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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (August 14/14)
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Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

BMO Hiring Report: Employment growth looking brighter for second half of 2014

graphic-chart-people.jpg BMO has released their hiring report that shows the hiring intentions of Canadian business owners for 2014. 

Key findings include that while service sector growth has led the way, the manufacturing industry is expected to pick up due to stronger U.S. demand and a lower Canadian dollar. 
6 ways to make networking less awkward

business_ppl4.jpg More than 40% of employees found their current jobs through networking, so if you aren't comfortable with networking it's time to read a few tips and make networking work for you! If you're not a "people person" or if you're just plain intimidated, below are six tips for flourishing in a networking situation.

From the archives: Are Hamiltonians giving up the job search?

This Workforce Planning Hamilton report provides a detailed look at Hamilton's declining participate rate since the economic downturn.

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