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Funding Update


A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, advised, helped and encouraged me during this time developing this rankings system.  I am honored to do this for you and humbled by all you have done for me. This system is still at risk of being discontinued as long term funding is still very low and short term funding is below needs. I am still confident sustainable funding will be secured - it just takes time.  

Many prospectuses have been mailed and emailed.  There have been no responses from people or companies interested in supporting.  The responses and feedback has been encouraging. Everyone thinks highly of the prospectus and likes the mission.   



Ask the Rankings Guy
Back in March, I had some open conference calls where people could ask me anything. It is past time to do this again since so many are just becoming aware of these rankings and probably have many questions.  There are 4 links below which will connect you to the web based conference call.  All you should need to do is click on the link about 5 minutes before the call then the software will be downloaded to your computer and you will be joined to the call.  We will discuss anything you want to during these sessions.  There will be sessions at 7:00 AM & PM US Eastern Time on Wednesday and Thursday, November 12th and 13th.  

More Great Progress!!!
So much has happened in the last week. 

Australian results, thanks to the efforts in Australia, will be easy to insert. Several Australian meets have been automatically converted with complete information. Most, if not all, Australian meets may be processed this way in the near future so maintaining Australian rankings will be hugely easier.  

More countries are putting links on their masters athletics websites.  Switzerland put the link this week and two to three others plan to do soon if they haven't already. More nations are starting to collaborate as well with two additional European countries starting to provide results as well as improved collaboration with others. These things take time (especially with no rankings staff) so it is exciting that so much is happening.

A geek item: found out that error logs containing all of the soon to be discontinued functions have been using significant resources so reprogrammed all of the public pages except one to eliminate the error messages.  This took site resource usage from maximum down to a small fraction!    
Much help still needed!



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