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Scott 'Q' Marcus headshot

Our lifestyle and economy will NEVER return to what they used to be. That's a frightening - some might say "terrifying" - concept. We are never going to be able to conduct our lives and our businesses like we did before the "great recession of 2008" trampled over us.  


In effect, what we are now going through is - and will continue to be -  the "New Normal" for generations to come.

I like to consider myself a realist. I have to accept facts for what they are, not for what I want them to be. Denying what's real only delays the inevitable and inflicts pain and denigrates our enjoyment of life. (We are starting to see a long-term growth of pessimism in the International Inspiration Index. See the story here.)

I pride myself on being an optimist and I know that the statement above might not appear too optimistic. Yet, I think it can be. Because of our weakened economy and higher fuel costs, it is essential that we:
  • Become more resourceful
  • Plan our budgets better 
  • Delay some gratification 
  • Help each other more often 
  • Support our local communities 
None of these are bad things. They are the outcomes that come from significant change, which is virtually always the result of fear, force, or pain. No one gets up one morning, totally content with her life, and says, "let me see how I can change it." Rather, when things get too uncomfortable, she decide to do something different.

The recession has caused us to feel much fear and pain and has forced us to change. As a result, we are indeed changing. In the end, although things will never be as they were, they will be better. We will have developed tools and techniques we never before considered. We will re-establish our equilibrium. It will be a different world but it will be one with its own set of advantages and benefits; ones we cannot yet see, but are surely waiting for us.

The sooner we accept that we can never go back, the quicker we'll turn our eyes toward the future - and the faster we can experience its benefits. (And if I'm wrong, and things do return to "the way they were," we'll still be better for making the changes.)

With all that in mind, this issue of the ThisTimeIMeanIt newsletter is devtoed to understanding and appreciating the power of change.

In addition to the monthly analysis of the I3 (referenced above), I'm again focusing on some of our guest authors on the blog. You can find some of their posts here. Beyond that, we again have the three videos of the month, and links to a few other posts of interest.

Take a few minutes and poke around. Let me know what you like, and what you'd like to see changed. If you're interested in working with me, either as a writer, client, or if you're a meeting planner and need a presenter, I'm always looking to work with people in situations that benefit all concerned. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. As for me? Well, I would appreciate it if you would please to others who might find the articles and links of interest and take a moment to answer the four anonymous questions at the AttitudeIndex.

Treat yourself special.

Scott "Q" Marcus

P.S. If you're looking for personalized support, I've put out a special 99 cent trial offer of my services at - including a coaching phone call. There's no obligation. No automatic renewal. If you aren't totally excited by what it does for you, no one will hassle you. You can find out more at this link.
"MainArticleHow to Change Your Habits to be Happier, Healthier, and More Productive

Most of life is done by rote.


For most of us, alarm clocks buzz the same time every morning. The average grocery store

stocks over 38,000 items; yet the standard shopper goes to the same store every week, usually on the same day, and chooses from the same few dozen items every outing. We become brand loyal, eating our meals at approximately the same period every day, leave for work at a uniform time, drive a standard route, and return home at a consistent hour every night. Evenings consist of consuming one of a few "favorite" dinners. Entertainment consists of books or magazines from a few select genres and a stable of favorite authors; or maybe a regular line-up of TV shows, which we watch while sitting in "our usual place," and snacking - or not - on the same foods we had yesterday at the same time. At day's end, we retire at the same time, even sleeping with the same person (hopefully), only to repeat these patterns come dawn.


This is not to suggest we are unimaginative, bland, nor boring; rather to illustrate that we are creatures of habit; no if's, and's, or butt's about it.


Reality is these habits make life easier. Picture the above scenario where every single day consisted of an entirely new routine. Exciting? Sure - for a little while. After that, just plain exhausting.


To find out how to change & read the full post, follow this link. 

videosVideos of the Month
We all like videos and the most popular links in the newsletter are therefore the videos I post. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous.

Video #1: Kitten vs. The Scary Thing

This is a short video that's hysterical, whether or not you like cats. The person who produced it added a sound track to it that really makes the difference.

Video #2: The Power of One

If you have ever felt that you were incapable of accomplishing a goal, you just might change your mind by watching this short video. It's amazingly powerful.

Video #3: Beautiful Mind, The Human Camera

Along the lines of the previous video, this video will amaze you by introducing you to a man who can be flown over a city once and then draw the whole thing by memory.

(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)   Kitten versus the Scary Thing The Power of One  

Beautiful Mind, the Human Camera  

By the way, if you have a suggestion for a video for the newsletter, please let me know. Most of the time, that's how I find out about these. 


