July 2017

Wireless Small Cell Streamlining Bills Are Moving Coast to Coast Across the USA
New legislation in over a dozen US states will remove local control of rights of way and place a mini cell tower in your yard. EHT has compiled a list of states with these bills including news reports, letters of opposition by municipalities and videos.   See the list. 
The Atlantic reports on  Senator John McCain's glioblastoma diagnosis.
Bankruptcy of the State of California Can Result from Passage of the Small Cell Bill   
Seasoned litigator Harry Lehmann advises California that the state faces multi billion dollar liability if it passes SB 649.  Granting the firefighters an exemption is cited as an  acknowledgement of the health risks of microwave radiation.

Watch Children and Brain Cancer Survivors Testify to the California Assembly SB 649 
A child testified on cardiac problems he developed from wireless, doctors testified on the science and brain tumor survivors told their stories. EHT has compiled video testimony from the California Assembly hearings on SB 639 into an online playlist found here.      
Hundreds of cities testified in opposition to California Bill SB 649 that would remove local authority and allow small cell mini cell towers to be placed in front of homes on rights of way.

"We urge the state not to ignore this evidence of harm from RF."
Doctors, citizens and health organizations wrote letters to California State detailing recent research on microwave radiation and human health in opposition to SB 649. 

Presentation on 5G for the Governor of North Carolina 
On July 6, 2017 Devra Davis presented on the adverse health effects of microwave radiation and need to halt the small cell rollout. 

"The Firefighters Wake Up Call To Us All" By Susan Foster 
Firefighters were granted an exemption with SB 649. A study on firefighters found neurological damage from cell tower exposure and lead to the 2004 Firefighters Union Official Position Against Cell Towers on Fire stations.  Read More
Krakow Poland's New Initiative on Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution 
The EcoDigital initiative on digital devices and EMF features the art of eminent Polish artist Paweł Kuczyński and includes contests, community gatherings, expert conferences and electronic waste awareness activities launched under the Mayor of the City of Krakow. Read More

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