Oh no!  The first day of spring is today.  How can that be - we haven't even had a proper winter - yet!
No more prevaricating - decisions must be made! 
1.The gallery will be closed from April 1 through April 11.  I will be out of town from the 5 to the 11.  My mother's brother, the last of that generation, died at the age of 96 in November and his wife (90) died in January.  So I am going to Corydon, Indiana, where my mother, my uncle and I were born and where there are a couple centuries of my mother's family in various cemeteries.  There all seven of my cousins will be gathered for a memorial service.

This awesome show I have in the gallery, paintings by Susanne Clark and Dave Durrance, will remain hung until April 30.

* See more of Susanne Clark's work ( ).
* See more of Dave Durrance's work (
3.Beginning the week of April 16 the gallery will be closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until Memorial Day. 
There is some wonderful new art in the gallery.  I am saving that for the next newsletter.  In the meantime here are some images to amuse you until then!

The Kiddiewink Chronicles

This is teaching a Shiatzu and a beagle to fetch.
This is called a "sploot" as opposed to a split!


This is called "find the Beagle?!

And this is called togetherness!
Happy Spring time,  Lynne, Liwu and Harper 
Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor