~ May 13, 2021 ~
Thanks for making this a record-breaking year for Ideas Worth Teaching Award nominations! We look forward to announcing this year’s winning courses in the Fall!
Rotterdam School of Management: Dirk Schoenmaker, Willem Schramade, Jacqueline Nolan
Investors want to know: How prepared are firms for the coming transition to sustainability? This case asks students to conduct a critical investigation into the firm of their choice. Is their company part of the problem, or part of the solution? (free, login required)
Nikkei Asia: Takeshi Shiraishi
DarkSide has a call center and affiliates, is concerned with brand reputation, and donates money to charity. What threats does ransomware pose, to individuals, companies, countries, and our sense of what is acceptable in business? (also see Freeports: Innovative Trading Hubs or Centres for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion?)
The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz
"Want to hire qualified candidates who will fill jobs, generate revenue, create profits, and lower your overall cost structure? Perhaps you should consider offering higher starting wages." (also see Is This a Labor Shortage or a Great Reassessment of Work in America?)
McKinsey: Hubert Joly
"I did feel, though, that much of what I learned when I was at business school or in my early years as an executive is either wrong, dated, or incomplete.” How can organizations bring out the best in their workforce, and what does that have to do with sick dinosaurs?
Financial Times: Andrew Hill
Beyond adaptation: How can management education use the pandemic as a springboard to transform what schools "teach and research, and, more importantly, why”?
World Economic Forum: Mo Chatterji
What does fiction offer that business and self-help books do not?
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