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I’ve always been astonished that America's founders, so long ago, had a better understanding of human nature than we find in our present “advanced” society. They formed a Republic that became the “Shining City on the Hill,” a beacon of freedom for 240 years, but one that is now seeing our cities in flames, our people divided, our history and unique culture being erased.
Two of America’s Founding Fathers were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. They were close allies during the Revolutionary War, then bitter political enemies, but, as they aged, once again close friends. They exchanged thoughtful letters until the day they both died, July 4, 1826.
Near the end, in 1819, they were both wondering if America could last. They noted that the Roman Empire, after centuries of decline, had tried every possible form of government to save itself, but still failed, doomed by internal corruption, thus plunging the world into the Dark Ages
They were worried America would suffer the same fate. That was the way of the world and it troubled them.
They finally concluded: Virtue was our lifeline. America's intrinsic virtue and faith would save us.

Americans often squabbled and frequently disagreed, but we were a decent people. We valued truth and honor. We honored God, the Ten Commandments, and family. We shunned lies and treachery.

Miles apart, trusting in God, praying that virtue would save us, Adams and Jefferson both died on Independence Day. That is almost spooky.
Definition of virtue:
  • Conformity to a standard of right: morality
  • A particular moral excellence
Alas, it seems, for the most part, we’ve lost our virtue. One party has gone socialist, and the other has lost its courage, just tucking down, going along, and keeping its perks.
What kept us safe has been systematically ripped away. Black families with their strong religious values were destroyed by Lyndon Johnson and his “The Great Society.” It was better to be a single welfare mother than to be part of a family.

The same also happened to white families under radical feminism and endless distant wars. As Obama said, you could live “The life of Julia.” Who needed a husband?
Who needed God, Family, or a job if Big Government would pay you and house you for not working? Soon we were treating illegals better than our Veterans, better than we did American Citizens. Today only about 1/3 of our children live in two-parent homes, and it is worse than that for Blacks.

Few urban Black families have resident fathers. The children run with, and are raised by, drug gangs. America needs more like Ben Carson and Herman Cain. Ben's single mother parked her children in public libraries so they'd be safe while she was at work.
Then came Trump. After eight years of failed Republican Policies and eight years of failed Democrat Policies Americans said, “What the heck, can’t be any worse.”
We voted for Trump. He won.

Hillary lost. She raged. Endless recounts made it worse every time.

Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” stalled.
In the run-up to the 2016 upheaval, I published an alert note. It was inspired by a best-selling author, Brad Thor, who also writes Thrillers.

Action Note #5 — For the first time in my adult life….

That note was republished several times from August to November 2016 and spread widely on social media. It went to millions of people. It got my novels blacklisted by Amazon. It gained me powerful enemies and good friends.
I've not done another alert note since then, but now I must. The war between good and evil is eternal. The next election will be the most significant one of our lives. America is at risk. “Freedom is not Free.”
Our world turned ugly. The radical left was and is determined to punish all who disagree with them. We have become aware of the power and the intense hatred of the Deep State, which is directed at our Republic and middle America 24/7. We can now see the cancer that was and is destroying our nation.

For the first time in our history, America failed to have a peaceful transition of power after the 2016 election. Hillary was raging. Democrats were sobbing and plotting. Fake News was lying. They still are. It's worse now. The masks are off.

Treason was and is afoot. Trump supporters were labeled “deplorables,” filthy subhumans to be shunned, suppressed, and hunted.

Democrats embraced Socialism and formed the “resistance” before Trump even took office. They started a coup, doing all in their power to regain power, including the use of violent revolutionary groups, fake impeachments, etc. The old party of John Kennedy is long gone, replaced by socialists, communists, and Marxists.

