What a difference a year makes. 2021 was a record warm, dry spring and 2022 will likely go down as a record cold, wet spring. After a rainy Memorial Dar Weekend, it looks like it will dry out this week with the potential for 80 degrees Wednesday. Are we turning the corner? Unfortunately the forecast is rain again this weekend and the long range forecasts have June cooler and wetter than normal so don’t hold your breath. 

THE GOOD NEWS: This is actually good news for irrigation costs as we have not had much irrigation need so far except for watering in flowers and under trees. For comparison average April and May irrigation needed (Evapotranspiration) is 3.2”. This year has been 0.00” while last year 2021 was 6.5”. For comparison 2020 was 3.5” and 2019 was 4.8”. It varies year to year but since we have been tracking weather data over the past 15 years as a part of our Weather Based Irritation Monitoring Service, we have never got to June 1st without some measurable Evapotranspiration. 


THE BAD NEWS: Landscape work has been difficult and we are behind schedule. Mowing has taken longer than normal and some lawns we have had to skip to avoid damage.  In addition, weed germination and growth, despite our pre-emergence application, has been excessive and is adding to our workload as well. Hopefully we are close to drying out to aid our getting back on track. 

Summer will get here, and we will get back on track. Hopefully soon.  

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