Dear Friends, 
2021 is flying by and Street’s Hope/Voluntad is busy. The pandemic was a hard struggle, but now most of us are transitioning to a sense of normalcy. Human trafficking survivors are still trying to find their way out. They experienced a dislocating impact similar to a natural disaster, exacerbating the economic and social hardships that made them vulnerable to exploitation.  
To help you understand the need we are seeing this year, here are some numbers:
As compared to the same time frame in 2020, our 24-hour phone line call volume has gone up by 70%!
From January to May of 2019, we had 9 clients participate in our intensive program. In 2020, that number was 21, and in 2021, to date, 45 people are receiving intensive services. (Note: these numbers reflect ONLY clients in our intensive programming, not all clients served.) 
Our clients are supported by housing navigators, peer support professionals, mental health professionals, and case managers. Each staff member brings unique expertise and life experience. Staff members support each survivor’s journey toward wholeness, agency, and a life lived with dignity. 
With the growing need for our services, we are asking for your help. Will you help human trafficking survivors who are still trying to find their way out?  
We hope that you will continue to support this important mission, and the vision we have of a world where all people can choose the trajectory of their lives with freedom and dignity
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