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Forgive the title of this newsletter; inspiration fails me.
Welcome to October, and a sigh of relief for those of us on the West Coast. In other hopeful developments, check out the chart of 50 companies using the most green energy; makes me want to run out and buy some makeup! Those oldies among us (including me) might want to check out the articles on Senior-Tech and new scams. There's no vaccine against scammers--some of the savviest among you have been hit in the last year.

In global markets, Covid remains the main financial headline. Business and consumer demand is strong, but can't be met due to global supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and high prices. These pressures will decrease gradually over the next year.

In the U.S., the economy has experienced more change than anyone bargained for. In the coming months, we will see more changes, coupled with long-expected volatility. For investors, those changes could set the stage for continued growth of this relatively young bull market.

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Turns out proposed tax changes won't target corporations, but focus instead on "wealthy" individuals. That arbitrary moniker doesn't tell us much. The threshold is lower than you think!

The collapse of China's second-largest real estate company has taught us a lot about the country's unsustainable model of economic growth. This is where it stands.

Move over Jitterbug phone: a more sophisticated slate of robots and other AI-enabled tech is coming to the senior market, with more inclusive design.

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