Will finger counting ever go away?  
        Some "experts" in education think that teaching and practicing rote information, like math facts, is unnecessary.  Just let students do math or do games and they will learn facts well enough to get by.  That is true for a few students, but many students continue to count on their fingers up into junior high and high school if we don't help them commit these facts to memory!  So the short answer to the question of whether finger counting will ever go away, is "No!" unless we do something.  Read the rest of the blog.   
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How to run Rocket Math
How to run Rocket Math

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What's new with Rocket Math?

I finished the new program of Equivalent Fractions and have made it available in the Universal subscription.  This teaches what we used to call reducing  or simplifying fractions.

I am excited to have figured out a way to display these on fraction number lines. As a first step with each new set students circle the fractions and their equivalents on the number line.  

Middle school students now have this along with Factors and Integers to practice pre-algebra skills.       CHECK IT OUT TODAY!
THIS WEEK: How do you complete the Individual Student Graph?
Here are some examples of how you would fill out the vertical axis of the Individual Student Graph depending on what the student's starting score was on the Two-Minute Timings. The form says, "Set starting point of vertical axis at the nearest ten below the student's first 2-minute timing (e.g., if first timing is 37, begin graph at 30, etc.)."
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these four examples should make the procedure clearer.   Read the blog.
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