December 10, 2016


Imagine being pried from your mother's arms when you were an infant. That's what happened to Jasper.

Jasper's life changed drastically!

From his mother's protective arms to a buyer in Pennsylvania! Then Jasper was traded in a used car deal. The car dealer decided this baby monkey, still on formula and just a couple weeks old, would make a wonderful "pet" for his teenage daughter.

He could not have been more wrong!

The tiny baby was left all alone for hours upon hours -- scared and hungry. Fortunately, Jasper's life was about to get a whole lot better at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!

A successful match!

Jasper was introduced to ChiChi who was also an ex-pet and all alone. It was love at first sight for both monkeys! ChiChi is a wonderful surrogate mother to baby Jasper. ChiChi is always teaching, supervising, and giving Jasper maternal warmth and comfort so essential for his wellbeing. Jasper is growing into a happy healthy monkey! 
Jasper's days are spent foraging, chasing and wrestling with his special friend.
ChiChi and Jasper are a wonderful pair, now able to share their  lives together!
Now, Jungle Friends is asking for your help to secure homes for the 28 monkeys on our waiting list.

All are at risk for tragic outcomes, if placement cannot be found in time -- return to the exotic pet trade, transfer to another research facility, assignment to terminal studies, or euthanasia.

Sadly, most of the monkeys who are released from the laboratory, the pet trade or entertainment, rarely come with funding, so we must rely on your generosity. 

With your Help, we can rescue the monkeys on our waiting list!
Piper and Lola want a sanctuary home.
Help Kong move to Jungle Friends.
Assist with Queen's   research retirement.
Building 24 habitats will cost just over $162,000 and covering two years of direct care for every monkey on our waiting list is over $113,913 for a total of $276,000.

As 2016 winds down, we hope you will consider a gift to help those on our waiting list find a forever home at Jungle Friends. Please help the monkeys have the peaceful existence they deserve.

We cannot do it without you! Thank you so much for your generosity over the years. Because of your support we are now providing sanctuary to 296 monkeys, wow!

Together we will help even more monkeys in 2017!
Please make a donation in honor of Samantha to our Monkey Medical Fund to help with medical expenses. Samantha was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, please send your love, healing energy and prayers. We are expecting a miracle!
P.S. Monkey Art Is All The Rage! Order your Monkey Masterpiece for a special friend or family member on your list.

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