September 2019

You may have seen the recent CLEE e-newsletter announcing my arrival here at
Me in my new office at CLEE.
Berkeley Law School.
For the past eight years I worked on climate and land use policy for Governor Jerry Brown to scale climate solutions, and helped develop initiatives including the Under2 Coalition , CivicSpark , and the Transformative Climate Communities program. Now, I'm working at CLEE and making the inevitable request that you make a donation  to help take CLEE's mission to a whole new level.

While plenty of great climate work is focused on finding solutions, the Project Climate that I'm launching at CLEE is focused on identifying and overcoming barriers to those solutions. For example, how do we move innovations like low-carbon green concrete through agencies like Caltrans more quickly? How do we increase the uptake of carbon sequestration techniques, provide incentives, work directly with farmers and ranchers, and scale worldwide in a timely way? How do we use methane detection data to exponentially increase use of dairy digesters and landfill gas capture, and reduce leakage of natural gas operations and systems?

CLEE simply doesn't have the capacity to do this work without your support. We rely on your donations to stay on top of our expenses and issue paychecks. Donations of any size are welcome, and gifts of $100 or more will be acknowledged in our annual report (unless you prefer to be anonymous).
Whatever you give , we very much appreciate it. Thank you for your support of our work!

PS: If your budget allows, please donate $1,000 or more. You'll get special recognition by UC Berkeley and a small but unique gift from CLEE. But no matter how much you give, we'll put it to good use. Thanks again.