela's ragtag team is powerless to stop her. But there is a debt to be paid and lives to be saved. The Asgardians of the Galaxy grow desperate as Nebula carves a bloody path to her revenge! Rated T+

Batman #58
By:Tom King, Mikel Janin
The Dark Knight waddles into a turf war with the Penguin! Still reeling from the attacks on his Bat-Family and reputation, the Caped Crusader looks to track down the mysterious operator lurking behind the scenes in Gotham City. As the hunt rages on, Batman runs 'a fowl' of Oswald Cobblepot. But the Penguin is on Batman's side for once, and the crime boss sees dangerous things on the horizon. How can he convince the Caped Crusader he's on the level?

Deadpool #6
By:Skottie Young, Scott Hepburn, Nic Klein
TEARS OF A CLOWN! The Merc with the Mouth is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Despite plenty of naturally occurring double entendres, crazy violence and adult situations, Deadpool just cannot get his mojo back. Is Deadpool just having a bad day or is it something...more? Parental Advisory

Doctor Strange #7
By:Mark Waid, Javier Pina, Kevin Nowlan
Stephen Strange is back on Earth, and he knows how to build his own arsenal.
He'll need it! His troubles continued growing while he was gone, and while he's using magic to solve them... He'll need it to fight... himself? It's Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Strange! Rated T+

Doctor Who 13th #1
By:Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, Enrica Eren Angiolini
The Doctor regenerates into her most thrilling incarnation yet - played by Jodie Whittaker, and traveling alongside three brand new companions: Graham (Bradley Walsh), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Ryan (Tosin Cole)! Experience mind-blowing challenges and dynamic adventures through time and space - right alongside the Doctor and her friends! A new series for a new era on the TARDIS, from a creative team of astounding women - Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Faith, Mother Panic, Star Wars: Rogue One, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Orphan Black, The X-Files: Origins), art by Rachael Stott (Doctor Who, Motherlands, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes) and colors from Enrica Angiolini (Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince, Warhammer 40,000)! Commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime regeneration with thirteen variant covers, from a variety of astounding women comics artists!

Harley Quinn #53
By:Sam Humphries, Neil Googe, Guillem March
Harley and failed Female Fury Petite Tina go road-tripping! With their lives a roaring dumpster fire, Harley and Tina decide to get out of town for a mini-vacay, and wind up driving each other crazy instead. An unplanned detour leads them to run afoul of a new baddie called Minor Disaster, whose so-called 'Disaster Dial' only causes small calamities such as texting your ex and pooping your pants. Harley and Tina must now put their differences aside to stop Minor Disaster before she spells disaster for them both!

Immortal Hulk #8
By:Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross
Bruce Banner is dead. His corpse has been dissected, his organs catalogued, and his inner workings are being studied by the scientists of Shadow Base. Bruce Banner is no longer a threat. That just leaves the IMMORTAL HULK... Rated T+

Infinity Wars #5 (of 6)
By:Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato

Introducing... Loki's Cosmic Avengers! Rated T+

Justice League #11
By:Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul
'DROWNED EARTH' part two! The Justice League is scattered across the Seven Seas, pursued by the Ocean Lords and their army of alien mercenaries and constantly at risk of turning into fish monsters. You know, just a day at the beach. Their only hope lies in the crippled Aquaman, who believes the road to victory lies in unleashing equally vengeful gods on Earth's oceans. Meanwhile, Batman guards the Totality in the sunken Hall of Justice, where no one can attack him...or can they?

Nightwing #52
By:Ben Percy, Chris Mooneyham, Mike Perkins
Who is Dick Grayson? That's the question haunting him after the devastating injury he suffered in BATMAN #55. Now, as he continues to struggle physically and emotionally, how can he stand against the terrifying 'fear germ' unleashed by the Scarecrow?

Shatterstar #2 (of 5)
By:Tim Seeley, Carlos Villa, Yasmine Putri
With a simple act of violence, Shatterstar's life was turned upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore...except for a pair of double-bladed swords and more bloodshed. So much more BLOODSHED. Rated T+

Sideways Annual #1
By:Dan DiDio, Max Raynor, Andy Kubert, Grant Morrison, Sandra Hope
Sideways unleashes his 'super' secret weapon against Perrus in an effort to free the oppressed people and escape to his home dimension. He'll get some additional help from the newly discovered Seven Soldiers, but only if someone makes a heroic ultimate sacrifice. Plus, a bonus backup story in which Sideways meets the Unseen!!

Spider-Geddon #3 (of 5)
By:Christos Gage, Jorge Molina
One SUPERIOR SPIDER is willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the Inheritors!  Will Miles and his team have to stop him before he goes TOO FAR?
Stand together or fall separately - isn't that how it goes? Rated T

The Green Lantern #1
By:Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp
Superstar writer Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman) returns to DC alongside red-hot artist Liam Sharp (The Brave AND the Bold, Wonder Woman) to launch a new, ongoing series: THE GREEN LANTERN! In this debut issue, when Earth's space cop, Hal Jordan, encounters an alien hiding in plain sight, it sets off a chain of events that rocks the Green Lantern Corps-and quite possibly the Multiverse at large-to its very core. There's an inter-galactic conspiracy afoot, as well as a traitor in the GL Corps' ranks, so strap in for more mind-bending adventures in this masterpiece in the making.

Typhoid Fever X-Men #1
By:Clay Chapman, Will Robson, R. B. Silva
TYPHOID MARY has returned to Hell's Kitchen and taken over the neighborhood's psychiatric hospital, overwhelming Manhattan's most dangerous neighborhood with her unique telekinetic abilities.
When mutants and humans alike get caught in the crossfire, the X-Men have no choice but to intervene... only to square off against THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?! Rated T+

X-23 #6
By:Mariko Tamaki, Georges Duarte, Ashley Witter
BACK TO SCHOOL? Laura and Gabby go undercover as teacher and student to uncover a deadly secret. Will Gabby be teacher's pet? Will Jonathan? Rated T+

X-Men Red #10
By:Tom Taylor, Paolo Villanelli, Jenny Frison
In the aftermath of a showdown between Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova, the rules have changed - and the battle is nowhere near over! It's all hands on deck as the building wave of hatred against mutants crashes down on the X-Men! Rated T+