Will Your State Representative Support the Green Budget?

Right now your State Representative is waiting to hear whether funding for environmental programs is important to you.  

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is in the midst of making funding decisions for state programs.  Your State Rep can make a difference by prioritizing one of our Green Budget recommendations in his/her requests to House Leadership.  Our funding recommendations focus on state programs that are essential to fostering healthy communities, great parks, and clean, abundant water. 

Will you call your State Rep to ask him/her to select a Green Budget line-item (see below) to include as a budget ask to House Leadership? We encourage you to place the call by Friday, February 12.   Please write to Erica Mattison to let ELM know what response you receive.

Every State Representative has received the Green Budget.  It can also be viewed at www.environmentalleague.org/greenbudget . 

What To Say: 
Hello.  I live in your district and I'm calling to ask you to support the Environmental League's Green Budget funding recommendations. I urge you to select a Green Budget line-item to include in your budget request to House Leadership.  Thank you!


Green Budget Funding Recommendations
Environmental League of Massachusetts | info@environmentalleague.org 
617-742-2553 | e nvironmentalleague.org