January 6, 2016

Will Electric Buses Lead the Charge in America's Transit System? 
Electric buses are known for offering a more comfortable experience for riders. The field of electric buses has been growing in abundance and it seems like it will only continue to grow. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of environmentally friendly buses. Some of the benefits of electric buses include lower harmful emissions, less noise, smoother rides and savings on fuel costs.

Beginning 2016 with an initiative, many companies have joined the electric bus movement. St.Louis Metro has decided to explore this electric alternative. They are test driving its first 60 foot electric articulated bus in their most popular largest ridership route. This bus model can safely operate on a single charge for well beyond 170 miles and the battery takes less than three hours to recharge. St.Louis Metro is excited to see what the outcome is and hopes electric buses provide the efficiencies and cost savings of a solid transportation investment.

On the other hand, the Indianapolis public transportation corporation (Indygo) has fully comitted into the electric bus movement and is very happy. They added 21 fully electric buses and executed a solar project, making them a transit leader in alternative energy. They hope to make a difference in the transportation industry, while improving their environmental footprint. Indygo is also looking into starting what could be the nation's first battery electric bus rapid transit project. The project would be a 35 mile red line that connects 4 cities, 3 counties and opens 170,000 jobs.

The electric bus alternative continues to gain popularity. This market will only continue to grow as technology keeps on making it more effective and efficient. CoachCrafters, Inc is happy to provide a full array of bus repair services to your electric bus needs. For a free quote call  (800) 334-2871 !

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