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# 6  / 2016 
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Ron Hock

We returned from WIA 2016 with wings on our feet and orders to fill. WIA is always a rewarding chance to see old friends and make new ones. Our thanks to all who came by to say hi. A few weeks after that, David Thiel and Rick Deliantoni from the Video department at Popular Woodworking spent a long weekend here videotaping me and my sharpening spiel. I'll keep you posted when it's released.

616-Greeting, Video Set

Also, thank you for participating in the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program's auction to raise funds for scholarships. It's a fine thing, in my opinion, to help woodworkers develop their craft and become the next generation of designers, makers, and instructors. Your bids made a huge difference for the better!
I often receive questions about whether Hock blades will fit Lie-Nielsen planes . You may know that Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Hock Tools have always enjoyed a warm and collegial relationship. Also in this edition, Linda has included another list of schools that teach the craft of building your own handmade wooden plane . You'll get acquainted with schools in California, Oregon, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Toronto and can link to each of them for more information. And, read all about Dan Kratville's odyssey in Chef's Knife making . Like so many others, Dan's a woodworker with a small space - I think his shop may still be in his dining room. He's a busy man, but he took time to share his knife making story, which I hope illustrates how easy and satisfying it is to make a knife from one of our kits. 
Of course, if you need anything from  Hock Tools , please let me know.

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Retail 6-2016, Photo Album, Dan Kratville's 5 inch Chef's Knife in the Vise.
In this issue:

Will a Hock Blade Fit a Lie-Nielsen Plane?

Advancing Handtools 6 More Schools that Teach You how to Make Your Own Wooden Handplane.

Hock Tools Photo Album:  Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey.

616-Q&A, Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes
Q:  Will Hock Blades Fit Lie-Nielsen Planes?
A:  The answer is...
616-Q&A, Will a Hock Tools Blade fit a Lie-Nielsen Plane, Hock Tools Breaker.
Q&A: Will Hock Blades Fit Lie-Nielsen Planes?
We are often asked if our blades will fit in a Lie-Nielsen plane. The answer is... usually.

Hock blades will drop in to many Lie-Nielsen 
ben ch planes but there can be a problem with the breaker fit. And, no, Hock breakers don't fit Lie-Nielsen bench planes so the solution is a bit more complicated than that.

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616-Advancing Handtools, 6 More Schools that Teach You to Make Your Own Handplane.
AdvancingHandtoolsAdvancing Handtools: 6 More Schools that Teach You to Make Your Own Wooden Handplane .
616-Advancing Handtools, 6 More Schools That Teach You to Build Your Own Handplane, Laura Zahn's Plan from Allied Woodshop.
You can easily learn how to design and build many different wooden handplanes to your own grip, hand, and style. This plane was built by Laura Zahn of Allied Woodshop in Los Angeles, CA. 
If you are interested in taking a class in making wooden handplanes, keep your eyes on the Internet. Some schools or teaching-woodworkers teach plane making as part of a 2-day, one week or several month program. 

It's worth your time to go online and look around for a school that suits your needs. This is our second list, our first came out in Spring 2016. Like the last one...
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616-Photo Album, Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey Banner.
photoalbumHock Tools Photo Album: 
Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey.
616-Photo Album, Dan Kratville's Chef's Knife Odyssey, 5 and 8 inch Chef's Knives Wait for Action.
Back in June, Dan Kratville sent a couple of snapshots of his Hock Tools 8" Chef's Knives, along with these words, "here are a couple of pictures of the knife I made using your knife kits. They are the best knives I have ever used by far!"

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