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A Personal Note from Susan

Thank you for pulling up a "virtual chair" so we could share a few minutes together, and for considering accepting my challenge, which I will share with you shortly! 
Coming to you by video is not my preferred or typical method of communication.  My amazing Canadian client, Pat Mussieux has challenged her Mavericks, who I have the honor and privilege to coach on a monthly basis to add video to their marketing mix.   In support of this challenge, I too am participating, and am committed to using video more often
I do want to take this opportunity to thank you!  I sincerely appreciate that YOU have allowed my Co-Creator's Corner to enter your inbox.  I have so enjoyed sharing with you my sales and marketing expertise along with my personal and professional journey.
Before I share the challenge that I have for you, I want to discuss briefly the featured article below, A Totally New YOU Every Seven Years.  This month's article will focus on something called "Quantum Knowing", otherwise known as "Intuition".   Intuition is not a gift, given only to a lucky few individuals.  You and I are equally able to tap into our intuition.  This is in part why I named my business Tap Into Your Center, which is where your intuition can be accessed.
So, here's my challenge for you:
What question do you have that you currently do not know the answer to?
  • Take a few moments and come up with one question that is important to you to have the answer. 
  • Jot this question down in a notebook or journal.
  • For the next three days my challenge to you is to block a minimum of ten minutes each morning to sit quietly with this question, in a meditative state.
  • Also, prior to going to sleep each evening, again, contemplate this question for an additional ten minutes.
  • At the end of the three days, I'm asking that you trust that the answer to your question will be revealed to you!
If YOU decide to accept my challenge and are willing to share with me via email a brief summary of your experience, I will open up my schedule to three individuals for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to discuss your biggest challenge or most pressing business issue.
Thank you again for your continued support, I so look forward to hearing from you!    

Much love,
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A Totally New YOU Every Seven Years

I am so excited to be sharing with you the concepts presented in
Quantum Leaps - 7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation by Charlotte Shelton.

Over the next several months, I intend to share with you in more detail,  The Seven Quantum Skills that will enable you to see the world in a new way . This month we explore The Quantum Skill of  Quantum Knowing : The ability to know intuitively!

Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in our bodies were, in fact, not there a year ago. For example, the pancreas replaces most of its cells every twenty-four hours and the stomach lining every three days. We get new skin every month and a new skeleton every three months.  Physiologically, we get a totally new self every seven years!

A growing number of physicist sand psychologists believe that the brain is only one of the receptor sites that  connect the human body to the all-encompassing field of information . Many of us are ready to develop our intuitive skills -  to rediscover our innate human potential to know in non-sensory ways . Actually, we may have little choice but to do so. Our lives have simply become too complex. There is far too much information available to analyze. If we rely on our senses, the world quickly becomes overwhelming.

This is precisely the reason that when I'm coaching my clients, and they are experiencing a sense of overwhelm while growing their businesses;
I encourage them to go within, and listen to their intuition. We all seem to be doing more and more with little to no down time, other than when we sleep. It is my belief that we are not accomplishing more by moving at this pace, we are actually less effective.  We each have access to the answers we seek inside; Tap Into Your Center, was named based on this belief .

Quantum Knowing is the ability to connect in nonsensory ways with information in the quantum field of potentiality. This skill enables us to know intuitively and to learn from the inside out. Writers, musicians, artists, scientists and even business owners often  attribute their creative ability to their willingness to be sourced by information coming to them in spontaneous and unusual ways .

This is not a gift that only a select few of us possess.  Quantum Knowing is a skill that we each can develop, practice and rely on more and more . Here's my advice for how to develop Quantum Knowing, use a journal to track the questions you have that you currently do not know the answer to;
perhaps you need to replace the income from a recent lost customer, or you are considering leasing larger office space but are not sure if that is the right next step. Use your journal to track your questions, make time in your life to sit with these questions in a meditative state, or even prior to going to sleep for the night, and ask the question, then...wait, silently and trust that the answer will be revealed to you.  Trusting in this process, believing it is possible, is incredibly important to the success that you will experience!

Give it a try and share your experiences!

Stay tuned for the July issue of my Co-Creator's Corner, where I will expand on the fifth Quantum Skill - Quantum Acting - The ability to act responsibly.

A Thought to Ponder

"Faith is the element, the "chemical" which,
when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence." 
- By: Napoleon Hill

Meet Susan 
Tap Into Your Center - Increasing Sales, Revenues and Profits™  was officially founded by me, Susan Beebe in the fall of 2013. After more than 30 years of being in sales and marketing, of successfully running my own advertising agency, Lighthouse Marketing, I have finally given myself permission and launched the business entity that speaks to my soul.

I believe  we are each given unique gifts, talents, skills ; that are meant to be shared with others. That is our purpose - it's truly that simple. My gifts include practical skills, such as the ability to sell - to market effectively - to run a successful business - all with the primary spiritual intention of being unconditional love!

If you're responsible for generating new customers for your company - and would like to co-create a customized New Business Development system to 
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