Wilhelm Hunt Diederich, 1884-1953
Athlete - Javelin
Bronze, 6 ½ H. x 6 W. x 3 D. 
Dark brown patina
Artist's monogram top of base: WHD
Signed underneath base: Hunt Deiderich / 1919

Hunt Diederichs’ sculpture in the round has the same skillful interplay as his unique and identifiable two-dimensional metal and paper cut silhouettes. They are about form, line and movement. His preference was for spirited action: polo players, jockeys, wrestlers, animals playing or struggling. 
The artist often began a work with a small sketch, modeled quickly in wax. He made a number of these quick sketches and had them all about his studio. Sculpture for Diederich was about being light and lineal, an effort of rhythmic contour and expressive silhouette. 
Diederich is perhaps best known for his fine and remarkable decorative arts, which include fire screens, stair rails, weather-vanes, lamps, fountains, gates and other utilitarian objects.   He received acclaim during his lifetime at the Paris Salon, the Whitney, MoMa, and has work in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, Crystal Bridges, and many others.

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