What does your support go toward?

One example: we operate one of the largest food shelves in Hennepin County, and have distributed more than one million pounds of food to more than 6,000 residents in the last year.

Take Ronnie, for example:
Ronnie faces barriers to access food. Many participants of our food programs do. For some it’s hard to get to a grocery store, because of disabilities or a lack of transportation. Some face language barriers. Others run out of money by the end of the month.

Together, we can disrupt these barriers and make food access available to our whole community.

“If we were to lose this program, it would really hurt us. How are we going to get anywhere? A lot of us don’t have any transportation. You can always call Metro Mobility, but how long will they wait for you to get a bag of food and return? So, this is very important for us. We would be devastated if we lost it.”

When food is available to everyone in our community, our community becomes a place where every person can thrive. Your gift helps provide security and health to our neighbors.

”If you had to go someplace else you wouldn’t have someone deliver the food like I do - I will deliver homebound people their food,” says Ronnie. “They look forward to it, sitting down there before I even start. But they really enjoy it because it is brought to us, which makes a big difference especially on their time.”

More than 6,000 people like Ronnie rely on our food programs each month. We believe in your power to help support our neighbors.
We can’t do any of this without you. Together we can ensure that every person thrives and every voice matters.

Please consider giving this winter to support dignity, community, and healthy nutrition for people like Ronnie.
If your year-end gift and this email have crossed, please accept our gratitude for your commitment to making a difference in our community.