Will This Be The Week The BPU Releases Costs?
Back in December, the BPU claimed they needed to go back to the drawing board on their energy plans without releasing details because of the economic impact of the COVID Pandemic. Yet while we wait for the new plan, we still haven't received any information on their first one that needed further review.

Anyone who has analyzed anything knows that in order to make a true comparison, you need initial plan in order to compare it to the second to see what the true impact will be and we still haven't seen any information on the cost of that first plan.

Yet despite the economic uncertainty and lack of details, the BPU continues to fast track policies without providing details on the true costs. The only time it would be responsible to charge forward knowing the economic uncertainty we are facing, is that costs would be lower because of COVID. Is the BPU suggesting it will cost less to transition to clean energy because of COVID?

With the BPU meeting this week, they have yet another opportunity to shed light and provide transparency they've avoided for so long.
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