That is now called #ObamaGate. Democrats weaponized the FBI and our intelligence community to remove a sitting President, to nullify an election. This is treason. The only thing worse than treason is letting it go unpunished.
We are now experiencing a new kind of Civil War; one that is being fought on many fronts. It is an information war, with a barrage of 24/7 propaganda.
It is also a bio war with a #plandemic, one that was likely already in the works. That caused a shut down to collapse our soaring economy, with Americans losing their freedom of assembly. We are witnessing a test run for Tyranny.
The “Shut Down” hurt America badly. Businesses were shuttered, many never to return. Free people are being locked in our homes and having their businesses shuttered: Not by the Federal Government, but by their own blue state governors and local officials. Teachers are paid for NOT working. Education has become indoctrination. Schools now suppress free speech.

Citizens can freely assemble for riots, but not to go to church or political rallies. We are asked to submit, to wear masks. The rules apply to us, but not to elites.
After they got away with “Shut it Down,” Democrats moved quickly to “Burn it Down,” with riots and the destruction of statues, Federal Buildings, and police stations.

Our cities are under attack by well-organized, violent, international Marxist and Communist groups: Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We face urban warfare, with trained, organized, violent terrorists blending in with peaceful protesters who are using their First Amendment rights to criticize government.

We’ve seen a return to the old, discredited “Big Mike” and “Trayvon” calls to race war, calls to abolish the police. More recently, the riots and violence has moved to residential neighborhoods, all this with the approval of local Democrat officials.
Note: About Race war. There actually is one. It is true that there is systemic racism against Blacks in the inner cities, all of which are run by Democrats.
  • Blacks are trapped in high crime areas with failing schools. Planned Parenthood kills a million Black children per year with abortions, selling off their body parts.

  • Failing schools get more Federal money every year, as does Planned Parenthood. The Teachers Unions and Planned Parenthood then donate generously to the Democrat Party and Democrat candidates. The worse they do, the more they are subsidized. Round and round we go….

  • Essentially, this is racism and legal money laundering, is it not?

America has been systematically stressed and pulled almost to the point of destruction. It can't take much more. Here is an excellent article about that from Wall Street Journal.


Where we are now as #Election2020 nears is a strange place. Few campaign rallies, and Joe Biden, a weak candidate with long history of corruption and bad choices, working from his basement and showing signs of mental impairment.

Creepy Joe is a cardboard candidate, at best. He's a puppet, controlled by the radical left, and soon to be cast aside.
What’s going on? Why has Joe Biden hired 600 litigators?

Democrats seek to change our voting system in the middle of a critical election with “Vote by Mail,” a system notorious for allowing voter fraud, and one historically condemned by both parties. It’s unlikely to prevail, but it does pose the possibility of continuing today’s tension, instability and hate endlessly by delivering a bitterly contested election.
“Not many people are aware of the backdoor election scheme that the Socialist Democrats have been planning and pushing on the America voters. It is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and Mail-In Voting. Link
Democrats are planning to functionally eliminate rural red states and leave the selection of the president to populous blue states, even if it means depending on widespread voter fraud, ballot harvesting and mass voting of illegal aliens in California, New York, and other states.

Ballot harvesting is the practice of collecting absentee ballots by third parties and submitting them for the voter. It is illegal in every state except California. It smacks of voter fraud. With millions of illegal immigrants in California of voting age, the sanctuary policy still in force, registering to vote when they apply for a driver license, they could conceivably swing any election.
So far, the states that have passed or joined the compact are of no surprise. California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State have signed on so far. These states represent 181 electoral votes and 67% of the electoral votes needed. Other states may join in. Anyone familiar with the political climate today can see a pattern here. They are all predominantly Democrat states.”
Source: Stand Up America, General Paul Vallely

We the People must stand up and fight back. Our Sacred responsibility is to save the Freedom that we got from those who came before us, so that it will be there for those who come after us.

As President Reagan said, "We are only one generation away from losing our freedom." Today he'd likely say, "Only one election away."

Here are my last two newsletters, which I plan to keep repeating through the election. These speak to the major issues we are facing, an attempted coup by Democrats enabled by Fake News and a total surveillance society that has gone unpunished, who now plan to steal an election.
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I encourage you all to please share this Alert note as widely as you can. The 2020 election will set the future of the world. Choose wisely. The stakes are high.


John D. Trudel, Novelist