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Vol. 6, Issue 2
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WFF: Green Economy in Ontario
Working Better Research Report
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Creative Industries, Creative Skills

Creative jobsThis new release by HTAB provides detailed labour market information profiles for the seven key sectors driving the creative industries in Hamilton.

These include:

� Publishing Industries
� Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
� Broadcasting
� Other Information Services
� Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
� Performing Arts, Spectator Sports and Related Industries
� Heritage Institutions


These sectors are explored in detail, and the key creative occupations are highlighted. Through a series of interviews the voices of those that work in this sector are heard.


Access the report here.

Workforce Focus: Green Economy in Ontario 

The May 2011 issue of Workforce Focus (WFF), links to the City of Hamilton's Economic Development Strategy which has a focus on clean technology industries.  The WFF provides an overview of the green economy in Ontario, answers the question: What makes an industry green", and provides Hamilton specific labour market information.  Find out what the priority occupations in the green economy are in Hamilton and also why there will be an increased need for younger workers in this sector in the near future.


Access the WFF here.

Working Better: Creating a High-Performing Labour Market in Ontario
Working Better presents a fresh accounting of the state of Ontario's labour market and calls for a strategic overhaul.  The comprehensive report was authored by Tom Zizys, a Fellow at the Metcalf Foundation.  Zizys' findings include:
  • Job seekers cannot find work in their chosen fields, and are forced to compete against over-qualified candidates or are limited to short-term, insecure roles
  • Employees are stuck in dead-end jobs with little pay, no loyalty, no job security, no room for advancement and an unclear career path forward
  • Employers aren't getting the people they need, aren't keeping the ones they've got and have low levels of productivity. 
This paper is the first to connect the dots across a series of challenges resulting from the transformation of our labour market system.
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