Transformation  Ministries
Issue: 31        

January 16, 2016

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TM Training & Certification classes   will start
January 19, 2016
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"Leading men and women down the path of discipleship"
This is a series of twelve week semesters in which a person can receive some inner healing as well as receive training on how to minister inner healing and deliverance to a hurting family member, neighbor or friend.

It is an excellent resource for churches to send their leadership  teams for "pastoral counseling"  ministry. Our mission is to help pastors with the heavy load of pastoral care.

Part I is: "The Keys to Inner Healing"
Part II is: "Expanded Ministry Tools"
Part III is: "Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance"

All three classes will be offered this semester and for more information about each class and its curriculum go to
 TM Certification requires all three classes taken in order but anyone desiring to increase in the knowledge of God and learn to be more effective and productive for the Kingdom is welcomed to come to any class.

Tuition and books for each class is $150.00
Students that enroll two new students to Part I can receive a $75 discount from their tuition!
Click here to register NOW!

PLEASE, do not skip this class because of cost...

Financial assistance and scholarships are available on a limited basis and must be applied for. For more information contact Jan Cusimano at 205-991-4988


   Do you feel like your life is under seize and the forces against you are just too strong?
2016 could be the year that the attack of the enemy and the waves of circumstances place you under "Seize".....
To "lay seize" means to be ambushed, conquered, overcome or overwhelmed by an enemy that appears to have great force. If you are feeling under seize, then you may need to come join us at the TM School Of Ministry.  Our classes start next week with Part I :  "The Keys to Inner Healing",  where you will find victory over those overwhelming circumstances in your life, and lay hold to the promises that Father God has promised you.  Just like when Hezekiah was under seize in 2 Kings 19 and all of Jerusalem thought they were going to die...Hezekiah was taunted by an enemy king to surrender and choose life under him, or fight and die. Hezekiah chose to take life under God and fight the enemy.  Just like with Hezekiah, God will send his angels to do the battle for us... and the answers often come in ways that we least expect....
It's not too late to sign up for class. Come and receive the hope and healing God wants you to have. You will be blessed and glad you came.

So as the waves of life come to your shores may your 2016 be blessed and prosperous. Our prayer for you is Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."  
                                                 Rock & Vicki

Isaiah 50:10-11