Academic Keynote Panel:

The Impact of Automation

at the 2015 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

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It's never comfortable to think about your job being automated out of existence.  


But as automation creates new business opportunities, software robots are challenging pink-and white-collar jobs as just as effectively as factory robots are replacing blue-collar workers. 


The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium's Academic Panel will jumpstart your thinking on the impact of automation on your business and in the economy as a whole.

Academic Keynote Panel
The Impact of Automation


Digital technologies are fundamental to the leading innovation-driven companies driving our economy. While technology is advancing rapidly, many organizations are not keeping pace. What's more, the gap between rapidly transforming technology, and the slower pace of adoption will grow rapidly in the coming decades as exponential improvements in automation (AI, robotics, networks, analytics and digitization) affect more and more of the economy. Inventing effective organizations (including their business models, infrastructure, and intelligent data uses) in the digital economy is one of the grand challenges for any Chief Information Officer. In this session we will discuss the trajectory of AI, robotics and automation, and put forth a call to arms for CIOs to embrace the opportunities that they present to today's leading businesses. 


Join MIT Sloan Professor Erik Brynjolfsson as he explores the future with featured panelists:

Erik Brynjolfsson Robbie Allen Missy Cummings Tomaso Poggio Daniela Rus
Erik Brynjolfsson
Robbie Allen Mary (Missy) Cummings Tomaso Poggio Daniela Rus


What Clever Robots Mean for Jobs

For a long time economists maintained that although new technology might displace workers and change the nature of their work, it would not result in a net loss of jobs. However, now some economists think the situation is likely to be more nuanced than that, as technology is quickly automating work that previously only humans could perform. See More � 


Photo Credit: Gretchen Ertl/The Wall Street Journal 

Dates to Remember
March 9 Revised CIO Leadership Award Application Deadline
March 28 Innovation Showcase Application Deadline
May 1 Last day to cancel registration without penalty
May 13 Last day to register
May 20 The Symposium

Lindsey Anderson
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MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
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