BlogPostingsSelected Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog
The Fantasy of Perfectionism

Today, I become the pinnacle of modern workplace efficiency. Every single solitary item will be accomplished. All phone calls will be returned, every goal will be exceeded; every deadline shall be beat. Today is my new dawn, my genesis, my beginning! (Or is it...?) Read the post>> 

Staying Calm When Overloaded 

If you're overwhelmed, overloaded, or can't seem to get anything done, it's usually because you're thinking too big and you're not making effective priorities. These two tips will give you a budding sense of organization and a sense of calm. Read the Post>>


How to Avoid Escalating a Disagreement

In the middle of a disagreement, we can get frustrated. When that happens, we might feel we're not being heard so the natural reaction is to say it louder. That's the exact wrong thing to do. Read the Post>>

Hanging Out with a Better Class of People 

We can spot a "negative person" instantly. We return those perceptions without thought, making countless assumptions, which we communicate. The drawback is we might not be responding to what's really going on inside of them, as much as to what's occurring within us. Read the post>>

GuestAuthorsGreat Guest Authors on the TTIMI Blog!

I am always looking for people who write well, provide good content, and are inspirational. Following are posts from some of our guest authors. 


Do Something, Do Anything 
Contributor: JennyJem 

On losing more than 100 pounds: The epiphany wasn't that I could be a big phony for the rest of my life. The epiphany was that I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to DO something, I had to DO ANYTHING that would help me get further toward my goals. If I had continued to sit in my living room and cry and say to myself, "This is impossible! I just can't do it," then that would have become my reality. So I chose to do something else.  Read Full Post >>   

Overcoming Over-Commitment
Contributor: Sally 

A human trait is the desire to please. We want to be kind, helpful and liked. That's all wonderful, but what about when you can't say no? How to clear some time for yourself. Read Full Post >>

How to Advance Your Business & Career by Doing Your Own Retreat
Contributor:  Tim Richardson 

How about planning some meaningful time to go away all by yourself and put some focused effort into your career? This process is commonly called holding a retreat though I like to refer to it as an advance - after all you want to go forward.  Read Full Post >>   

I3The International Inspiration Index for May, 2011:
Some Improvement but Long-Term Pessimism Remains

The purpose of the I3 (The International Inspiration Index) is to get a feel for how people are feeling, what's bothering them, and their outlook for the future. It started in late April 2009. If you would like to take the ongoing I3 survey, go to


The bottom line?

It was getting kind of scary out there recently with our collective attitudes showing a heavy drop since the beginning of the year. Maybe it's the results of summer, or just that things are changing, but our attitude rose significantly in May, for the first time since late last year.


The first two questions in the I3 are:

  • How would you rate your attitude?
  • How would you rate the attitude of those around you?

Attitude Trends Long Term 

It's interesting that we always rate our own attitude higher than the attitude of those around us. The dotted blue line is our attitude, the red line shows "Others," those people with whom we interact on a daily basis.


It's been awhile since we showed a positivity jump like we saw in May. I personally find it hard to believe it would be due to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but that's the only "positive" big news that took place in May, unless one is giddy over the fact that the world did not end as predicted on May 21.


For a list of the top stories affecting attitude in May - as well as the negative repercussions of what's going on around us, follow this link. 
With Gratitude
"Take some time everyday to be grateful - especially at those times when it's difficult to do so" - from the Shade of a Tree is the Very Best Shade There is

It's important to be thankful, so at the end of my newsletter, I express it publicly.  With that in mind, just some of the people to whom I am grateful include: the Mastermind Alliance; Humboldt Speakers; the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, Weight Watchers International; Jenn, Tim, and Sally, who are now writing for and with me; the Oregon Employers Council for allowing me to do a showcase; Kathy Kendrix, the president of The Empowerment Group, my speakers bureau, for setting it up; Karen Walker-Tunoa and NSA/NC for inviting me to speak at the pro-track session again; Tammy Baumann of Oregon Parks and Recreation for bringing me back later this year; all my local clients, who continue to hire me; the folks who have signed up to be coached and supported by me on; the editors of the newspapers that run my column and the websites that post it - as well as the people who read it; and of course to my family - especially my loving wife Mary Ann.


I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.

NeedASpeakerNeed a Lively, Motivational Presenter? (who doesn't?)

Scott "Q" Marcus conducting a training in Texas

What Do I Speak About?

My presentations are described as "a cross between attitude 101, group therapy, and a southern revival." They are extremely interactive, playful, motivational, and with a great deal of content that helps those in attendance:

  • Improve Communication
  • Reduce Conflict
  • Lower Stress
  • Increase Productivity
  • Have Fun

If you would like to see a short video that outlines my style, you can click on the image below & it will take you to a 10 minute video. If you would like to see and read about my most-delivered topics, you can follow this link or click in the Quick Links section in the sidebar.


If you're interested in contacting me about a presentation for your organization for these dates and locations - or any others - click here.

(Please note, I have been known to do a presentation in exchange for great quality chocolate or enough french fries - but I'll vehemently deny it if asked.)

Sample Video of Scott "Q" Marcus

The Four Steps to Improved Communication A Humorous Approach

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It is the hub of a supportive group of people who come together to improve their lives and help others. Using email, coaching, goal planning, motivational products, and developing affiliates, and practitioners, we find non-judgmental, affordable support for each other by providing options and ideas that one person alone, might not see.


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