From our birth to the end of our lives we have many cherished moments with our loved ones and many major life events that we plan for and for which we need legal documents (i.e. birth, marriage, etc). However, there are also many unexpected moments in between that you need to be ready for. The four documents in this article are essential to ensure that you and your family can take care of each other through life's ups and downs. 
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If you’ve lived in a residence that is a part of a homeowners or condominium association, you’ve probably been briefed with the rules: Nothing can be displayed in the front yard, and nothing hung on the front door . Many HOAs or condo associations prohibit the posting of items on the exterior of one’s building, but can they prevent you from expressing your religion in this way? What are your rights?
If you're a person of faith, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) is something you should know of. This law has been instrumental in protecting everyday religious freedom. But the government's failure to clarify certain aspects of this law have led to misinterpretation (whether intentional or not) by many municipalities. This is affecting the ability of many congregations to worship freely in their communities.
We are asking the Supreme Court to grant review and then correct the actions of courts that have chosen to stray from the legislation and laws they are tasked with interpreting and applying to the facts of each case. This request for review comes after several unfavorable rulings and an eight-year long legal battle involving ADF's client, Tree of Life Christian Schools of Upper Arlington, Ohio.
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"Governor J.B. Pritzker promised that his Illinois Democrats would turn the state into the most ‘progressive’ in the country on abortion, and these bills deliver on that violent promise: Pritzker and his Democratic super majorities would convert the ‘Land of Lincoln’ into the ‘Abortion Capital of America’.”
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