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Healthy Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery
Recovery is a life-long journey that typically starts with a treatment program and is followed by continuous support from a sponsor, counselor, family, friends, twelve step groups, etc. Recently, Hazelden Betty Ford shared excellent information and tips on how to support a loved one who is in recovery so you can join them in the life-long journey.

Additionally, in Chester County, the Council of Southeast Pa Inc. offers a FREE Family Education Program. This program is intended to provide information and support to individuals and families in order to help them recognize and address addiction problems in a spouse, parent, child or a loved one. For more information on the program, click here . 
Share Your Story
The Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services is looking for stories of recovery in Chester County. Inspire others by sharing your story. Email Kate Genthert at  with your story or for more information.
Hey You! Do You Know How Important You Are? Practicing Self Love
In our society today, it is easy to get caught up in everything happening around us. We are always on the go, taking care of those around us, and forgetting to leave time for ourselves. As a society, we need to slow down and practice self love! Taking time to practice self love is a powerful way to lead an overall healthier life. So, what does self love look like? See below for tips!

  1. Take Care of Yourself- This is SO important! When you take care of your body by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet you help to regulate hormones in your body which directly correlates to your mood and overall well-being. Additionally, try to create a time during they day to focus on just you. This could be taking time to watch a favorite show, observing nature, journaling, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, giving yourself an at home facial, doing a puzzle, or just simply something YOU enjoy doing.
  2. Mindfulness- This means bringing awareness to your thoughts, feelings, what we are doing and why we are doing it without being overly reactive or underwhelmed. This will allow you to be aware of what you think, feel and want. Mindfulness is something that takes practice and can be improved over time.
  3. Forgive Yourself- Allow yourself to be human! We all make mistakes. Next time you find yourself in a situation where you have made a mistake, take a moment to acknowledge the feeling, ask yourself what you would say to a loved one if they were in the situation-- then practice saying that to yourself. If you learn from your mistakes, that is not a failure, rather a lesson learned!
  4. Positive Affirmations- We often give others compliments and recognition, but tend to forget giving ourselves the same. Try to compliment, and provide recognition to yourself each day.
  5. Stop Comparing- We live in a society of "perfection". We see photo shopped ad's and social media posts promoting everything positive happening in someone's life, but we hardly see imperfection, someone's low or bad day. It is easy to slip into a wave of self comparison, which can lead to insecurity and self loathing. To combat this, practice tip # 3 mindfulness. Additionally, find gratitude in your life. Each morning and night, name at least one thing you are grateful for.

Walmart Now Offering DisposeRx for Free
In an effort to decrease the prevalence of unused prescription drugs in the community, Walmart has launched a disposal solution. At Walmart pharmacies nationwide, patients filling any new Class II opioid prescription will receive a free DisposeRx packet and opioid safety information brochure when picking up their prescription. Additionally, patients with chronic Class II opioid prescriptions will be offered a free DisposeRx packet every six months. Sam’s Club patients can also access Dispose Rx at their pharmacies.
NEW Overdose Prevention Task Force Website
The Chester County Overdose Prevention Task Force has recently launched a new website. Information includes Basic Education, Statistics, Overdose Response, Naloxone, How to Access Treatment, and much more. Check it out at .
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