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From the Black House desk...
From the Director - August 4, 2021
We are more than halfway through another short Maine summer. There has been theatre among the trees, music on the porch, a story trail with home-made ice cream, museum tours, afternoon tea, and lots of croquet. The gardens are blooming and the grounds look amazing. I hope you take some time to visit before the season ends.

I have only been here two months and already feel I have made some wonderful new friends. I close on my new home next Monday! This is a welcoming city. I want Woodlawn to be your favorite place. Please reach out to me if you want to talk about our future, ideas and collaborations, becoming a partner, lending your support to the Museum or the Campaign for Woodlawn. Call 207-667-8671 or write to director@woodlawnmuseum.org

~ Kathy Young
Carriage Barn Exhibit Coming soon...

A new exhibit will be opening in Woodlawn’s carriage barn later this month. Here is a teaser from the text about extreme travel conditions John Black endured on a summer trip to Machias.

July 7, 1847: “…clear and very hot - Left home in the stage[coach] for Machias Court with 15 passengers, stowed almost in bulk. I had the most uncomfortable journey that could be. Crowded – melting with heat and choked with dust.” 

Conditions could be just as miserable in the winter, but you will have to come see the exhibit to find out more! Watch for an announcement.
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Wednesday Wonder

Seasonal House Guide and Orono college student Rory has developed a series of explanatory shorts for select artifacts in the museum and has been posting them on social media with the following hashtags:

This miniature was presented to General David Cobb, John Black’s father-in-law, and military revolutionary. Cobb served as Washington’s aide-de-camp for almost three years and was said to have been close friends with many patriots, including Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, Nathaniel Greene, and of course, George Washington. The miniature was a parting gift after the war in 1789 to thank Cobb for his service. The painting is likely a copy of Stuart Gilbert's famous Washington painting, and family tradition states that Charles Wilson Peale painted this miniature. Other parting gifts varied, such as the gift to Alexander Hamilton which was a lock of Washington’s hair.

It has been fun getting up close with some of the treasures! Thank you Rory!
Woodlawn Wish List
I asked our caretaker what might make his job easier and this is what I was given. No harm in dreaming big! If you can help with any of these, we would be grateful.

If you have been to visit Woodlawn this summer, you will be delighted with how beautiful the grounds are this year. Big thanks to Richard for his diligent care.

Lawn sweeper attachment, hedge trimmer attachment, lawn edger attachment.... for the weed wacker we have.

4x4 Pickup with plow

Small tractor with bucket and backhoe

Tool box chest for hand tools

professional wood working tools

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Photo: The horses are coming back later this summer.
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